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April 23rd, 2009
06:05 AM ET

What's on Tap – Thursday April 23, 2009

Here are the big stories on the agenda today:

  • The fight to keep more money in your pockets. President Obama is meeting with top executives of credit card companies at the White House today. He’s looking to crack down on sketchy fees and corrupt lending practices. With car sales at historic lows and a massive backlog of unsold vehicles, General motors is reportedly set to announce the bulk of its plants will shut down for up to nine weeks over the summer. GM’s 55,000 workers could get the word on which ones will be affected as early as today.
  • Another domino falls. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Wednesday that Pakistan is in danger of falling into terrorist hands because of failed government policies. Taliban militants, who implemented Islamic law in Pakistan's violence-plagued Swat Valley last week, have now taken control of a neighboring district which brings them closer than they've been to the power center of a nation with nuclear weapons. We’ll ask a Former CIA Islamabad station chief what we can do, if anything to stop this.
  • Fidel’s Two Cents. Just when everyone is hailing the Big Thaw between U.S. and Cuba, Fidel Castro weighs in – again. In one of his seemingly endless essays, the ailing former president says Obama "misinterpreted" his younger brother Raul Castro – who offered to talk about "everything" including human rights and political prisoners with Obama. Fidel Castro says Raul is merely showing his faith in Cuba's Revolution. All of which raises the ongoing question – just who's in charge in Cuba anyway?
  • Michelle Obama’s style. It’s not just what she is wearing that is intriguing, it’s the possibility of what she could wear that has designers inspired. With the world watching to see what she’ll wear next, it’s no surprise that Michelle Obama has become a muse to many. In his fall line, Elie Tahari has created the “Michelle” dress. It’s more casual than what we’ve seen her wear, but more practical for day- to-day and more realistic for those who would like to emulate her style.

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  1. Ray


    Ray from San Juan, P.R.

    Amex jumped up my interest to 27% even though I have been a customer for over 25 years. Recently have had a hard time finding work contracting but always pay off cards. They say that because we were late they had to bump up the finance charge. However, 27/% is really excessive and abusive. As soon as I can get out of this mess I will never look at AE again. They don't deserve my money or my families, friend or the worlds. I will take my business else where.


    April 23, 2009 at 7:02 pm |
  2. Dan Nelson

    Yes Bernice we are fighting in Afghanistan for their freedoms and democracy in which most Muslims and tribes their are wanting a more Islamic state and laws that follows the hatred that you speak of. I also think that most Muslim people do not want the freedoms and democracy that we enjoy. We should just wipe out the Taliban in Pakistan and if they regain control of Afghanistan we should repeat a shock and awe tenfold of what we saw in Iraq. We must get rid of this hateful ideology before it spreads to all Muslim nations!

    April 23, 2009 at 9:06 am |
  3. John Ortiz

    I applaude President Obama for tackling head on the unscrupulous practices by the banking industry. Howvever, the American people need to accept more responsibility for allowing banks free reign. Recently, when my credit card company charged me late fees, and interest for 2 months because I missed a payment by 1 day due to an extended business trip, I immediately paid off the balance, cancelled the account and shredded the card. Until banks realize they need us more than we need them, the free market will continue to fail the consumer when it comes to lending pracitces. Consumers should have a "shred the card" party to let the banking industry know we've had enough!

    April 23, 2009 at 8:26 am |
  4. Bernice

    Dan, the terrorists do not plan to stop if they achieve the prize of Pakistan! They plan to continue spreading thier hate and religious beliefs clear in the United State of America! They want to take our country. This is one of the BIG issues today that I see needs the American people and its military, to stop. This hate needs to be stopped before it becomes to late and they are at the doorsteps of the American shores! I do hope that our 2nd ammendment rights are still in tact at that time so WE THE PEOPLE can defend our homes and families! We will go to Afganastan where, at this moment, we are getting ready to fight Osama! Then we find out that Osama and his band of tyrants are NOT even in Afganastan! What is OUR purpose of Actually being there to begin with? Are we once again going after weapons of mass destruction? I am under the impression that Osama is NOT even in thier country!! So, honestly here?? Why are we there and not in Pakistan where we should be?? This IS the issue that affects us all as Americans. It is threatening our freedom! Before they get much more stable, we need to go i and UNSTABLIZE them soon!

    April 23, 2009 at 7:22 am |
  5. Dan Nelson

    This is one time that I think Mrs.Clinton is right on, targeting the Pakistani people to at least give their voice in the matter of the extremists grabbing up land in Pakistan but she should have gone further to tell them to stand up against these Islamic radicals! I believe that most of the citizens in these areas are afraid of these terrorists who want to take away their freedom and democracy. I also believe that the government is afraid of civil war and/or that many people in the military from commanders on down will begin a coup if the prime minister takes action against the extremists! I believe that American forces have the right to go in and take action against these Islamic radicals and terrorists not only because of Pakistan's inability to get the situation under control but because these people want the destruction of the western way of life and are planning to do just that!

    April 23, 2009 at 6:35 am |