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March 9th, 2009
06:00 AM ET

What's On Tap – Monday March 9, 2009

Today on American Morning:

  • President Obama plans to reverse limits imposed by President Bush on using federal money for research with embryonic stem cells. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux reports live.
  • Pastor killed in an Illinois Church. Parishioners take down the gunman. CNN's Carol Costello reports live.
  • Some 12,000 troops will be pulled from Iraq over the next six months as part of a gradual troop withdrawal in the region – this as a man wearing an explosives-laden vest drove a motorcycle rigged with bombs into a group of police recruits in eastern Baghdad Sunday. The ensuing explosion killed 30 people and wounded 61 others, the interior ministry said. CNN's Nic Robertson is live from Baghdad.
  • President Obama says he is considering efforts to reach out to elements of the Taliban. We will do a reality check on whether this is a good idea or even a plausible idea. Gary Berntsen/Fmr. CIA officer who led CIA forces in Afghanistan after 9/11 will be joining us live.
  • President Obama’s way with words. 1) Obama speaks out against Holder saying we are a “nation of cowards” 2) Several leading black cultural critics say Obama uses "code words" to sends messages to the black community. And he's not the only one who does this. Michael Steele also has been using the technique, as has past presidents- from Reagan to GW Bush (with evangelicals). Michael Fauntroy/Professor at George Mason University who teaches and writes books on race and politics joins us live.
  • The blameless victims of the foreclosure crisis—renters whose landlords face foreclosure. CNN's Kate Bolduan reports.
  • In her trip through the Middle East and Europe last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton was warmly received in most places by audiences who are fascinated by the life of the former first lady – and she is trying to reach out to ordinary people through public diplomacy efforts. CNN's Jim Acosta reports live.
  • Toy companies are dusting off their classic toys and sprucing them up, making them more attractive to this generation's kids. Favorties like Barbie's camper and GI Joe are making a comeback. Big companies like Mattel and Hasbro hope the classics help their bottom line so they can eliminate investing time and money into new toys that may not be a hit. CNN's Alina Cho reports live.
  • How the collapse of Bear Stearns led to our current financial crisis- a story of greed to the excess. William Cohan/Author, “House of Cards” & Former Sr. Level Banker on Wall Street joins us live.
  • US Mexico Violence. CNN's Michael Ware reports live.
  • Obama said in an interview with The New York Times published Sunday that there may be opportunities to reach out to moderates in the Taliban, but the situation in Afghanistan is more complicated than the challenges the American military faced in Iraq. CNN's Paula Newton reports live.
  • Victor Guevares, a married father of two, is looking to buy his first home. He has his eye on a particular house in Queens that will be up for auction Sunday along with 232 other foreclosed homes. Will the housing crisis that has destroyed the American Dream for other families make it possible for the Guevares' to finally afford their first house? We'll follow Victor and find out if he wins the bid. CNN's Susan Candiotti reports.
  • Christie Hefner/Former CEO, Playboy Enterprises joins us live and discusses the economic news of the day and gives us her take on a WSJ op-ed response to WSJ op-ed saying "Obama's Radicalism Is Killing the Dow: A financial crisis is the worst time to change the foundations of American capitalism."
  • Cruise line donating half used soap, shampoo and body wash to local homeless shelter. You know that stuff you find in your cabin/hotel room well instead of throwing them out they are being passed on to people that can use them. Holland American Cruise line makes donations to shelters in their port of calls, Seattle and Ft. Lauderdale, of those little half used bottles. CNN's John Zarrella reports.

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