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March 12th, 2009
06:30 AM ET

Can you explain frontal lobe dementia?

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reaches into his mailbag and answers your questions.


A lifelong friend of mine, a “young” 58-year-old, has just been diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia. She was told she’s had it for 20 years, but there have been no noticeable symptoms until the last two years. Can you please shed some light on this disease?


Thank you, Kathy, for sharing you friend’s story and for the question. While there are many potential causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s is something that often springs to mind. It is often thought of as an older person’s disease, but it can occur in people that are relatively young, like your friend was. Having never seen your friend or examined her, let me instead talk a little about Alzheimer’s. It is a tough thing to understand because we don’t quite know what causes it, or how to cure it.

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March 12th, 2009
06:00 AM ET

What's On Tap – Thursday March 12, 2009

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  • The Taliban is now bragging it can strike at will at the very heart of Kabul. Just to prove it, they launched a suicide attack last month on government buildings that killed 20. CNN's Paula Newton reports.
  • North Korea Korea says it will test a rocket in April. CNN's Jill Dougherty reports.
  • Taxpayers hate the bank bailout. Lawmakers too. And now it looks like some of the bailed out banks themselves are starting to get fed up with it as well.
  • The role of Michelle Obama – she has a much higher profile than many of her predessors – not just public appearances, but various print publications – landing on the cover of many magazines.
  • A man used to giving advice perhaps should have gotten some of his own – think before speaking. CNBC Business analyst Jim Cramer is under fire after a web video surfaces where he admits to manipulating the market when he managed a massive hedge fund.
  • John Edwards makes an appearance at Brown University and takes students’ questions – including one that alludes to his affair.


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