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March 13th, 2009
01:00 PM ET

John Roberts: Honored by Canada

There are moments in life where you look back and take stock of everything that has happened over the years – a sort of reflection of where you started, where you ended up and where you might go in the future. I had one of those moments on Thursday when I was inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame.

It was in Canada, because that's where I started my career – as a newsman in the proverbial 5000 watt radio station in the middle-of-nowhere. I did the requisite tour of small town radio before landing at the nation's powerhouse station. From there, I embarked on a hectic, tortuous and sometimes calamitous road through music journalism, the launch of a 24 hour cable music channel, local news in Canada and the US, a network morning show back in my birthplace, CBS News, a 6 year stint as White House Correspondent, then to CNN and American Morning. Somewhere in between, 34 years went by, which is just absolutely stunning to me.

When I look back through that history, I am struck by how fortunate I was.
Life is about breaks – and people who believe in you. I got more than my fair share of breaks, and I had some good people who were willing to take a chance on me.

I'm sure I disappointed some of them along the way... but I always tried to work hard and put every ounce of my enthusiasm into whatever I did.

I'd like to think that you can look back over the years and have no regrets. But I have plenty. Things I did that I shouldn't have – things I didn't do that I should have.

But I am blessed to have had the opportunities I did.

The old saying goes that they put you in the Hall of Fame just before you're put out to pasture (actually – I'm told that's the lifetime achievement award) but in many ways, this feels like a new beginning: new challenges to be met, new goals to be set, new dreams to fulfill. Taking stock can be inspirational.

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  1. Thea Smith

    This morning I saw you attribute the non-death of that infant who fell onto to the subway tracks in Melbourne, Australia, to the child being "in God's hands". That's some strange god you were referring to - one who apparently (absentmindedly?) let the child fall onto the tracks in the first place. Why is it that people who believe in God attribute the good aspects of an event to him/her but never the bad aspects? Maybe because it isn't RATIONAL to have such beliefs??? Oh well, your cherry-picking gave our household a good chuckle first thing in the morning. Keep up the clear thinking, John!!!

    October 16, 2009 at 8:47 am |
  2. early autumn

    This Frank Luntz interview was pathetic.
    Here's an example of where Roberts behaved like a stupid boy scout.
    When Luntz complained about what's coming out of Hollywood, why didn't he ask about Fox pictures. That's the crooked GOP network which helped foster the Town Hall protests, and which is a big part of Hollywood. And it is not the Hollywood producers who are determining the content, it is the owners of the companies (Rupert Murdoch) - and the the greedy bastard stock holders who want profits at all costs. Every time a "hollywood producer" creates something with some decent content, it is rejected because it doesn't "sell". Want to lose your job in Hollywood (or NY) as director or producer, try to put out a product without sex and violence. Luntz is a shallow GOP shill, and doesn't deserve two minues on CNN.

    September 30, 2009 at 8:51 pm |