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March 18th, 2009
08:00 AM ET

Grocery cash crunch

CNN's Jason Carroll reports on why grocery prices are on the rise and what consumers are doing to eat for cheap.
CNN's Jason Carroll reports on why grocery prices are on the rise and what consumers are doing to eat for cheap.

If you gone to the store lately and wondered why in this weakening economy the prices for things like cereal or bread haven't gone down..

We've got some answers for you.


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March 18th, 2009
07:00 AM ET

Fast Forward

The stories that will be making news later today:

The "Discovery" astronauts about to begin their first full day at the International Space Station. The crew is scheduled for a wake-up call at 8:43 am eastern. They're preparing for their first spacewalk on Thursday.

President Obama travels to Southern California this afternoon. He'll hold a town hall meeting in Santa Ana on his economic recovery plan... Then head to Los Angeles. The President is scheduled to make a guest appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno Thursday before returning to Washington.

And in Washington... Vice President Joe Biden hosts a conference of community leaders from across the country. The group will discuss the best ways of spending the stimulus money. There will be a working dinner tonight at 7 o'clock eastern. And, meetings are scheduled throughout the day tomorrow.

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March 18th, 2009
06:00 AM ET

What's on Tap – Wednesday March 18th, 2009

We’re continuing along the Road to Rescue this morning... Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the economic crisis will join us.

  • Donald Trump – He's getting sued again. He recently said the economy is the worst he's ever seen. Would he fire AIG execs?
  • Senator Charles Grassley – He's the man who said AIG executives should resign or kill themselves. He's now backing off that a bit. Do you agree with him?
  • Congressman Barney Frank – Many say he shares a lot of the blame for helping to put hundreds of thousands of people on the street. Today everyone will be watching Capitol Hill, as he faces off with AIG's CEO.
  • McDonald's menu guru Karen Wells – The golden arches are only shining brighter during the economic crisis. Should there be more affordable healthy food on the menu?
  • We also have Christine Romans and Gerri Willis taking your calls, e-mails and "tweets."

Here's are some of the big stories we're following for you today: FULL POST

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