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March 20th, 2009
03:00 PM ET

We Listen!

Here’s your daily recap of the best feedback we got from YOU on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Email. Continue the conversation below. And remember, keep it brief, and keep it clean. Thanks!


  • “The Board Members who sit on the Executive Compensation Committee have not been questioned for allowing the company to structure these types of bonuses. This is their fiduciary duty to the shareholders of the company. Why don't we bring them before Congress?”
  • “I think Senator Dodd should be fired for lying about not knowing that AIG execs would get bonus money. Also, any congressman found lying or not paying taxes, should be FIRED from congress for lack of integrity. If I were to lie to my boss, my butt would be on the sidewalk and I would be without a job.”

Do you agree that Board Members should also be held accountable? What about the politicians? Let us know what you think.

  • “I saw President Obama on Leno & I believe it showed how in touch [he is] with the common citizens.”
  • “Are you going to show his gaffe about bowling and the Special Olympics? If it had been a Republican, it would have been on the top of the news!”

What did you think of President Obama’s appearance on “The Tonight Show”? Do you agree with our viewers here? Tell us your thoughts.


  • Dawn Flynn – This is not to bash our President, but Please report the politicians that benefited most with AIG monies last year. The answer will inform the country of why the bonus bill was passed. END OF STORY!!!!
  • Tihenri – The best RETENTION BONUS woul be the STOCK BONUS, not the cash bonus. The executives must invest their bonus in the company they are managing. This stock bonus can be sold only after 10 years they left office. The more question, WHERE ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS????? Why are they so relaxed with their money. They are not aware that they are being ripped off by those executives.


  • Lou Mendes – Listen, I'm disgusted with what AIG has done, I guess my concern now is what will be the long term affect if this issue is not put behind us, with all the negative media coverage they are getting it's very possible that many people will stop doing buisness with them and cause thousands of jobs being lost making this problem even bigger than what it is right now.
  • Eben Allen – The government shouldn't be subsidizing business and telling them how to run them thats communism.
  • Cindy Moree – Where are the reporters when we really need them!! Find the current and former employees who have received the bonus money and shame them. Print their name and address and then follow them to get their picture. These cowards are hiding. If they were identified, maybe we would get our money back.


  • 1pointofview@amFIX CNN was standing behind all this stimulus action. the stim bill was stupid and this network stood behind it all the way
  • Annette_Alvarez@amFIX U really should follow a small business as it tries to avail themselves of the SB recovery. We're doing it. It's not easy.
  • tiffanyrenee@amFIX Is US seeing Ledbetter bill core issue. Women make less than men. Men are laid off to replace w/lower paid jobs held by women.
  • gibtown@amFIX So over the outrage. Do this: ask people if they would give the bonus back if they were in this situation. Bet the answer is no
  • Imaalrightguy@amFIX Can we stop talking about the AIG bonuses and move onto other news, something good to help the country's economy. Enough already.
  • marcuscyganiak@amFIX Poor attempt at humor on the Leno show? I thought there was a fair balance in that regard. Obama knew what to say and said it.
  • mike_chavarria@amFIX please don't just isolate AIG, The rest of the companies that got TARP funds need to be watched under a MICROSCOPE.
  • fla_biggdaddy@amfix wouldn't AIG be considered a monopoly just like AT&T and they were broken up, why shouldnt AIG be broken up. Might be a idea.

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  1. Chris

    You run a story on how to get a raise and the only thing I want is a JOB period. In my area if you even look like you want a raise or say anything agaist the company you get walked out and replace by a temporary worker. It really makes no difference what you have done or how valuable you are to the company the bottom line is $$$$$. In my area we have people working $8.00 per jobs with college degrees. If some one posts a job they get 1000's of resume. We need work not ideas of how to get more money. I have equity in my house but because I have no job I can't even sell it because renting requries credit check and place of employment. Come to Ohio and see what really is going on with american people.


    March 23, 2009 at 9:10 am |
  2. Keith Reynolds

    The phone calls from the people with economic questions really has a negative context to the morning news. Maybe it could be handled only with the email.
    Keith Reynolds
    Nashville. TN

    March 23, 2009 at 6:31 am |
  3. Vicki

    I'm of the opinion that Senator Judd Gregg's actions, first favorably, towards the Obama administration were disingenuous and part of a strategic move on behalf of the Republican party. Therefore, can one believe his motives? I question his "trustability" on any issue, especially the economy.

    March 22, 2009 at 9:38 am |