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March 23rd, 2009
02:00 PM ET

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American Morning’s Monday viewers were dissecting Tim Geithner and his plan for banks. Some felt Geitner’s personality was too “nice” for the job of Treasury Secretary. Others simply wanted more detail on Geitner’s plan before the media “condemn” it to failure.

  • Jim -Tim Geitner, to me, appears to be very nice, very smart, brilliant even, and very soft on Wallstreet fatcats. You know... the kind of rich, financial expertise that we need to get rid of if we're going to end this financial crisis. Maybe it's time for Tim to go and be replaced with someone, Democrat or Republican, who knows how to be tough. Tim just has too many buddies to be the effective Treasury Secretary that the President needs to have his vision for the new economy realized.
  • MP – Watching your news show this morning, I was disturbed by your comments re the Geithner plan. Reporters all appeared to condemn the plan to failure before it had even been disclosed and vetted. This is not the unbiased reporting I count on from CNN!

Tell us how you feel. Is Tim Geithner the right man for the job? Are you willing to wait for more details on Mr. Geithner’s plan? Let us know your thoughts.


  • Debmood – The President is supposed to be optimistic. What do you want him to do? He’s the most transparent President we’ve ever had in that he keeps the American people updated no matter how bad or how good. I would also like to add this: Geithner is an accountant. Have you ever met an accountant with personality with anything other than numbers? I don’t know any accountant who can deliver a message without being boring. I like Geithner. If there was something wrong with his intellect or character, President Obama would NOT have hired him. At least he’s not like Paulson with no regulations.
  • Jim Rund – Good Morning. AIG is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. Our politicians are asleep at the wheel and out-of-touch with our situation. Following the emotion of the people is not leadership. A military Commander would be relieved of command if he gave orders without reading them, any employee would be fired if he/she adopted policies which caused grave impact to their company. We must hold our politicians accountable. Standards must be set for them and enforced. Stop their increases and reduce their salaries in direct proportion to the economic lost most of us feel everyday due to their negligence. Impeach the incompetent.


  • Debbie Mericle – All these people on wall street are suppose to be top educated individuals that have been sought after by some of the most powerful industries in the country and they screw it up! Maybe its time to get the average American to run things. After all they know where the money needs to go and who is hurting. I thing this has all gotten out of hand and has just gotten to the point of being stupid. But as a comedian once said, "you cant fix stupid!"
  • Patrick Genereux – I am a little wary of further bank bailouts, but it may be the only way...but the next step is to break up the banks AND then regulate, regulate, regulate...I am tired of members of congress being critical of the President when most of them have been part of the problem because since the 80's they have voted to de-regulate to pander to their wealthy friends and donors!


  • core_APPLER@amFIX – Maybe if Geithner had a full staff at the Treasury, he could make some more decisions sooner rather than later
  • Media_Observer@amfix – Please demand that all those who oppose the Toxic Asset Plan share their counterproposal along with their criticism.
  • lmb802@amFIX – Absolute mistake. What are these private investors getting for their investment? Tax credit for their losses. There is a better way
  • silverseagull@amFIX – Michael Ware interview informative

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  1. Darla

    We should never bail-out all of those in foreclosure; we would be rewarding those who took advantage of the poor and uninformed about their mortgages. We would also be rewarding those landlords who took advantage of their renters.

    March 24, 2009 at 8:24 am |