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March 26th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

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American Morning viewers were split regarding Secretary Clinton’s statement that the U.S. was in part responsible for the Mexican drug problem. Some in agreement noted that U.S. drug demand would decrease dramatically if marijuana were legalized. Those opposed wanted to hear more “proactive” solutions to the issue.

  • Dominic – Hillary is correct when she says that the U.S. is partly to blame. We can discourage the violence by removing profit from the equation which is why it makes sense to legalize marijuana. Not only would the taxes on it help us in our current fiscal crisis but it would also stem the tide of violence by taking away the incentive of selling it in the U.S.
  • LJ – I am in Phoenix, AZ and do not accept the fact that it is US demand. A few years ago in Northern AZ, a gang was busted for PUSHING drugs on grade school kids. Hey, how about militarizing the border? DO ya think it might slow down the drug flow? Did Hillary Clinton explain the sophisticated drug bust in Australia two months ago when Mexican Nationals were arrested? They are all over the place, not just the United States. I am from AZ and it is very sad that we are now the kidnapping capitol of the United States. The war on drugs is worthless, and way too many lives have been taken. I do not know the answer, but it is not having a few agents on the border. in the 1990's, 340,000 Mexicans a month were coming over the border. Governor Jane Hull went to Washington to seek help, but nothing happened. Now we have 900,000 people on government Healthcare and welfare and are going bankrupt.
  • Tony – Thank you Mrs. Clinton for blaming Mexico's dysfunctional, corrupt governments inability to handle their internal drug problem on the U.S.. Here's an idea...stop the butt kissing, finish the fence and secure the border in and out! Stop being reactive and start being proactive.

Tell us your thoughts. Is the drug problem one that crosses borders or is Mexico responsible for its own issues? What solutions would you offer?


  • cop welfare – drugs are here. people will continue to use drugs. it’s not going away. Get used to it or else ban caffeine and alcohol. more work for law-enforcement, right? is that too complicated for you? jave a nice day
  • Cat – I feel the media is downright mean with the President they are finding fault whatever he does. If he smiles to much or is on TV to much they have reason to complain. He is trying to do a complicated job he does not need the media to complain on everything he does. We all need to support the President in this time of crisis. I feel the media promotes anger on subjects that destructs our society.
  • Yeagerhood – Talk about shovel ready jobs. Fargo has a white plastic bag that needs those shovels. Is their a bus a guy could get on, and go help save Fargo? Maybe the government should send a few busses from a few cities nearby. I would go for a week or so. I’m currently self unemployed. Feed me, give me a place to sleep and I would be there. That’s all I got to say about that.
  • Vincent – It is constitutionally unacceptable for the Republicans to “cruise” along without offering a budget alternative. The spirit of the two-party system and concept of loyal opposition does not mean that a party can relinquish its responsibility. At a 3rd rail, you in the media must demand that they participate. From my perspective, the House and Senate Republicans are not doing their job. They are spinning well, and I am not say that the administration is not spinning, but the administration is acting. The Republicans are waiting for Obama to make mistakes, waiting for the “honeymoon to be over”, name-calling, and spewing their talking points. As strange as it sounds, I believe the press is letting the Republican party get away with not performing their duties as an opposing party. By The Way, check your own CNN/ Opinion Research polling. Obama’s job approval numbers are generally up over last week.


  • Laura Ceva – I don't like how you guys are acting like questions about marijuana are not all that serious. The "War on Drugs" is a horrible failure, and there is no proof that it has stifled the use of drugs in the nation, at all. The drug addiction problem in this country should not be treated as a criminal problem, it should be treated as a health problem. ALL naturally based drugs should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. Over $1 trillion has been sunk into this "war," with no results. We need to reverse this destructive policy to help alleviate the violence in Mexico. Also, this policy is inherently racist. Example: Blacks make up roughly 13% of drug users, but 50% of drug-offense related prisoners. This is just one haunting statistic. There are more. I think CNN should call for SERIOUS debate on the issue, and should stop treating it like a stoner's issue. This effects everyone! See an org like Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( for more info on this failed "war." THANKS!
  • Lauren Cephus – Being a soon-to-be 40 year old woman, it has been an overwhelming ride to live to be in a very technological era; where we can have instant access to our president through blogging.
  • Raven Norris – That is exactly what We are going to do. We are going to attend a free conference here in Colorado Springs about making moeny on the internet. Hope all goes well!. Wish us luck!


  • dawilson47@amFIX – Started [small business] last July – just in time for down turn! Suggest anybody thinking of doing so make sure product or service is a necessity
  • dshiggins@amFIX – best one liner from "Commentary: No Job?.." – "Don't wait until you come up with the perfect idea. "
  • flyday611@amFIX – Are we really going to permit illegal aliens with crimes committed in the USA be forgiven so they become citizens?
  • cobra9366@amFIX – b-rod on the radio when will this guy be indicted
  • Spechal@amFIX @amFIX – it's funny how when marijuana is a major subject someone must be playing the system

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  1. nancy

    I agree. Build that wall, put in survelience cameras and add more Border Patrol Officers.
    On Anderson Cooper 360, he showed a drainage ditch that led all the way into El Paso. It needs to be either closed or Steel screening needs to be welded onto it to keep the "illegals" from coming into the USA.

    March 27, 2009 at 8:46 am |
  2. Linda

    How easy it is for Clinton to 'blame' the US! Let her and Bill move over to the border and live, see if she keeps that frame of thought then.

    March 27, 2009 at 5:21 am |