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March 27th, 2009
02:00 PM ET

We Listen!

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American Morning viewers latched onto the Brazilian president’s statement about the “white man” being to blame for the financial crisis. Many were in agreement that this was the case and were displeased by CNN’s response to his comment:

  • Why are you so quick to be critical of Brazil's President's comments on who is to blame for the economic crisis? While maybe uncomfortable, what a missed opportunity for real journalists to speak about the glass ceiling in the financial and banking industries.

Was President da Silva correct in his assertion that the “white man” is to blame for the financial crisis? Do you believe there is a “glass ceiling” regarding race on Wall Street and in the financial industries? Tell us your thoughts.

Regarding President Obama’s virtual town hall and his discussion on marijuana, viewers perceived Mr. Obama’s response as a dismissal of an extremely important issue:

  • The columnist from Wired was way off base if he thought Obama handled the marijuana questions "well." He answered a question that thousands of Americans asked with a chuckle and a one liner. I'm insulted as I'm sure many others are.
  • President Obama said that there is no economic advantage to legalizing marijuana. (1) It would reduce prison over crowding, and keep violent offenders in longer. (2) It could help us be less dependent on fossil fuels, using hemp for bio-fuel. (3) Would spend less time and money trying to eradicate a plant that grows naturally here in the United States. Could spend more time and effort stopping seriously hard substances i.e. cocaine, heroin, that destroys people and families not to include all the money that leaves our country and stop it from getting into our country (4) most of all people suffer everyday from nausea, and pain, that can, and do get relief (the FDA considers it a drug so that means it must have some medicinal purpose) I don't belong to any special groups. I am just someone that doesn’t get this unfair law without merit.

What are your thoughts on President Obama’s response to the issue of legalizing marijuana? Were you pleased with his response or were you offended? What would be your solution to the issue? We want to know.


  • Deborah – If the President refuses to have a fair and productive debate on the subject of legalization, he should lift the federal law against marijuana and allow individual states to determine their own laws on the issue.
  • Nancy – I agree. Build that wall, put in survelience cameras and add more Border Patrol Officers. On Anderson Cooper 360, he showed a drainage ditch that led all the way into El Paso. It needs to be either closed or Steel screening needs to be welded onto it to keep the “illegals” from coming into the USA.
  • Purnell – The lady from Africa is right, when i found out that the U.S. and other first world countries pay African countries third wolrd countries not to grow their own food so that they will not be able to drive down prices in our markets I was totally pissed off. We have been praying on these countries for years, so that their weak leaders will take the money and sign over thier rights to what resources that they do have!
  • proverb311031 – Why did Obama laugh at the top issue in 4 categories on marijuana with a mere 53 second response when every other issue was given a 10 to 15 minute answer? How can he laugh off the seriousness of this issue given the instability in Mexico?
  • Linda – How easy it is for Clinton to ‘blame’ the US! Let her and Bill move over to the border and live, see if she keeps that frame of thought then.


  • Dennis Ryan – Folks, I've been unemployed for over 2 years,featured in our newspaper twice and on tv once. I'm an "older" worker (57) that has been pushed out of the corporate world. We're getting punished now for becoming successful and new corporate management philosophies will keep us out of the game. If we can't put guys like me back to work then what good are all these bail outs? Many like me were productive, hard working people that now face the prospect of losing everything we ever worked for and we didn't do anything wrong. I've tryed to touch base with congressmen,senators and the governor here in NJ with very little luck. Its as if they don't want to hear about people in such deep trouble or just don't have the answers to the questions we ask.Salaries are going down,home values going down and costs for everything increasing. Not a very good scenario. Just do the math. It adds up to disaster.
  • Randy Garland – President Obama has to get us national health care, THIS year! His window of opportunity is now! "Sometime in your life the galloping horse of history rides by. Are you gonna get on it?"
  • Claudio Dealmeida – For more than 30y American did whatever came to their mind. Now the table is up side down for them. It is time the other nations claim the space and stop the whites in US who dictated how the others should do business. That is what President Luiz Inacio da Silva from Brazil is saying to the world hear loud and clear. No more wild capitalism which Americans is the only nations where everyone could do whatever they want and the others nations pay for their mistake.


  • jcedric81@amFIX – Christine R's reply to the Brasilian president includes comment about "fiery rhetoric...of Latin American leaders." Not racist?
  • dominic357@amfix  the troops should have been in afganistan to begin with. That should have been our focus instead of iraq.
  • Tourville@amFIX: How do you feel about a Taliban Nation with a Nuclear Weapon Capacity ? That's what they're aiming to achieve.
  • erv1@amFIX Afghanistan is a black hole. We need an international coalition including Russia and China to solve the problem.
  • jeffmoon529@amFIX they should stop asking what obama and the govt can do but what they can do for themselves.
  • Kibure@amFIX CNN talks alot about those who lost their jobs, how about those who were forced to work less and are struggling?
  • Spechal@amFIX legalize weed, create inpatient rehab for nonviolent herion and cocaine addicts...less in jails, a lot of problems solved
  • princeOFthrift@amFIX legalizing drugs is dumb! It will only help create more drug problems in our society.
  • Jadzia226@amFIX Property taxes in our county are going higher and property values are lower. It doesn't make sense and we don't get answers.

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  1. Tim-Virginia

    I have a ford 6.0 liter diesel engine in my truck.This engine is no longer built by ford. This engine was only built for 3 or 4 years.this engine come with huge repair bills. Ford konws this but WILL NOT STAND BY THE ENGINE THAY SOLD TO CUSTOMERS. Do not konw way americans are not buying american cars & trucks!!!

    March 30, 2009 at 1:04 pm |
  2. karen-phoenix

    John, keep Bill Bennett and all GOP people OFF your show until they can bring a POSITIVE note to the American people. Brazil has been ahead of us for 30 years!!! The president of Brazil was right and we should have gone independent of foreign oil when President Carter tried to do it. Brazil did and now they are ahead of us. My husband was a VP for an American company who had a plant in San Paulo and I knew 30 years ago we needed to get off foreign oil!!! I'm white but the "white" man in America has destroyed a lot!! All for GREED and self consumption.

    March 30, 2009 at 10:35 am |
  3. Bernadette

    Is it true that our politicians are trying to stop the raising of minimum wage that is suppose to come into effect July 24,2009? Want to know because it will effect me tremendously as I only make $6.80 hr. and need that wage increase to make ends meet. Mininum wage in my state, Tennessee< is still $6.55. Thanks for your help

    March 30, 2009 at 6:24 am |
  4. Captain Bruce

    A glib glossing over of the issue by President Obama that was a disapointment from a usually consise and eleoquent speaker on an issue that affects millions of Americans directly and all of us indirectly. The time has come, let the prisoners free tax the weed and take money out of the hands of those that use it for terror and violence.

    March 29, 2009 at 11:01 pm |
  5. Deborah Post

    Today when we supposedly have such large numbers of unemployed, why is it impossible to find good employees? Independent Well Drilling in Apple Valley, CA is looking for an electrician. Email us if interested.

    March 27, 2009 at 7:34 pm |