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March 30th, 2009
03:00 PM ET

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American Morning viewers were fired up about the GM, including the CEO dismissal, calling for GM and other automakers to get their bailouts from big oil:

  • “So, the auto companies want money...Then why don't they just go to the oil industries and tap their huge bank rolls? After all, it appears they collude to keep the miles per gallon vehicles get to a minimum to keep those tax funds rolling in!”

Some defended the GM CEO and blamed unions for GM’s financial woes, saying the head of the union should have been fired. Others noted the obvious disconnect the autoworkers have with the current retail market:

  • “Watching the autoworkers' comments on American Morning (‘we didn't cause the economic problem’) it's obvious they do not understand their situation. No they didn't ‘cause’ the problem, but they are not responding properly to a bad retail environment. I seriously do not understand why these companies are not forcefully or voluntarily broken up into their many brand names – it's no wonder they are failing when they compete against themselves!”
  • “Why would Obama fire the GM CEO? The person who should be fired is the head of the union!”
  • “I am sorry to hear about Mr. Wagoner stepping down, as a GM worker who is laid off I don't like to see anyone lose employment. However I feel that making him a scapegoat is not the answer. More than just Mr. Wagoner has made the decisions for the company. Gm has been transitioning for as long as I can remember. Yes it could have been faster and more efficient but we have always had two many chiefs. I remember the day our floor supervisors came up from the floor and knew every aspect of what we were doing; now we have floor managers who come out of an engineering school that have absolutely no clue except trying to fire employees and make a name for themselves. We need to go back to the basics. I am an Obama supporter but I feel also that the bank CEOs should have met the same fate. That’s when my consumer confidence will be restored. Clue folks the banks still are not lending, stake out a dealership and see how many can't get approval. Or maybe that’s just for the American car companies also.”

So, do you believe GM is to blame for its financial crisis, or is it the retail environment…or something else? Should GM’s CEO a scapegoat for the difficult economy? Tell us your thoughts.


  • Karen – John, keep Bill Bennett and all GOP people OFF your show until they can bring a POSITIVE note to the American people. Brazil has been ahead of us for 30 years!!! The president of Brazil was right and we should have gone independent of foreign oil when President Carter tried to do it. Brazil did and now they are ahead of us. My husband was a VP for an American company who had a plant in San Paulo and I knew 30 years ago we needed to get off foreign oil!!! I’m white but the “white” man in America has destroyed a lot!! All for GREED and self consumption.
  • Kelly – Why has CNN sent a news reporter to Malawi to follow Madonna around? Since when is a celebs parenthood status a serious news story requiring that type of manpower commitment? I was so appalled I turned off the TV.
  • Eric – I am in support of the President and in the forced resignation of GM CEO. For way to long, GM and Chrysler have been mismanaged and tons of money has been lost. This has been a chronic problem which unless drastic action was taken, this problem was never going to go away. As for the people protesting this move. Find a better thing to do this morning than complain.
  • BD Mavus – The era of “too big to fail” is obviously over. The government has been extremely lax in their responsibility in protecting Americans from monopolies in every area of business. From the “Big Three” to banking and even telecommunications. There are 13 brands listed on the GM website, Chrysler only lists three, Ford lists four. It’s time to break apart these giants and let the brands sink or swim on their own.(remember Bell?) The same could be said for AIG and the like. The Fed needs to shut off the printing press.!!!


  • Michael Wich – We have a 2005 Ford Taurus with 53000 miles. It needs a new tranmission already. Ford warranty is for 3 years or 50000 miles. This is why we will not nuy american made cars ever again. We make crap and dont cover it.
  • Marquis Wilson – I am satisfied with the job our in chief is doing. If there are sceptics who think there has been treatment differential. I would beg to differ. He ousted Citi Bank the biggest subprime lender. Wagoner should leave too, Especially when you posess the technology for higher gas milage but continue to operate in sync with big oil.


  • mstar83@amFIX I think it's about time GM CEO stepped down – the company has been suffering for years under his leadership which was short sighted
  • Imaalrightguy@amFIX From 33% to 19%, why didnt the company get rid of him yrs ago. No wonder the big 3 are in trouble doing business like that.
  • ELLIE_MAE@amFIX what do you think needs the most attention in afghan? ex:living conditions, education, etc
  • republicof1512@amFIX This administration needs to flex its muscle.This may be a test by N.Korea to test our patience.
  • JrDaxx@amFIX I think Madonna is going to be criticized for ANYTHING she does good or bad...But, when Angelina and Brad do it, they are heroes

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  1. mickey

    Our country has been at war somewhere for my whole 62 year life. In fact we are more violent than we ever where. Our children live in a soup of violence. We idiolize gangsters, soldiers, we talk in military euphemisms, we allow violet video games in the name of free speech, we make excuses for the irresponsible behavior of our young, glory in the violence that permeates our sports and on and on. It is time to begin to recognize that violent behavior is not acceptible. There is no glory in war which is the murder of human beings and the destruction of cultures and environments. We must begin to make choices that will focus on changing this BEHAVIOR. We must stop preaching and start making behavior change our priority. This means giving up many morays and cherished, if misguided, customs and beliefs. This the "war" we need to wage.

    December 15, 2009 at 8:55 am |

    I would like to know how any one can think that the UAW could be the cause of GM loosing all this money,and market share. I am only the person whos job it is, to put parts on the car. Me nor any of my co workers made the decision, after hurricane catrina,to redesign big trucks and suvs with gas at $4.00 dollars a gallon.We didnt decide to outsource all of the parts plants,and buy cheap parts from over seas, that leads to recalls and warranty costs for GM.And now with the company in dire straits,cutting hourly workers pay,increasing healthcare co-pays,and job losses, I guess the people who put parts on the cars,voted to give Rick Wagner $23 million dollars in severence pay.There are alot of people who have opinions about the auto industry ,but they dont really know the whole truth.The whole truth is,that blaming hourly auto workers,is like blaming the bank tellers for the mortgage melt down! they didnt make any of the decisions ,they just work there! In Solidarity Randy W inchester

    April 2, 2009 at 7:39 am |
  3. nancy

    Why on earth would a laid off GM worker feel sorry for Mr. Wagoner being forced to step down? Mr. Wagoner walked away with $20 million ~~ what did the laid off worker walk away with?

    March 31, 2009 at 8:54 am |
  4. lee

    just a quick comment about your congress having hearings on collage football . i am from alberta canada and am a huge football fan in a fantasy football league , and in my opinion the goverment should stay out of envolvement in all sports and leave it to the governing boodies to set the rules and formats for there leagues that is what thease people are paid for. how much more taxpayer money do they whant to much did the steriod hearings cost.and what came out of it. it seems to me that thease people in congress should have better things to do than question sports stars or do they just want autographs?

    March 31, 2009 at 8:00 am |
  5. keith

    In my opinion GM and the rest of the US auto makers have a bigger problem other than just fuel efficiency. For the past 30-20 yrs, up until fairly recently, they have been turning out cars that just weren't very reliable. Look at the cars GM was selling in the 80's. Practically all the same car with a different body panels on them- from Cadillac to Chevy. None of them would last any longer than 4 yrs before problems start developing. I've read the reliability of US automobiles are better now, but too little too late. Practically all the Japanese vehicles have real statistics and a reputation for reliability. I mean who wants to buy a car that you would end up in the shop and requiring hundreds if not thousands to fix after a few years?

    March 31, 2009 at 6:19 am |
  6. Ada Valiente

    On CNN monring news/Christine Romans reported that FHA loans are avialble at 4.5% no matter your credit score. The (800) number for FHA loans was display in the morning show. I was not able to write it down, please send me the phone number via e-mail. Thank you..

    March 31, 2009 at 12:16 am |