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April 1st, 2009
11:21 AM ET

Behind the scenes covering the start of the G-20 summit

Twitter Fake Out!

Everyone's on Twitter these days, apparently even 10 Downing Street. And our producers were following their tweets as we prepared to go on air an hour early this morning to cover President Obama and Prime Minister Brown's news conference.

So imagine our surprise when one of Downing Street's tweets (ok that rhymes) claimed the press conference was starting at 4:30am ET not 5:15am as we previously thought.

That set off a mad scramble to get ready for air even earlier. And believe me, when a sleep-deprived bunch like our AM crew scrambles, you'd never know we were all getting by on 3-5 hours sleep!

So in the end we went to air a little before 5am to be safe and the news conference went as scheduled at 5:15am.

We had TJ Holmes filling in for John Roberts and Christiane Amanpour and Christine Romans with us on set as well. Behind the scenes, we were all furiously typing and scribbling notes as we listened to President Obama and PM Blair speak and answer questions.

A little later in the show we got a first person account of the protestors and police activity around London with our Becky Anderson. Most were peaceful but we watched a few dust-ups between police and demonstrators live on our air.

And thanks to Twitter we got minute by minute accounts from people in the crowds about what was happening, what streets were closed, how packed the streets were. Fascinating technology.

One of the most interesting parts of covering breaking or developing news is literally watching it unfold right along with the viewers. I always try to ask the questions I would want answered if I were sitting at home watching.

Finding out what you guys want to know is also why we've been getting more interactive on AM with our blog, email, hotline and Twitter accounts.

We want to hear from you, and we'll post some of your comments on the blog as well.



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  1. Sydney

    Interestingly, I was watching your show on Wednesday morning and heard you made some comments and I quote verbatim!

    "You know, one of the questions that we've been talking about as well, Christiane, is what role the United States and, of course, our president, Barack Obama, is going to be playing in this, given that most countries around the world blame the United States for the situation that we're in. It's very interesting that Barack Obama said I'm coming here to listen, not lecture. Yet at the same time, he went on to say we must not miss an opportunity to lead, so which is it?"

    My mouth opened in awe when you said this "It's very interesting that Barack Obama said I'm coming here to listen, not lecture. Yet at the same time, he went on to say we must not miss an opportunity to lead, so which is it?"

    I then asked myself, is it that I was educated differently then "others" where I can immediately see the direct correlation between being a "listener and a leader?"

    Listening is synonymous with leadership and as a matter of fact, it is one of leadership's greatest attributes. Man o man, such a dearth of intellect and to think of it, that this ignorance is paraded on CNN for the world to see.

    April 3, 2009 at 6:41 am |
  2. Fred Robinson

    Good Morning Kiran:

    Becky Anderson's coverage of the crowd's interaction with the police was incredible. The suspense was high and the mood one of anticipation. The people that filled in the holes did a good job also.

    Did John Roberts fall asleep?


    April 2, 2009 at 10:50 am |
  3. JP

    Drug abuse is a personel tragedy. Invasion of privacy is also a tragedy with much wider ranging implications. Mr. Blair should not only be ashamed of himself, but should be expected to know better.

    April 1, 2009 at 8:55 pm |
  4. juantia


    April 1, 2009 at 5:38 pm |