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April 1st, 2009
08:15 AM ET

Thousands protest at Bank of England ahead of G-20

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Thousands protest at Bank of England ahead of G-20"]

Happening now on CNN's American Morning:

LONDON, England (CNN) - Thousands of anti-capitalists, anarchists, and environmental campaigners gathered outside the Bank of England on Wednesday to make their voices heard a day before the G-20 summit in London.

Police estimated there were as many as 4,000 people at the scene. Aerial footage showed the streets filled with people, with lines of luorescent-yellow-clad police in the crowd.

Eleven people were arrested for being in possession of police uniforms, a police spokesman said. They had earlier been stopped while riding in an armored personnel carrier near Bishopsgate, near the Bank of England, and the vehicle will now be examined by police, the spokesman said.

Protesters occasionally lunged forward against the police line, and one masked protester hit out at polices with a long black pole. One police officer was whisked to the side after apparently being hit. Police held their line and occasionally pushed protesters back with their hands.

Protesters carried banners that read "Arrest the War Criminals," "One Currency, One Country, One World," and "Capitalism Isn't Working."

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April 1st, 2009
05:45 AM ET

Obama: "We are going to get through this"

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="President Obama holds a joint news conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London."]

Happening now on CNN's American Morning:

President Barack Obama holds a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

LONDON, England (CNN) - U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown say the G-20 must agree tough new rules for the banking system to help lift the world out of recession.

Obama and Brown met for more than two hours in London Wednesday, the day before the G-20 summit begins.

At a press conference afterwards the pair pushed for a united front to tackle the economic crisis.

Obama thanked Brown for his leadership during the economic crisis, saying he had showed extraordinary energy setting the foundations for the G-20.

He reiterated yet again that the "special relationship" between the countries continued to be strong.

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux is in London and you can follow her reporting on Twitter @amFIX

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April 1st, 2009
04:55 AM ET

What’s on Tap – Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

President Obama on the world stage.  

He goes into the G-20 economic summit as arguably the most popular leader in the world today.  Will that translate into a culture of cooperation between nations to make life better for us?  One leader is already threatening to walk out if leaders don’t sign on to tougher financial regulation. 

Our special coverage begins at 5am eastern when the president holds a joint news conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. That will be followed by high-stakes talks with Russian and Chinese leaders.  China holds the biggest stake in our economic recovery.  The Obamas will meet the Queen later this evening and present her with a gift.  What do you get a woman who has a kingdom??

The CNN Money Team, and the Best Political Team – all up early to bring you the critical points coming out of the G-20 for your money and your future.

We want you to be a part of the big show – at 877-MYAMFIX.   See you then…

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