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April 1st, 2009
02:00 PM ET

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American Morning viewers were transfixed by the protests at the G-20 summit. Comments were mixed, with the majority of viewers in favor of the protests:


  • Thomas – Business as usual MUST be disrupted. Business as usual got us where we are now. Maybe if we had listened to past protests of the G8 and G20, we wouldn't be in the crisis we are in now.

Some viewers were pleased to see CNN covering the protests, noting they felt such events were ignored during the Iraqi war:

  • Dan Leahy – CNN covering a protest? Has hell frozen over? It's too bad you completely ignored the demonstrations when MILLIONS of people worldwide protested the criminal Iraq war. Oh yeah, you were busy cheerleading that disaster.

Others very much opposed the coverage, fearing it would instigate more violence:

  • Gary – Why do you show this on TV, because it’s stupid and only adds fuel to the fire. If it wasn't shown on TV they would stop doing it in the long run. I also believe you have more important news to report.

What do you think about the G-20 Summit? Are the protestors right to be marching? Was CNN correct in covering the protests or do you believe as the viewer above, that such coverage would incite more violence? Tell us your thoughts.


  • RC – Disappointed in your special on the G 20. Boring coverage of protesters and gossipy coverage on the secondary celebs in the event had me reaching for the remote. Hope this bad programnming is not a sign of things to come.
  • Justin – it’s a part of European culture, yes- but free Tibet flags, anticapitalists, anarchists AND radical environmentalist? Lions and tigers and bears, oh no! Which is worse, them or the neocons?
  • Janie – I think it is important to know that Protesting is very much apart of the European culture. When you first start to watch some stations, it is almost as if they are not saying as to why they are Prostesting. This is not a protest against any one person or one idea.


  • Marc Waters – I hate when they lie to us...they were showing the protesters then the police started to swing their clubs then suddenly the feed ended and the reporters said oh we lost the feed...liars...I could see the same feed on one of the monitors behind them...god forbid that cnn actually reports any wrong doing by the MAN....


  • CynthiaY29@amfix No matter what occurs these protest are critical to protecting freedoms across the UK and US.
  • maximumfun@amfix CNN the new FOX news. I knew Bush vulcanized the US left and right, but watching CNN's coverage of the G-20 is so left-leaning.
  • angelazuri89@amFIX if the people of London feel that this is the last resort to allow the world hear their concerns, i say continue the peaceful protest
  • EdHarrington@amFIX how about mentioning WHY so many people are protesting instead of just doing a bit on crowd control?

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