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April 2nd, 2009
03:00 PM ET

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The G-20 Summit consumed American Morning viewers, who weighed in on topics relating to the G-20 protests, the President and Mrs. Obama’s visit with Queen Elizabeth II, and the repercussions of the Summit. The issue of royal protocol had some confused and intrigued about the “hug” between Mrs. Obama and the Queen, while others felt the topic was irrelevant.

  • Denisha: As I was watching AM this morning around 7, I found myself annoyed that the newscasters were laughing and joking about how stupid the protesters were (which one admittedly was, trying to head butt a bank window). My annoyance stemmed from actually wanting to hear the NEWS about why people were protesting. I tune in to be informed about what's happening around the world and during the G-20 summit, not to hear witty banter about the stupidity of some protesters. As of now I still have no idea why those people were protesting.
  • Anonymous: Is this G-20 summit about the G-20 or Mrs. Obama? She isn't running the U.S. I want to hear more about what’s going on, than how popular she is in London and the 1st Women’s Club.

How do you feel about CNN’s coverage of the G-20 Summit? Are we providing the right balance between serious topics and human interest stories? What stories would you like us to cover that you haven’t seen? Let us know your ideas.

Viewers were furious with Barney Frank’s answers during his interview with John Roberts:

  • Derrick: I now understand why Conservative Republicans show no love for Barney Frank. His arrogance this morning, reminded me of Congress voting for a fifty percent pay raise in 1988. In order to structure their raise, Congress restructured all service members’ retirement plans. His answer to your question was defensive, arrogant and uninformative. In other words, "He wasted my time!"

How did you feel about the interview with Representative Frank? Were his answers “defensive, arrogant and uninformative” as Derrick noted, or did you feel he appropriately addressed the issues presented by John Roberts? What questions would you ask him if you were conducting the interview? Tell us your thoughts.


  • Sammo – As a true blue Brit I can tell you that it’s about time the Queen showed she is human. Perhaps at 82 years old she’s starting to thaw. The majority of the British press think it’s great, as do the British public. God save the Queen and long live Mrs. Obama.
  • Sharon – The headlines today should have read “Michelle Obama Caught in sting Operation”. Hey, the Queen clearly made the first move. LOL
  • Fred – Becky Anderson’s coverage of the crowd’s interaction with the police was incredible. The suspense was high and the mood one of anticipation. The people that filled in the holes did a good job also.


  • Virginia Mary Finn – I think what Mrs. Obama was showing the Queen much needed personal contact. Even the Queen needs personal contact, and I think she greatly appreciated it.


  • johnoloreMcCain @amFIX TWITTER? Are we now officially in Bizarro World? RT @amFIX: John Mccain on twitter talking about his interview with John Roberts.
  • maximumfunRT @amFIX: An iPod for the Queen... What do you think of President Obama's gift? It is designed Cupertino, CA / made in China. Right msg?
  • obama_binladen@amFIX While it sems like a vacation 4 all the leders dus any1 els fnd it ironic NK is lightng a misile 2day? Wonder wher itis realy pointd?

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  1. Mary

    President Obama's handling of events for the last two months reminds me of a college student writing a term paper named "We are the World". Soon he will find out that America is No. 1 and that we stand alone in excellence, caring and sharing around the world. The Socialists policies of his healthcare and management of businesses will truely be a failure.

    April 6, 2009 at 9:06 am |
  2. Mike Castilloux

    I've been watching Obama from the begining of his campaign, I am a Canadian and I am Jealous that The united states has and hard working and dedicated president compared to many others that don't even seem to bother, anyways there is alot of Americans out there that are not happy with Obama being elected, I just want to say that he is the best thing that ever happened to your country, Eventually he will be every countries role model..... We should all be greatfull he is a gift and a legacy.


    April 3, 2009 at 9:06 am |
  3. carl hoppe

    this so called americian president is a imposter that show boated his b.s. and sold it to so many uninformed americans, makes the U.S, look weak. show america your real birth certificate according to the constintutuntion of the u.s. not kenya africa my president to date is unfourtunally is biden. america is doomed, with bozo the clown as commander in cheif... take this clown out of office before america has to change it's name. this guy makes america look sick...

    April 3, 2009 at 8:10 am |
  4. Audra - Cocoa, Florida

    This page has Obama bowing to Saudi and includes a video; Obama bows at about 55 seconds into it:

    April 3, 2009 at 6:38 am |