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April 2nd, 2009
06:00 AM ET

What's on Tap – Thursday April 2nd, 2009

Here are the big stories and guests lined up for you today:

  • Breaking now: President Obama promising a "stern, united response" to a possible North Korea missile launch.  The President also saying that South Korea agrees.  those comments came overnight at the G-20 meeting as we received word that the North Korean rocket could be fueled up and ready to go in a matter of hours.
  • Senator John McCain Live – The president asked if Republicans had any better ideas.  His former opponent has stepped up with a budget alternative that he claims will reduce the deficit while keeping the Bush tax cuts in place.  Senator McCain will be here live with the details.
  • Building London Bridges:  High stakes economic talks are going on right now in London at the G-20.  President Obama will meet with Saudi leaders later this morning.  How will his promise to make us more energy dependent go over?
  • We also have behind the scenes details from Buckingham palace.  Now the Queen has two iPods (we all have a knock-around one by now anyway…).  Our Suzanne Malveaux is taking a look at Mrs. Obama’s reception in London… the fashion and the pat-on-the-back, seen around-the-world. 
  • Plus – the top three items you should be paying attention to at the G-20.  Why you should care.  We’re cutting through all the ceremonial stuff for the issues that matter to you and your money.  Leaders of the entire industrialized world are trying to save the world economy from collapsing.  What if they all leave with nothing but souvenirs?
  • The Bailout Cop – He’s in charge of tracking your tax dollars. Just as anti-bank rage is flaring at the G-20 summit, we sit down with Neil Barofsky.  He’s the special inspector general investigating the bailout program. He’s already launched a dozen ongoing fraud investigations into the bailout – to make sure banks are using your money to fix our problems.
  • Congressman Barney Frank is here as the house gets ready to vote on the Pay Performance Act of 2009.  It’s a reaction to the AIG outrage.  It’s aimed at curbing pay at firms that take bailout money, but does it attack the real problems?
  • Working less for the good of the economy? While many European companies have long turned to shorter workweeks and mandatory time off in economic downturns, the idea has never really caught on in the United States.   Is this the answer to our recession?

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  1. Alicia

    Dear CNN'S American Morning,
    I have watched Carol's Cynical views on the Obama's in London all morning. Coral, no matter how you tried to cover up that critique with you humor and laughter your cynicism shows. You are very cynical this morning; very different gal for this broadcast.

    April 2, 2009 at 9:02 am |
  2. Corey Martin

    I really like President Obama. I voted for him and generally approve of what he is trying to do. I consider myself a conservative democrat and am in college pursuing a business degree. Really, I do not agree with the socialization between business and government especially being able to fire the head of a private company. Sure that's the price you pay for doing business with the government to get a loan or a cash advance; but soon everyone will start doing it because it will allow them to be competitive. Capitalism is a self-feeding system and it will keep going in the same cycle. Government control and regulation is good, but the shareholder control is much stronger. If the stock is dying let it die don't save it.

    April 2, 2009 at 7:16 am |
  3. Dan Nelson

    We put the global economy were it is because of the greed of the big banks that cared only for themselves! We as the G20 must not act like them and put others before ourselves! We need to help the poor nations and people who are deprived of prosperity because of ethnicity or religious beliefs! We as the richest nations are worrying only about ourselves! We must put others first before our own well being! Is this not what God has said and that he will provide for those who give of themselves for the poor, sick and elderly who have lost hope!

    April 2, 2009 at 6:27 am |