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April 7th, 2009
06:03 AM ET

What’s on Tap – Tuesday April 7th, 2009

Two big developing stories overnight.  A small plane stolen in Canada lands in Missouri – the pilot is arrested.  Plus, a plot to assassinate President Obama is foiled in Turkey. The suspect is Syrian.  Here are the other major stories we're working on right now.

  • President Obama is in Turkey speaking with Muslim youth this morning at a town hall in Istanbul, the gateway between the Muslim world and Europe.  He told students to “choose to build new bridges.”  We’ll talk about whether his tour changed our image around the world. CNN Chief International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, looks at President Barack Obama's first trip overseas - what did it achieve?
  • The search for survivors intensifies after a strong earthquake in Italy.  An ancient town reduced to rubble. The death toll 150 and rising. We’ll look at a desperate search for students who may have been buried alive, when a dorm crumbled to the ground.
  • Letter from a mass killer.  Confusion, paranoia, anger and frustration – all revealed in broken English in a letter purportedly written by the suspect in last week's deadly shooting at a Binghamton, New York immigrant center.  It was sent to a New York television station days after the massacre.
  • The Texas Legislature is considering allowing guns on campuses.  This, after a wave of gun violence and mass killings across the country.  A former Virginia Tech student who lost his girlfriend in that school’s tragedy will debate it.

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