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April 7th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen!

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Governor Palin was back in the spotlight on Tuesday, as American Morning viewers commented on “baby daddy” Levi Johnston. Some felt Governor Palin was out of place making comments about Levi. Others were angry that CNN wasn’t equally covering Vice Presidential children:

  • Lburt: Just what I wanted – A president who can't keep her mouth shut even with a relationship between her daughter and her grandson’s father. Grandma! – can't you keep your mouth shut; even when it's none of your business. You sure weren't as involved when your daughter was having unprotected, underage, and unsupervised relations with Levi.
  • Ed: Your coverage of Gov. Palin's daughter proves the double standard her family endures. When she traveled to western Alaska with Franklin Graham to deliver supplies to needy Alaskans, did you cover that? If Bristol Palin had been filmed smoking cocaine as VP Biden's daughter was, would you report that? Of course you would. Yet you ignore Ashley Biden.

Was Governor Palin inappropriate for responding to Levi Johnson’s comments about her family? Did Levi inappropriately speak out about his relationship with Bristol Palin? How do you think his interview will affect Governor Palin’s chances for a Presidential run in the future? Tell us what you think.

Viewers were split on the “sexting” story, with some wondering if the phones could have limited technology to prevent such issues, and other wondering why the issue even existed, since stores have “advertisements of teens wearing underwear.”

  • Peggy: The teens should only have a cell phone the sends & receives calls-no pictures, no texting, no games. Can't all that be "blocked"?
  • Linda: Teens & Texting; I'm not condoning nude photo sending BUT; A charge against the 12 y.o. “training bra girls" is ridiculous! Would there be charges if they were wearing revealing bathing suits? AND what about store advertisements of teens wearing underwear? You didn't bother with those questions?

Are parents to blame for the “sexting” incident? Should there be special phones that limit what teens may do by mobile phone? Should there be a law limiting the types of technology available to teens? Was the “sexting” innocent? Should the young man have been charged or should both teens have been held responsible?

Finally, the story of guns on campus had viewers questioning the issue. Others were more circumspect.

  • Emunster: Ms. Costello stated during the interview that college students are young and still maturing. Aren't college students the same age as the Soldiers/Sailors/Marines and Airmen on their first enlistment (18-22)? Yet the members of the military can and do handle a wide range of weapons everyday safely. Training and discipline are the key differences in the two groups.
  • Bill: How many trained police officers each year make mistakes in judgment about how and when to use their firearms? What training and judgment do college students have to use firearms in a protective way, only?

Are concealed guns on campus a good idea for protection? Are college students mature enough for such responsibility? Should there be laws requiring weapons training prior to purchase of a gun? Should guns be banned completely? Let us know how you feel about this issue and others here.


  • Mark – Gun control…anyone check the murder rate in D.C. ?
  • Vince – I cant believe carol costello didnt ask her ONE question about “the toast”. Mrs Albright toasted Kim Jong IL on national TV after they sign an “Agreement”. As it turned out, the North Koreans had their fingers crossed behind their back when they signed it and continued to pursue nuclear weapons. Mrs Albright was at the head of this agreement that the north koreans reniged on. What level of responsibility does SHE and CLINTON share.


  • Tawanda Fletcher-Sykes Whether you agree or disagree with the President he gets an A for effort.
  • Richard Gorlewski – Normally when people call it [U.S.] a christian nation, they are trying to exclude someone.


  • crystaltears24@amFIX Many sex crimes are antiquated. I don't think it's fair an 18 year old gets marked as a sex offender for sending pics.
  • 1pointofview@amFIX because gun control makes no difference. criminals will find ways to get guns. don't make it harder for folks to protect themselves
  • crobj@amFIX the NRA is such a strong lobby in this country, but the real reason is because this problem hasn't touched congress yet.
  • JustinAReeve@amFIX "Sexting" – This is an obvious injustice. Why bother punishing teens for discovering their sexuality? Take away their cell phones!

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    Can't believe it, your biggest response of any of your blogs and none of it on "We Listen". What's up with that?

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