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April 8th, 2009
03:00 PM ET

We Listen!

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Wednesday’s American Morning viewers weighed in on President Obama’s trip abroad, with most feeling great pride and accomplishment. A minority were upset with the President’s apologetic tone during his trip:

  • Gabe: I'll tell you what President Obama has accomplished abroad. He has restored the good name of America and renewed its leadership in the world. As Americans we can now hold our heads high abroad, even in Muslim countries. It is one of his greatest accomplishments, and in such a short time, undoing all the harm that Bush and that craven bully Cheney did during their disastrous presidency. And don't bother taking the Republicans seriously in their criticisms of Obama. Politically, they are an endangered species.
  • Vic: Watched the President apologize to another nation about the way American people react to Muslims. How embarrassing he is. Does he not remember 9/11!!!

How do you feel about President Obama’s trip abroad? Was it a success or a failure? Do you believe the president was too apologetic, as the second viewer states? Let us know your thoughts.

Viewers were especially opinionated about Michelle Obama’s figure unveiled at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum:

  • Rosa: Carol Costello's on air disdain for Michelle Obama's wax figure is a disgrace. Obviously she does not appreciate the fact that “beauty' is not just reserved for those women who only have European features. But to laugh on air is sick. She should be fired!
  • Don: The wax replica makes her mouth TOO BIG.

What do you think of the President and Mrs. Obama’s wax figures? Are they appropriately depicted or have the artists failed in their attempts to capture the Obamas in wax? If you disapprove, how would you change them? Let us know what you think about this or your opinion on any of today’s stories.

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  1. mulufua gaoa

    I think President Obama did an outstanding job overseas, especially when he surprised the troops in Iraq, doesnt matter about not getting all the things his wanted to accomplish, he restored the leadership and made the countries understand that the past 8 years were not of the peple but the arrogance of the Bush admin. and that we must move forward to attack the problems we face today. i rate president Obama an "A" for great job in just 2 1/2 months. Let us as a country move forward and get our economy back to the top! need jobs and security.

    April 9, 2009 at 10:53 am |
  2. Saad Medleg

    •Vic: Watched the President apologize to another nation about the way American people react to Muslims. How embarrassing he is. Does he not remember 9/11!!!

    Vic please have some brain between the ears...what is 9/11 has to with Muslim or Islam (I am catholic by the way) I am embarressed of your ignorance

    April 8, 2009 at 8:20 pm |
  3. Karen

    I was impressed with both their likenesses, though if I were to be very picky, I would agree with Don above. But then it's hard to do justice in wax to the live image of a person. Not perfect but a good likeness. I was impressed with the wax sculptures of the Secret Service guys. Kudos to the artists!!

    April 8, 2009 at 3:12 pm |
  4. Clyde

    The shrills (the GOP and those on the right) can't get over the fact that this President and his family are so popular. President Obama has a massive task laid out before try and correct and improve on a country broken by the eight years of an administration that gave up on this country and its people.

    April 8, 2009 at 3:11 pm |