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April 10th, 2009
10:36 AM ET

President Obama and the "F" word

The music had barely ended at the Inaugural Balls when conservatives took aim at President Obama's big government policies. Since then their aim has only sharpened.'s David Limbaugh may have one-upped his conservative brother Rush by telling a radio audience in San Francisco that the President is the head of a "Gestapo government."

Glenn Beck actually dropped the "F-Bomb" (as in Fascism) when talking about the Obama administration's plan to stimulate the economy. "We're into socialism now (but) that's not our final destination. Our final destination is happy-faced fascism." Watch

And the American Spectator's Quin Hillyer of the Washington Examiner wrote a column in the American Spectator" titled "Il Duce, Redux?"

Hillyer told CNN that when he looks at the Obama administration what he sees are "historical comparisons (to) Mussolini's Italy." He says that "it first started with the takeover of the banks, and when you start taking over banks you've done the very first step that Mussolini did."

The University of California's George Lakoff isn't surprised at the conservative furor over Obama's big government solutions. "This is part of a general conservative mode of operating to get the base stirred up for electoral reasons and reasons of support," he says.

CNN's chief political analyst Bill Schneider says it's unusual that opposition attacks started so early in a new President's term, but that may be because the Democrats have hit a conservative nerve. "The complaints are really about economics, and they are very loud," says Schneider. "But these are things that (are) core beliefs of Republicans."

Lakoff adds that Obama's scrutiny of failing banks and business "is something that conservatives hate, the very idea there is any kind of regulation from the outside."

As for the public, CNN's own polling this week shows that two-thirds of Americans think the President's plan to get involved in how businesses are run is either just about right, or ought to be increased.

What do you think of the comparisons between President Obama's administration and Fascism?

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April 10th, 2009
09:49 AM ET
April 10th, 2009
09:42 AM ET

More Americans killed in U.S. in a month than in Iraq this year

Columnist John Avlon says more Americans have been killed in the U.S. in a month than in Iraq and Afghanistan this year.
Columnist John Avlon says more Americans have been killed in the U.S. in a month than in Iraq and Afghanistan this year.

It’s a sobering subject to talk about. More Americans have been killed in mass shootings over the past month than have died in Iraq so far this year. 13 people were murdered in Binghamton, New York alone last Friday and three Pittsburgh police officers were shot dead by an alleged white supremacist who supposedly believed the Obama administration was coming for his guns. John Avlon, columnist for the Daily Beast, says we can't solve the problem if we don't keep track of the dead. Avlon spoke to Kiran Chetry on CNN’s American Morning Friday.

Kiran Chetry: You started a running tally on the website the Daily Beast. You say keeping a tally is an important reality check. Please explain.

John Avlon: I think so often we cover the tragedy of these shootings and then we move on to the next thing and we don’t see it in the larger context. You can't understand this violence unless you see it in context. And when you realize that more Americans have been shot in mass murders this month than have been killed in the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan this year, that’s a sobering reality check. And it’s the kind of thing that can maybe help us face reality and then marshal our forces to change it.


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April 10th, 2009
06:42 AM ET

What’s on Tap – Friday April 10th, 2009

Happening now:

  • Nature’s fury in the plains and Midwest.  Wildfires are breaking out all over Oklahoma and north Texas.  One entire town has burned.  Residents are trying to out run fires fueled by hurricane force winds.  In one small Arkansas town, authorities are going door-to-door, checking on residents after a tornado ripped through,killing at least two people and damaging more than 100 homes. 
  • Intense negotiations are underway with four armed, dangerous and increasingly desperate pirates off Somalia.  They’re holding an American Captain on a 28-foot lifeboat that’s out of fuel and described as being “dead in the water.”  They are running out of options, with a Navy destroyer watching their every move and two more ships on the way right now.
  • President Obama is being briefed on the pirate standoff.  He's also asking for more money for wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
  • Obama’s Millionaire’s Club – When President Obama moved into the White House earlier this year, he took several of his fellow Chicago millionaires with him. Newly released disclosure reports show virtually all of the top Chicagoans serving in the West Wing had assets valued at a million dollars or more at the end of 2008.
  • Kumar goes to the White House – If only Obama were president before they made “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.”  Kal Penn (Kumar) has decided to accept a position in the Obama administration.  At least now we know why they killed him off on “House.”
  • Where’s the dog, Mr. President?  That swing set only bought him a few weeks.  The president said he would fulfill his campaign promise of a puppy after returning from NATO.  What better time than Easter weekend.  Maybe this one will come with bunny ears? Stay tuned…

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