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April 14th, 2009
05:54 AM ET

What’s on Tap – Tuesday April 14th, 2009

Here are the big stories we're watching for you right now:

  • President Obama set to give what the White House is calling a “major speech” on the economy today.  The President is expected to talk about how each step his administration has taken to confront this economic crisis, fits his broader vision of how to move the economy from recession to recovery.  He’ll also talk about the significant work that remains to get the economy moving forward once again.  We want to hear your ideas and thoughts about whether the president has gotten it right.  Call us at 877-MY-AM-FIX and we’ll try to put you on the air today.
  • Going to war with pirates:  As the crew of the Alabama heads home, we look at the options President Obama has for going after pirates on LAND, in lawless Somalia.
  • Drug Nation: With the president heading to Mexico this week, we’re taking a serious look at how America’s demand for drugs is funding a bloody, ruthless war south of the border.  Today:  Pot.  Think it’s the victimless drug?  It’s generating more cash for murderous drug traffickers than coke, meth and heroin combined.  Does that mean we should legalize it to take away their power?  We want your thoughts.
  • Your taxes: The Real Deal: It’s tax day-eve and we’ve decided to show you how far we’ve come since The Boston Tea Party.  Think of all you spend on food, clothing and housing, now consider that Americans on average spend more on taxes, than all of that COMBINED.  We’re still better off than most developed nations, but for how long??

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