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April 28th, 2009
10:36 AM ET

Family isolated with swine flu

The swine flu has hit one family right where they live. The Henshaw family has been in voluntary isolation since their son, their daughter and also the father were diagnosed with the swine flu virus. So how is the family coping? The Henshaws spoke to Kiran Chetry on CNN’s “American Morning” Tuesday from their home in Cibolo, Texas.

Kiran Chetry: Robin, you're still free of the swine flu. You are all wearing masks as a precaution and because our camera people are there filming in your home. Thanks for being with us. Patrick, why don't you start by telling us what happened. How did you guys find out that you, indeed, did have members of your family infected with swine flu and what happened from there?

Patrick Henshaw: Robin took Hayden to the doctor because he had had a fever, his throat was sore and we just assumed he might have strep throat or something. While she was at the doctor, a message came over the phone from our superintendent of education saying two children had tested positive for swine flu and so while they were at the doctor, I called her and asked her if they would see about checking Hayden and that is when he tested positive for that strain.

Chetry: Hayden, you're 18, you’re a senior in high school right now. What was it like when you found out you had swine flu? It’s been all over the news. Most people probably think it couldn't happen to me.

Hayden Henshaw: It was unexpected and it's just - it's not any different now. I mean, it's just the flu. I just went through it normally.

Chetry: Hannah, you're 11 and in fifth grade as well. You got diagnosed with it and you're all taking Tamiflu. How do you feel, Hannah?

Hannah Henshaw: I feel okay.

Chetry: Feeling okay now? That's the good news about it all. What a scare for your family, though. You guys have been in voluntary isolation since Thursday, as I understand it, have you gotten any guidance from the state health department on how long you have to stay in isolation?

Robin Henshaw: Well, they've said five to eight days is usually the case. But we don't really know. Hopefully, we'll find out today. Maybe this will be all over today for us.

Chetry: What has it been like, though, Robin?

Robin: It's been kind of crazy. You always say you would like to have a couple of days to stay inside and do nothing. You really don't.

Chetry: How have you been passing the time? You can watch TV and watch some DVDs, I guess. But other than that, you guys can't even go outside.

Robin: No, we've been playing games and playing Wii and things like that. Just kind of hanging out.

Chetry: I'm glad everyone is doing better. As I said before, everyone took the Tamiflu. You took it as a precaution, Robin. You're the only one that wasn't diagnosed with swine flu. Good luck and hopefully today you will get the news you can stop the isolation. Thanks for joining us.

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