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April 29th, 2009
02:01 PM ET
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  1. Greg Evans

    I don't have any idea why people admire a man so much when he has inflicted PERMANENT damage to this country. No I am not mad because I am a Republican and McCain lost. That has nothing to do with it. Obama and his joke a Vice President are destroying this country at an alarming rate! He was not vetted properly to become President in the first place. If you haven't noticed, this country is falling apart at a devastating rate. Obama is apologizing to the world for the actions of the United States. This country has done more good and charitable work in this world than all other countries combined. What do we have to apologize for? The end of this way of life that we have all enjoyed and loved thanks to the efforts of our Grandparents who were in fact the greatest generation in history is very near. The man in the white house is detroying our freedoms and dumb Americans praise him because they don't understand what he is talking about. Liberal teachers that ran away from the Vietnam War have accomplished their mission by making our children blind to the truth. The end of the United States is nearer than you all think and you can thank Obama, a man I refuse to call President!

    May 3, 2009 at 6:54 am |
  2. Purple Spider

    If the popularity of Obama is strictly on his looks, etc, what does that say about his capability to take the country in the right direction?
    He has been trying to do to much at one time; however, he was left by the prior Administration with a mess!
    Obama needs to be respectful and considerate of the American people, at the same time, the American people need to help themselves and not depend on the Government for every little thing.
    We don't need "scare tactics" from Obama's cabinet, regarding the infringing on the constitutional rights of Americans – this definitely needs to stop. We don't need Amnesty given to Illegals and "shoved down the throats" of Americans and Immigrants who have worked the long process of becoming a citizen of this country.
    Above all, we don't need the Federal Government controlling our personal lives, unless we become faced with socialism.
    I was always under the impression that America was "land of the free and home of the brave".

    April 30, 2009 at 7:24 am |