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May 1st, 2009
10:37 AM ET

Michelle Obama gets the comic book treatment

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption= "First Lady Michelle Obama will appear on the cover of the comic book series 'Female Force.'"]

She may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or race faster than a speeding bullet, but Michelle Obama can move merchandise. Books and ball gowns. J. Crew to Jason Wu. And countless magazines – Vogue, Essence, People, O, to name a few. Now she’s gracing the cover of a new comic book series “Female Force” and the company’s owners are banking that it will fly off the shelves.

“We’re thinking women will buy them for their daughters,” said Darren Davis, one half of the duo behind the Female Force series, which showcases powerful women in the public eye. “I think that people who want Michelle Obama collectibles will be getting them or Barack Obama collectibles because he’s also in it as well.”

Since launching the series in March, Davis and his partner Jason Schultz, have featured Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. There’s no doubt the Michelle Obama will sell extremely well, says Nia Malika Henderson, of the website Politico. “I think these comic book folks will make a lot of money off of this and these are going to fly off the shelves,” she says. “If you look at Amazon, there’s already a waiting list for these comic books and they were very smart in timing it to the first 100 days.”

The comic is a swift biography of the first lady’s rise from the south side of Chicago to the White House. It looks at her days at Princeton, her marriage to now President Barack Obama and how she juggled motherhood and a thriving law career. There is no sugar-coating. The comic also addresses the controversy that swirled after she declared—“For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country…”—during a campaign speech; and even discusses a rocky period in the Obamas’ seemingly perfect union. “Barack needed time and Michelle needed Barack. It was very strained for the couple, and accounts indicate that they were barely on speaking terms…”

The facts are accurate. The renditions of Mrs. Obama, meanwhile, could use a lot of work. At times she appears utterly unrecognizable and downright scary. That detail probably won’t impede sales. There have been 45,000 pre-orders according to Davis. A second printing of the issue is already in the works and Davis said Mrs. Obama look will be tweaked. “We’re changing her hair a little bit,” he said. “And her arms are going to be a little toner, because people are going crazy about her arms right now.”

In the coming months, "Mighty Michelle" will find herself in good company. Caroline Kennedy will join the “Female Force” in June; Princess Diana in July; Condoleeza Rice in August and, the world’s biggest O, Oprah Winfrey will grace the September cover. And have no fear Michelle fans. You will see your superhero again in January. “I promise you we will be doing a sequel to this book,” Davis said. “We’re going to be doing Michelle Obama Year One.”

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