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May 4th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen!

On Monday, American Morning viewers were most concerned with the issue of red light cameras, debating the merits of such a system.

  • George: Saw your segment this morning on red light cameras. We have them located in high accident intersections in Toronto to reduce accidents and it works. Too many drivers run red lights and in my view it makes sense and will save lives. If you run a red, you should pay the fine. Me and my son was nearly hit by a car running a red light.
  • Gerry: Our yellow light ticket cams cost $96 per ticket if paid within 30 days, then $135 after. They were presented to Columbus City Council as a REVENUE generator FIRST, safety 2nd! The contract company was allowed to pick the highest paying revenue intersections-Not the 12 most dangerous intersections in the city as listed by the Franklin County Traffic Engineers Office. This PROVES that the goal was revenue, NOT safety of the citizens.

How do you react at an intersection with a “red light camera”? Do red light cameras encourage drivers to obey laws more readily? Are they simply “revenue” generators for the local governments?

Former Republicans weighed in on how the party can reinvent itself. Most wanted the Republican Party to return to its original values and veer clear of the “policies of Rush Limbaugh.”

  • James: As a disgruntled registered Republican, I can honestly say that until the likes of Eric Canter give up the policies of Rush Limbaugh and the arrogance of Fox News, I will continue to find other individuals to vote for.
  • Robert: I am surprised that the percentage is that high for the GOP as many of my friends that have been with the GOP for many, many years are now NP and that is where I am as long as the GOP stays where they are at with their philosophy of Rush Limbaugh and others.
  • Dan: I think the Republican Party needs to get away from the religious right, and go back to their fiscal conservative roots to resurrect the party. In the past they were the party of small government, free market, individual freedoms and responsibilities. Not the party of so-called "morality." Please get out of the church and get back into the country clubs and boardrooms where you belong.
  • Kevin: The only reason the Republican Party is concerned about the people is they need our votes to gain a majority again. Why weren't they interested in listening to anyone for the last 8 years? Republican policy has put us in this hole. Filling their pockets with lobbyists and big business money, at the expense of the tax payer. It reminds me of a line from "An American President;" they aren’t interested in solving our problems. They want us afraid of it and tell us who to blame it on!

Are you a Republican who has moved away from the current party as a result of its acceptance of policies by pundits such as Rush Limbaugh? How can the party change to better reflect your values and your needs today? Do you believe that a third party is needed in the United States? What would that party look like to you?

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  1. Walter L Johnson

    We are far safer if the hard core prisoners at Gitmo are in US prisons than sent abroad where they can sneak back to the Middle East.

    On air statements that say we are safer because of Gitmo are idiotic. If you look at the data in the annual State Department reports made under Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f(a) formerly called "Patterns of Global Terrorism" and the follow on reports called "Country Reports on Terrorism..." make clear from the year to year data that the US faces radically more terrorists globally post Gitmo opening.

    Terrorists are not stupid, they use any violation in historical US principles or violations of international law to recruit more terrorists. They haven't been here because it is far easier to kill our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    May 22, 2009 at 8:27 am |
  2. Sarah

    Red light cameras wow well I really think its like drivers now look at those as a warning until they get that ticket in the mail... but in our town they are put survalance cameras up in street light to monitor the streets after dark.. great idea but what about the money that the government gave maryland to help police officers and now they are putting survelance cameras up I think they need to invest on officers doing there job and not be lazy and not worry about putting the survalance up

    May 5, 2009 at 8:06 am |