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May 14th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen!

Thursday’s American Morning viewers continued the controversial torture debate, adding more comment about the Obama administration’s change in policy regarding release of torture pictures.

  • Ginger: Did Cheney's interview change President Obama's mind about releasing photos. It was a compelling interview. But either way I applaud the President for deciding not to release the photos. There would be no positive outcome if they were release. The majority of Americans do not care if the terrorists were tortured or not. It is really hard to have sympathy for a terrorist. Downright impossible. If anyone should be persecuted or charged with a crime it should be the people responsible for releasing terrorists from Gitmo so they can just go commit more murders and more destruction. That should be a crime.
  • Tvpad: Thank you Dick Cheney for getting out and demanding information revealed that led to America's safety over 7 years along with pics!
  • Bill: The "truth-o-meter" on Newt GIngrich saying that congress didn't pass a law making water boarding illegal: It is already illegal. Torture is illegal under civil law, criminal law, and international law. CNN gets a "FALSE" for not mentioning that fact.
  • Ed: Mr. Zelicow gave a more easily accepted version than Cheney of Bush Admin. stance on Harsh Interrogation but still gets only half of the root point. Most Americans will agree we need to "do that which is right". At least I think so. We do not torture BECAUSE by taking moral high ground we still have the high ground to take action when another country tortures one of ours. (Hearts & Minds) That is consistent with the experience and stance of Senator John McCain.
  • Kirk: This morning I was troubled by the way that you presented Nancy Pelosi's statements about when she was briefed on Bush's Torture Techniques. It seems very odd to me that the CIA's release of a "timeline" somehow in your description shows Ms. Pelosi to be lying. The CIA, being the main culprit in the commission of these crimes, should have a higher bar to prove the truth. The CIA has already obstructed justice in this matter and destroyed videotape evidence of their crimes. They are in the business of lying. Why would you hold their words up as a measure of what is true? Also by their own timeline, Abu Zubaydah had already been water boarded before Ms. Pelosi was briefed, which seems the larger story to me.

How do you feel about the Obama Administration’s change in policy regarding the release of torture pictures?

Craigslist supporters expressed anger over “blaming the messenger” in the erotic ads debate, as others cautioned users to beware when using the site.

  • Brad: Craigslist is just the medium. Are you going to shoot the messenger? First, I agree that there should not be open advertising (if any) for prostitution. But, the First Amendent only restricts shouting "fire" in a theatre..(where is the ACLU on this) Sheriff Dart is going about this the wrong. He is not seeing the opportunity beig laid at his feet. How many criminals advertise when and where they are available for arrest? He is missing a big chance. The fact that Craigslist is free, and taking a bite out of the revenues of newspapers all over the country, is probably the bigger issue. Buckmaster made some great points about Craigslist being the same as any other newspaper or classified. The fact is, you may not like what they are doing, but blaming the messenger is not the right way to go. Should all cars be taken off of the freeway because some people carry drugs in them?
  • Chris: I agree that Craigslist neeeds to be watched very closely. They have serious problems with content control, and not just the erotic side. They have mass markets placing false ads just to gain contact information. They also have a tremendous amount of bogus job ads and automotive listings. Everyone needs to use their site with a lot of caution!!!

Marijuana users argued that government regulation would ensure quality and establish age limits for purchase.

  • Roger: If your show is going to 'expose' the greater strength of marijuana & suggesting the greater danger of new smokers, you should also point out that government regulation (& taxation) would ensure that anyone buying it would know what they're getting, as well as establishing the age of the purchaser–just like tobacco.
  • Will: I find it hard to believe you are still helping the cotton, oil and alcohol lobby keep hemp out of the picture by going after Marijuana. The report was totally false, Marijuana is between 11%-20%, the best growers in the world cannot get it over 20%. Just think the less plant material you smoke the better. In actuality Alcohol is the most abused drug and it is sold in bars from 3-75%. I just think CNN is dependent on external pressures and do not have the guts to delve into the entire truth, it is one sided journalism. Out of all the research conducted, the one on education level is very interesting, the higher the education lever the higher the probability someone uses marijuana over alcohol. This is about money, and keeping hemp out of the picture. Just think marijuana was banned to get the Mexicans out of NM and AZ during the depression, that law went into effect the same year as Henry Ford's Hemp car. I think CNN does not have the guts to delve into the research to find all the information found, not just put a negative spin on it. How many people died in the last decade from drunk drivers?

As the debate over legalizing marijuana continues, should the greater use of hemp be considered as an alternative to other materials? If you are opposed to legalization, tell us why? Do you believe “pot” is addictive and leads to use of harder drugs?

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  1. Mark Pettes

    Seeing so many video comments from the former Vice President this Spring has been uncomfortable for me. After eight years of imprinting his views on our country I believe that is enough. News organizations are letting him continue to mold the landscape. I have seen more of the former Vice President than the current Vice President in your reporting. Have you at CNN thought of this context outside of generating headlines and controversy?
    The tipping point for me came when a news video of the former Vice Presidents daughter was deemed worthy this morning.
    Administrations will shift from their predecesors. Some need to know when to let this process proceed within the rule of law.

    May 18, 2009 at 8:01 am |
  2. Bernice

    When you "as elected officials" feel it neccessary to lie to the American people to begin with, I think that the person who was dishonest ...should lose thier job! End of it! They were elected to this position by "WE THE PEOPLE" and if they get all caught up in thier lies....UR FIRED! Take back that position for one who would hold a little honesty and integrity for the people which trusted and voted for them to begin with. Corrupt country policies if you ask me. I do feel as tho our coutry is now in danger over this administrations terrible decisions and may end up paying for them dearly in the end. Oh ..I am a democrat, by the way. After this admins. path of direction ..GO REPUBLICANS! Someone else will have our votes here! We need a president that we can trust, not a comedian.

    May 18, 2009 at 6:34 am |
  3. Rich

    Is John Roberts going to correct his interview with Al Bore I mean Gore? Gore blatantly lied to Roberts. John please tell me you're not going to take it lying down?

    May 16, 2009 at 10:12 am |
  4. Hampton

    I am amazed at how so many people still live under rocks in this country. Nancy says she was misled, is she stupid. Do we really want someone like this in an important position like hers. Does anyone actually believe her. This whole issue is weaking our country. I don't like the thought of torture either but people must understand that this is war and these people are willing to die for their cause. I am a Democrat and I am appalled that my party is endangering this country. You knew.

    May 15, 2009 at 9:12 am |
  5. Ekow Antwi

    I'm sure after careful consultation with his generals and all appropriate personeel involved, he's made the right decision. I believe the American people will understand that the welfare of the troops outweighs the publics view of these pictures.

    May 15, 2009 at 9:04 am |
  6. Rick from Ct

    I'm sorry but I don't see the point in dragging Naceys name into this.
    Did she know,didn't she know, either way it has nothing to do with who gave the order, I don't like or dislike her, maybe I'm slow, but this really is a bridge leading to nowhere. Think about it.

    Is there a difference between Islam and the Catholic church? I'm finding it harder and harder to find one, they both believe that there way is the only way to the kingdom of heaven. Most, if not all of our wars could be put down to Religion, don't get me wrong I love god but Religion scares me.

    May 15, 2009 at 8:10 am |
  7. C. Powell

    This Notre Dame fiasco is extremely UN-Christianlike. How can you possibly convert someone if you don't allow them into the church? This is rediculous! It appears the Catholics have much in common with the right wing christian republicans. They are blatently racist! It has nothing to do with abortion. (By the way, I am white) The Catholics should see there membership numbers dwindle over this, just as the GOP. They (GOP) lost the election due to the KKK-like tone of thier rallies and nothing else. The majority of us want to see America UNITED, not DIVIDED.

    May 15, 2009 at 7:54 am |
  8. Pat Johnson

    Look at the Netherlands, Pot is legal, there is very little if any violent crime, and no trouble with "pot addiction." So the underlying factor in my opinion on why the American Government will not "Legalize it" – Court fees, treatment center facilities would have patient decline.... Maybe less people on prescription painkillers, glacoma medicine, anxiety drugs. Think about all the empty hands, and all the illegal underground revenues shared between drug dealers, and municipalities, corrupt cops... etc. Another plauseable explanation is that "The gateway drug" skapegoat where pot is traditionally demonized would probably be suprisingly diminished, when people might see a dramatic decrease in heroin, cocaine, meth, and yes, alchohol use. "Not convinced yet Mr. Gupta? There are always safe ways to extract THC from canabais, try tea? yes, drop it in some hot water and enjoy..... but don't forget to add some honey, very healthy doc... cheers, let's get down to the real reasons.

    May 15, 2009 at 6:40 am |
  9. michael armstrong sr.

    war is an ugly monster thats been going on since the beginning of man and only the strong lives and the ones who feel sorry for there enemys die and thats whats going to happen to us if the human rights activst dont back down and leave the interagators keep us safe.

    May 15, 2009 at 6:21 am |
  10. James Gilson

    Now that Al has perfected the internet, he can start another program to save the planet.

    When will this crap ever end?

    May 14, 2009 at 9:17 pm |
  11. Randy Kautto

    I respect VP Cheney's right to speak out. That is our democracy–to be able to speak one's mind. I am a Vietnam combat veteran. I believe that we have walked away from the values that have guided this country from it's inception. I did not fight for this country to now find we torture, that we lie and distort the truth, and I did not give 6 years of my life to now see that there are influential people in this country that wish to stamp on our constitution and who believe the truth is a waste of time because they know better for us. I fought for Dick Cheney, too, by the way.

    May 14, 2009 at 5:40 pm |
  12. Lewis Peeples

    I am flaming, tree-hugging liberal yet I don't understand why people let the president's explantion on the pics be enough.I know some want to use them to further muddy the Bush admistrations record and even put them on trial.
    What nancy knew is irrelevant.She couldn't have stopped the torture anyway.Just remember who was in power(House Senate,White House).

    May 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm |