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May 18th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen!

American Morning’s Monday audience believed the Pelosi/CIA issue was nothing more than a divergence created by the Republicans to veer attention away from the real story – torture under the Bush administration.

  • Jerry: The CIA's existence is built around misleading and lying to people to gain what they want and if the Republicans think that they are all going to tell them the truth then they are as dumb and Bush and Chaney and need to go home and stick their head in the sand.
  • Bob B.: Everyone seems to have selective amnesia over the faulty intelligence flowing from the mouths of most congressional members (mostly Republican), the entire Bush Administration and most of the analysts associated with every news agency. The same ones are apparently now trying to drum up ratings by attacking Speaker Pelosi for what was obvious. Even the head of the FBI in testimony said faulty intelligence, or better yet manipulated or misinformation. Remember the Agent whose correct intelligence was discounted as bazaar.
  • Julian: Why is the media going after Nancy Pelosi? Because she may have or may not have known about what the Bush/Cheney Administration was doing; ordering illegal torture? Why is she being singled out? Why isn't the fact that torture was committed the issue? And the fact that it was illegal? Why is the media doing once again what they did during the run up to war; the Republican's bidding? Please stop it. You are making yourselves look transparent.

Was this, as the viewers above contend, an attempt by the Republicans to transfer blame for torture to the Democrats? Do you believe the government should continue to investigate the former Bush Administration for its part in approving such techniques to gather intelligence?

President Obama received kudos from his speech at Notre Dame, as the topic moved away from the controversy of him speaking to the general argument about abortion.

  • Nat: Barack Obama was outstanding in his commencement address to Notre Dame Graduates. There was no real controversy at Notre Dame, other than what was politically manufactured by Republicans, and pushed by the media (yes, CNN you guys were quite obvious!) . It is very sad when our news outlet are bold enough to gin up controversy and then expect us to believe it just because they say it is so. 10 People having issues within the Graduation Arena, does not a controversy makes. That was one of Pres. Obama's greatest Speech, and that is what you should be reporting; otherwise, the Internet will scoop you on this, once again, and CNN will end up looking as ridiculous as it seems to always look these days.
  • Chris: Nobody wishes for an abortion. However the alternatives aren't much prettier. A baby raised in an unwanted household. A baby raised without the love and nurturing in should have. A baby raised without the financial support. Just those three alternatives give me pause. It cost over $120,000 a year to raise a child. $250K a year to give it a kid a reasonable AVERAGE lifestyle. Some folks are trying to live that dream on $40-70K year, and in some places the mean income is $26K a year. Crime is up along with the sentiment to stop abortions. Great. Now comes the hard part. Putting your money where your mouth is. Talk is cheap, action defines character. If no Republicans, or FOXNEWS TV personalities come to bat for these kids by adopting every last one of them-then my view is you’re pissing in the wind, typical hypocrisy at work.
  • Danielle: On the story about Obama's commencement I wish I could ask one question to these die-hard pro life protesters. Why do they oppose increase welfare reform, sex education (which is more realistic than abstinence especially in this culture) access to birth control and protecting the baby once he/she is born? It makes no sense to me.
  • Paula: Watching your program this morning. Show me an anti choice church and I will show you one that does not ordain women.

Do you believe, as the viewer above, that the issue of abortion is one of a personal choice, not one which should be legislated by the government?

In general, the audience believed gas price increases were the result of oil company greed, price fixing, and speculation.

  • Dana: The speculators should be dragged out in the street and horse whipped. They are the one's that tanked our economy last year when oil shot up to $146 a barrel with pure speculation! The price of everything we touch went up because of this and never went back down! The increase is not justified. It is purely GREED! If you don't believe that, just wait until the oil companies release their quarterly profits!!!!!!!

How are the increases affecting the way you are managing your household budget? Are you reconsidering vacations again this year, as many stayed close to home last summer due to high prices? Tell us how the increase is affecting you.

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  1. Jeff

    How can CNN honestly assert any neutrality in its reporting on things like gas prices, health care, bailouts, banks, etc. when your programming is sponsored by Lipitor, Viagra, Exxon, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and on and on??? You are subsidized by all the industries you claim you to report on – when in fact, you're on retainer by corporate america not to report the real stories effecting people as well as in bed with the politicians you should be covering. In fact, this comment will be "moderated" out so that no one can see and begin piecing this charade together. The free press is dead.

    May 19, 2009 at 7:49 am |
  2. Richard

    The Republicans at at the same game they always play divert the attention away from the real issue and the media is falling for it...
    If the media would have done it's job and gone after Bush and Cheney when they were in office and asked and investigated them, things would be different now... the news is not news, it's become an entertainment venue to pacify the american public, it never ask the hard questions and push the issues and lets guest on shows get away with absurd statements without challenging their comments...
    that's why I watch international news on cable... for news...

    May 19, 2009 at 7:28 am |
  3. wonkguy

    this is stupid, despite the title of this diddy, it did not alter the way CNN covered this story at all. They are still getting it wrong.

    May 18, 2009 at 5:02 pm |
  4. dru

    I am thankful the news is finally addressing and calling the facts as they are and not letting the Republicans change the story to avert the blame from the Bush Whitehouse.

    May 18, 2009 at 4:10 pm |