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June 5th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen!

Friday’s American Morning audience strongly agreed with Carol Costello’s piece that the middle class was headed to extinction, with most believing Washington was to blame.

  • Terrie:  I just wanted to drop a note about the steel worker losing his job.  I agree 100% about the middle class, what is going on in Washington,  we were promised jobs for Joe the Plumber and the working man.  Over 2000 Coal miners have lost their jobs since Obama took office.  And that is just in WV.  West Virginia, Kentucky, Penn., etc. Blue Collar people.  I would love to ask what the UMWA was thinking supporting a Pres that hasn’t even been in office 1 year and he is shutting them down.
  • Raymond:  Miss Costello's report this morning about the middle-class was incomplete.... While she is a first-class reporter, her report failed to reference the fact that 80% of American businesses are owned by non-college graduates, contrasted with her comment that 72% of Americans are not college educated, implicitly inferring that a college degree plays some role in the demise of the American middle-class....
  • Deborah:  Our middle class has been whittled away since the 1980's when our industry was encouraged moved out to developing countries.  Now, American citizens earn less, pay ever higher prices, and receive lower and lower quality products.  The rich have gotten away with ripping us all off.   The middle class' wealth has been funneled into the upper class' bank accounts, Ask any hardware clerk the difference between American made steel and foreign made and determine what has happened to our products!  How many poisoned products coming from China will it take before our government wakes up and realizes the middle class consumer is being poisoned by toys & drywall.  The American public have been ripped off & poisoned by out sourcing and no one  can figure out what happened.  Slow and steady economic funneling into CEO pockets.

Is the middle class in the United States disappearing or is there simply an adjustment taking place that will allow those defined as ‘middle class’ to remain so?  If you believe the middle class is disappearing, what or who is to blame for this?  What do you believe is the solution?  Add your comments here for follow the story here.

John Roberts’ interview with Ahmed Yousef, the former adviser to Hamas, received divided reaction.

  • Robert: Israel has violated cease fire arrangements many more times and with  greater violence  than Hamas and other so-called terrorist  organizations.  Israel; has always reserved the right to go after and kill Hamas leaders and used the pretext of saying they were planning attacks to kill  them, often with bombings that have killed many non-combatants and that is plain fact. The kill ratio is more than 3 to 1 and often reaches 10-1 before  Palestinians, out of desperation, retaliate with any method available to them.   Israel more often than not has stirred things up just to avoid  giving the Palestinians their rightful state. – As was done in 2000 by Sharon.  Stop  trying to distort the story by asking biased questions. Look for the Christian Zionist nuts as well as AIPAC, AEI, JINSA and  other Likudnik front organizations here to jump in here to try to subvert  US efforts to solve this matter.

How do you feel about President Obama’s suggestion that there should a separate state for Palestine and that Palestine should recognize Israel as a legitimate state?

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  1. Dave Hatch

    Gerri Willis on Friday, and commenting on unemployment said; "Anyone being on unemployment for a year should understand that HR staff are asking "Why is this person unemployed for a year?" Ms. Wills continued saying; "Get a job." You know MSNBC's Keith Oberman said it correctly the other night; "Just because you've got two ears doesn't mean you're listening."

    I guess Gerri Willis is just too far from the situation to make any reasonable comments about unemployment, and really just stick to like tea and cookies.

    Sarasota, Florida

    June 7, 2009 at 12:07 pm |
  2. Mitchel

    P.S. I'm getting feedback, so let me explain. I have many double meanings in my writings from my book like: desert and dessert. We are eating up all that is sweet and desirable to us, and dessert, as in lost in vision...

    June 6, 2009 at 4:41 am |
  3. Mitchel

    Much has been made lately of the murder of Dr. Tiller. So, like many people, I have my own opinion and philosophy about this matter, and the larger matter of violence in the name of God. I have written many essays in my book- "Digressions of a crazy man"- about this quandary of physical existence versus spiritual existence, but I will surmise the basic ideas for this email, by extrapolating those concepts from the more detailed essays that I have written in my book.

    The murder of Dr. Tiller was wrong period. There is no rational, or spiritual excuse. You cannot profess to love life, and value it, then take another life. It is an oxymoron. It goes against everything that it means to be a spiritual human being. It is true that we humans have made war, and killed for resources and for the power and greed ourselves or of our leaders. It is true that we have killed to protect our loved ones, and to defend our tribes, nation states etc., from other tribes, nation states etc. It is also true that our love and passion have made us kill. But these things are for God to judge, and not for us to judge. Of course, we must take action by our laws to punish those who do bad things. But, we cannot kill in the name of God. Because God is about love, not hate. Ultimately, I think God will have more mercy on those who died to protect life, and not those who sought to take life for their own physical, mental desires.

    Ultimately God will judge each of us as individuals, not by our religious convictions or affiliations, or "righteous thinking". To take another life by violence is to allow your soul to be in torment, not just on this Earth while you live as a human, but after you die, and your spirit transcends your body. You will always live with this vivid memory, and it will play on your mind, heart, and soul forever. The more difficult, and harder correct choice is to live and die by peaceful means. Gandhi had it correct. So did Jesus. To murder another human, is to murder a soul that is part of you, part of this Universe, and hence God. If you want true change in human existence, then make it by peace. If necessary, then die by peaceful ways by the hands and the eyes of hate and violence. It gives more spiritual power to you, and to all humans who live during and after your existence. We are the highest level of physical existence in this Universe. God may have
    also created other high-level physical forms of existence, but we are separated in our own "nursery" from them. At least until, God knows that they have advanced enough, not to destroy other life forms such as us. I do not discount other intelligent life forms- given the shear size of the Universe- as the Universe is part of God that we can see and measure ( God is the Universe, and all that we can't see or measure Dark energy, and also other erethral planes of existence. ). But we will know all after we die, and now we are like children lost in the desert.

    We are not like animals, who kill to eat and survive. Yes, we do these acts, but we are in fact God's Sheppard's, and Gardeners while we live here as humans. God made all life here, so that we can learn from it, and learn about ourselves and our place in this world. It is part of God's plan for us to be tested here on Earth by our very physical existence, and to see who can live in love and peace, when all else indicates that we should live otherwise. This does not mean that we can't raise crops, and animals to feed on for our life. It does mean that we need to have balance in the world in terms of keeping all life balanced and sustainable. This includes all the life forms and this Earth. It is all made for a reason...balancing life for all to exist. We must not break the chain of the cycle and balance of life, or else it will break our existence. Much as it is doing already, because of our mindless existence by the vast majority of people who live for
    physical life only, and not for physical and spiritual life. But, I digress. Loll.

    Anyway, God bless us all to know the right way for each of us to live and love in peace while we have our short physical lives here on Earth.

    June 6, 2009 at 3:47 am |
  4. Larry Robinson

    Israel has a right to exist in peace. So do Palestinians. Obama knows that true peace will only occur when those involoved accept wthin them a pure heart that will be required if mountains are to be moved.

    June 5, 2009 at 8:36 pm |
  5. Larry Robinson

    Is there anything about the american worker that gives them greater employment value versus workers in China and Bangladesh. We have always been told that educaton is the key, but I find that false. Will we be going to school 14-plus years to learn how to sell produce at the local market because it pays more than many jobs, even with a BA or BS? This is real. It happens daily. Especially to us 40-plus men.

    June 5, 2009 at 8:32 pm |