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June 8th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen!

American Morning email feedback was mostly focused on ever-increasing gas prices. Many blamed greed and price gouging by the oil companies, and others asked about big oils’ profits. Viewers recalled the gas crisis in 1972 and suggested that prices be frozen, while others wanted President Obama to consider regulating the oil industry to prevent price increases.

  • Bob/ Iowa: Does anyone remember the gas crisis of 1975? Then president Richard Nixon froze gas prices to protect the economy. What is different today?
  • Bob/ Virginia: AM Crew – With all of Christine’s good words about our gas prices, it's still the greed inherent in our free enterprise system that keeps pushing those prices higher and higher.
  • Bob/Ohio: You have not told us any reason why gas prices should be going up. You have never told us what the price of a barrel of crude is at the well head. You have not told us if you and your friends have stock in the oil companies, and therefore are delighted that the price is climbing.
  • Dan: It's just mind-blowing that Romans, and CNN, can report on rising gas prices without mentioning the record profits that the big oil companies continue to bring in. How many quarters does Exxon-Mobil have to report record-breaking profits before you put two and two together, and recognize price-gouging when you see it? I guess that's too much to ask from a "news" outlet whose main purpose seems to be to prop up big corporate power.
  • Gordon: John, really like your show. You know the government took over control of the big banks and the auto industry. I think they should take Exxon over also. Maybe we would have a little more stability in gas prices.

How are gas prices in your area? What do you think is the reason prices are increasing so rapidly right now?

Most felt S.C. Governor Sanford was doing a “con” job during his interview and found him contemptible, noting “as far as him being a GOP pick for President, forget it!”

  • Robert: The Gov. is being forced to take the stimulus and that is great for his state. As far as him being a GOP pick for President, forget it!
  • AJ: This morning you let Gov. Mark Sanford of SC get away with doing a big con job on the American people. Kiran Chetry did not do her homework before interviewing him. Sanford claimed that he had increased money to SC public schools despite refusing federal spending money. Nevertheless our niece who teaches in SC had her public school second grade class size increased to forty students, had her teacher aids laid off, and had learning disabled children placed in her classroom because special education classes had been eliminated. Sanford's claims do not add up, and obviously SC needs the federal stimulus money for public education. If you want us to be regular viewers, you are going to have to do a better job of interviewing slick, deceptive, anti-public education governors like Mark Sanford. Instead of bringing out the truth in the interview, you gave Sanford a platform for his lies and propaganda.

What do you think of Governor Sanford? Is he a hero or a villain for refusing the government stimulus money? Do you believe Governor Sanford would make a good candidate for the GOP in 2012?

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  1. b.w.bradford

    I live near Atlanta and I wonder where the forty seven million people are that have no health insurance.I have heard of no one that has died from not having medical care.The so called that have no insurance get better coverage than I do. I just don't understand why honesty does not play a roll in the news.


    June 12, 2009 at 8:45 am |
  2. dave

    reminding cnn-hypocracy to criticize fox news for being biased but not really criticizine obama. Yes, there is a new cash for clunkers program for people to buy cars with better gas mileage however the government does not know how to pay for it. Practice what you preach cnn.

    June 10, 2009 at 7:28 am |
  3. Luke & Maureen Jarrett

    We are Realtors and have a potential story about how difficult it can be for someone facing foreclosure, and it involves Countywide and Bank of America. It clearly illustrates the mess that is going on in the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

    We'd love to discuss this with one of your reporters, but don't know how to get in contact with one.


    Luke & Maureen Jarrett

    June 9, 2009 at 8:10 am |
  4. RJ

    problem is the government isnt making any money with gas prices so low, so who do you think actually gave the oil companies the green light to start raising the prices???? It was Obama who gave the green light. Even though I voted for him he is no angel, and its time this country get over his honeymoon and force him to do the peoples work and it aint galavanting around the world like some Prince for godsakes hes our President, start acting like it! Our economy is so delicate that raising the prices now will destroy any recovery we might see this year and maybe even next years as well! While it may be good for Exxon and such it will kill the average person just trying to get by!

    June 9, 2009 at 6:41 am |
  5. MariaNYC

    Fortunately, because of where I live I'm not directly affected by the price of gas.

    Plus, I went green a couple of years ago, got rid of my old Japanese car, which I barely used, and joined the Zipcar revolution. They include the price of gas AND insurance in their hourly/daily rates, plus they are everywhere in the city and have great models to rent last minute: BMW's, Mini Coopers, Volvos, Honda CRVs. I'm just glad I live here and have this kind of access. It turns out to be a cheaper option for someone like myself, who drives only once in a while.

    How will it affect me indirectly? No doubt the price of food and necessities will go up. That's something I can't control. Shame on the oil industry.

    June 8, 2009 at 4:08 pm |