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June 15th, 2009
06:07 PM ET

We Listen!

Editor's Note: Monday’s American Morning debate on heath care captivated the audience, especially guest Ron Paul.  Viewers expressed deep concern about Rep. Paul’s contention that socialized medicine was a questionable choice for Americans.  Many felt he was attacking such a system in favor of insurance and big pharmaceutical companies.

  • Richard:  American companies are being put at a world wide disadvantage by the healthcare costs they have to carry.  Wouldn't a Medicare style plan shift the burden from our companies thereby making them more competitive and improving our economy and our trade deficit.
  • Sandy:  Let's take healthcare reform really seriously.  Let's have the U.S. legislators have the same social security and medical coverage as everyone else.  How can they hold themselves above the rest of us while discussing such far reaching topics.  How can they be our "voice" and deem themselves qualified to provide for us one coverage while having such a deluxe package of benefits for themselves.  It doesn't ring sincere.
  • Toronto Heart Attack Sufferer:  I'm tired of hearing U.S. lobby groups talk about the Canadian Healthcare System being broken, as you discuss the move to a government run National Healthcare System.  3 weeks ago I suffered a heart attack, and was seen in the emergency room almost immediately upon my arrival (I walked in under my own steam), had my blood tested, was seen by an array of various specialists, given medication and an angiogram (no damage thank god!) - all in less than 12 hours from the moment of my first arrival. I had my own room and a dedicated nurse round the clock - all at NO cost!!  I've never had to be in the Canadian Health System, as I've been healthy up to now, but I've never been more impressed.  Socialized medicine is not broken, except in the opinion of greedy U.S. (and some Canadian) doctors, and private healthcare insurance providers, who stand to lose their ability to bilk the public
  • Soarkey:  It's not a matter of whether the government takes over or not (which is just the med insurance companies trying to keep their mitts onto their greedy little income).... but it is about being smart about charges being made by the insurance industry. We spend 500 dollars for the proverbial hammer.  Look at a stay in the hospital: doctors whiz by your room and say good  morning and there is a $1500 charge on your bill.  With what America spends in health care, we could service the world with the correct checks and balances. .... we should not be removing coverage for people, but insuring that it is there for everyone. We spend an outrageous amount on wasteful overcharges, and dumb choices that make sure the sub contracting suppliers make good money. That's the biggest problem. When hospitals/providers have to purchase items from certain subcontractors, then they can sell a whole unit instead of the piece that is needed. This is big time waste.  PS: on the other side of the coin, a government take over of the system should not be based on the Veterans Administration's system as this is a horrid coverage. People don't realize they deny coverage or ignore big problems, and push you through like a check out line at the grocery store. You have to be dead, dying and broke in order to be seen, and then you are rolling the dice in who you are going to be seen my. Most of the doctors are foreigners and do not speak English.
  • Ron Paul may be a good guy, but he's a radical libertarian. And, like his fellow Republicans, is more concerned with protecting the rights of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to make obscene profits than with delivering quality, affordable health care to the public. Why not counter his opinions with some reality-based commentary from someone like Dr. Howard Dean, who is not so enthralled with protecting the industries who are sucking billions and billions of dollars out of the health care equation? I'm sure all you folks at CNN have some excellent health insurance, but that's not the case for probably over half of Americans. Don't let the corporate interests pull the wool over the public's eyes like was done in 1993. Please.

How do you feel about universal health care?  Is it the appropriate choice for America?  Do you believe, as one viewer stated, that those who can afford health care do not want others to have such an option?  What do you think of the Canadian viewer who recently suffered a heart attack and had to depend on the Canadian system of care?  Comment on the story here.

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  1. Jake

    We do need a better health care system. The fact that over 3 million Americans are uninsured is appalling. Making small businesses pay for there employees health insurance providers isn't going to cut it. We need affordable health coverage for the people that can't afford it. Look at Canada and its health care program. If you needed to go to the emergency room for anything it would cost you so much it will hurt you for years. The sad thing is this issue has been swept under the table every since the election has ended. heart surgery

    June 27, 2009 at 6:42 pm |
  2. crystal

    good morning:
    i remember looking at the ed sullivan show when micheal and his brothers proformed. i also, remembered when the cartoon came on tv on saturday. i will really miss his energy and his livelness. i also, remember something that many people don't remember and that's the robot.... back in the late 70's going into the 80's the robot was the most popular dance that i have ever done. michael was the best when he did it. i even remember that my little brother use to think that he was michael in doing the robot. sure the moon walker was very exciting to see but if you have seen the robot it was off the CHAIN!!!!

    June 26, 2009 at 8:46 am |
  3. Abdullah El Malik Muhammad

    No you don't listen because I submitted an email this morning and never heard from it since.Huh

    June 16, 2009 at 2:41 pm |
  4. Patrick Sefton

    June 16, 2009

    This morning John Roberts enterviewed Anita Hill about Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearing. At one point he asked Professor Hill to equate her testimony at Clarence Thomas' confirmation to the upcoming Sotomayor hearing.

    Roberts wanted Hill to explain how her experience, as a hostile witness, would be similar to the upcoming hearing. Shame on Roberts for trying to compare the sleezy testimony Hill provided to the nominee's testimony at the hearing next week.

    Thank you Professor Hill for not biting on Roberts' provocative question. Shame on Roberts for being so slimey.

    June 16, 2009 at 9:55 am |
  5. Charles L. Morse Sr.

    I think the government is going at this all wrong in dealing with heathcare , insurance , ect. First they need to get the corruption in the hospital and doctor, insurance, and service providers out patient book keeping eliminated . My 37 years in health care I saw money stolen , wasted everyday in services and equipment as well as poor management . Cost just passed on to patients and tax payers .
    The government needs to eliminate the rules that stop hospitals from coming in to comunities and offering cheaper service to the comunity . Many city, county , state laws block new hospitals from being built in almost every state . They just block other hospitals from coming in by keeping so many beds open un used or on a planing board for future . Before we start spending more money in to a system that is lacking oversight where it is needed . We better give it oversight first . We are feeding a corrupt giant system . Feeding it more this way will only make it a giant with more power and loop holds to corrupt the system even more . US Government needs to do its home work and look in to this giant it is feeding before over feeding it anymore of taxpayers blood .

    June 16, 2009 at 7:24 am |
  6. Fred

    I applaud what the Iranian people are doing protesting the corruption during the election , They United and make their feelings known . Frankly it took alot of "cojones" to do that ! Cojones is something we lack in this country because the corruption that has been inflicted in this country on the American people with the Scandal and corruption of the banking system and wall street pales in comparison ! Yet the American people has aceppted all the bale-outs and hand outs whithout so much as a whimper! It goes to show how vegetated we are in this country ! Maybe what the public should 've done when all these bail-outs began was go to the streets and protest like they have done in Iran !

    June 16, 2009 at 7:08 am |
  7. Melanie Stiglianese

    I think Gov. Palin has made a huge deal about the Letterman joke. Those hosts who were fired were quilty of inciting with inflamitory remarks.

    Once again, I am thankful Gov. Palin is not our Vice President. She seems to leap with her mouth wide open, before she thinks it through.


    June 16, 2009 at 6:44 am |