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June 23rd, 2009
08:48 AM ET

Gibbs defends Obama's stance on Iran

The president's response to Iran and his fight for health care reform... Two topics that will be front-and-center today at President Obama's first Rose Garden news conference.

Kiran Chetry got a sneak-preview from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on CNN's "American Morning."

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  1. Mr. Kungu

    Is it something that the West has gotten into or is it just preference. When Kenya was in turmoil after their elections in 2008/2009, they were not given any sort of coverage Iran is now getting. Is it because Kenya is in Africa or is it because residents of Kenya are black. A question that keeps ringing in my head is "Does help come only when you are a particular color" I think the media is very biased when it comes to coverage. The elections in Kenya were rigged and it took months before peace would prevail but it never made any headline news neither did I hear any Congressman or Senator talk about the issue as I hear then now. SHAME ON OUR LEADERS AND MEDIA!!!

    June 24, 2009 at 8:22 am |
  2. Mr.Ryder all the irony I was talking about from what was sopose to be opm?Our Planet Peace PEople matter , Our Planets Manicipalitices matter

    June 24, 2009 at 4:51 am |
  3. Mr.Ryder

    Yeah but when you have ONE idea such as a interactive social network that would accually work for a collective postive crtical fashion then you should see if it will fly? but what if u had more then this what if I sed Power solution with NO GHG and would accually help reveres them and global warming but on top of that to create it in a way that all communities have it adn profit off of it ? humm OPM thinks so should see how, Ive spent a bit of time with these concepts you think i would tell all of it in one. We made an exsample on facecrack and they flew with it check for OurPlanetMatters ON face book and you will find me Mr.Ryder and you wil see alitle more that became twitter.But I also believe in Peace Not Greed and believe in the people. Also want to create / leave something good for all generations to remember and togther I think we all can acheieve the path set out infront of us?

    June 23, 2009 at 12:04 pm |
  4. Chris Barrett

    It is time to for America to announce all opposition to the current Iranian government. Why? Because it is a fascist dictatorship with dead on it mind for its people, and for the region. Like North Korea, it is time to stop mushy foreign diplomacy and put these two regimes against the wall. We should have no illusions: not to stop them now is to allow the level of danger to rise.

    Let the US leave the UN if that international organization continues to have no spine. And let the US stand. Iran and North Korea are the 21st century tests whether democracy or dictatorship survive.

    Let' roll!

    June 23, 2009 at 12:01 pm |
  5. Judy H.

    Birthing democrocy is like birthing a baby. It hurts like hell, but you have to go through it. We need to support the Iranian people with our thoughts and prayers but they have to go through this period in their history. Otherwise, it means nothing to them. I do not remember any other country coming to our aid when we went through the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's and 70's. I am sure the rest of the world was wondering what would happen. We survived pretty much intact and better for the struggle.

    June 23, 2009 at 9:27 am |
  6. Mr.Ryder

    Lets show our planet's true Liberty, lets give our people OPM Our Planet Peace People Matter. ever wounder why soo much duality in our world ever wounder about the history of our evolution wanna see more check out whats been called the alien bible, the urantia book said to have been read by many famous people
    Give me true liberty or give me a canadian beer 🙂
    this link if you watch it decusses evolution of our collective memory amoung other myths legends, truths, con-spiracy. tells a myth of howthe first tribe groups/communities were formed around the time when man could ride on birrd dinosours witch could possibley pin point a spot for history and the history of evolution to co-exsist with religions point of veiws and ancient cultures. OPM was created while finding the truths of our father and his sun through the history of all religions and conspiracies, we want to create OPM for good not to keep going down the same cycle of deceit adn deception. these are the reasons why it is bigger then twitter OPM has a purpose of faith and hope Our Planet Peace People Matter

    June 23, 2009 at 9:12 am |