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June 23rd, 2009
07:49 PM ET

We Listen! Your comments – 6/23/09

Editor's Note: American Morning’s Tuesday audience remained committed to President Obama’s position on Iran, with many noting that the GOP was the only faction complaining about his response. Some were very disappointed to see the son of the former Shah of Iran, believing that his father’s dictatorship was the reason the current regime existed.

  • Jonathan: When you speculate how Iranians will carry on under the cloud of an illegitimate election, you only have to look at the United States in 2000 when many of us felt the Bush administration was illegitimate. Life went on, but we were eventually victorious in 2008. Truth will eventually win out in Iran. It will happen sooner without U.S. intervention.
  • Michael: I cannot believe you are giving lots of publicity to the son of the deposed Shah of Iran. Do you WANT the Iranian regime to stay in power? No one within Iran supports a return to the brutal monarchy of the Shah. The reason Iran has this horrible regime is because the people of Iran revolted against the Shah. The Shah was put in power by the US during the 1953 coup - by giving publicity to the Shah's son, you are SUPPORTING the current regime's claim that the US is meddling in Iran's internal affairs. If you "cover" his attempt to inject himself into the current Iranian political mix, you must emphasize that his father's regime is the REASON the current regime exists and that the regime is sure to seize upon his intervention as further proof that the US wants to re-establish the Shah's dictatorship.
  • Dan: The only criticism of Obama's position on the Iran situation has come from McCain and a few other lunatic neo-cons. Yet, CNN consistently makes it sound as if half the country is questioning that position. EVERY expert on Iran, and EVERY credible diplomat has praised the president's stance. When will CNN catch up to the idea that the foreign policy based on belligerence and stupidity of the last administration was a complete disaster? Maybe McCain and Graham can't understand it, but CNN should be able to figure it out.

Many believe that President Obama’s approach to Iran has been appropriate. How do you feel about the GOP’s response? What did you think of the former Shah of Iran’s son speaking out today?

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  1. David Preston

    Find a fire anywhere in the world and watch the Republicans line up at the podium to throw gasoline on it.

    How does "talking tough" help the situation?

    June 24, 2009 at 8:13 am |
  2. MeloN

    Whatever is happening in Iran is none of the United States business and their opinions on it should be disregarded by all. For some unknown reason Americans think they are in a position to comment and/or try to influence that country's election. America is is not the world's standard bearer. Has not America caused enough damage in iran with it's past history?

    June 24, 2009 at 6:28 am |