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June 26th, 2009
09:42 AM ET

Fmr. Jackson family attorney alleges drug abuse

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="A former family attorney for the Jackson family claims people around Michael Jackson enabled drug abuse."]

Results from an autopsy on entertainer Michael Jackson are expected Friday, according to the Los Angeles coroner's office. The "King of Pop," who was prepping a comeback tour, died Thursday at age 50.

Brian Oxman, a former attorney for the Jackson family, says Michael Jackson was over-medicated and that he was surrounded by “enablers.” He spoke to T.J. Holmes on CNN’s “American Morning” Friday.

T.J. Holmes: You spoke of these “enablers” who didn't help Jackson and that he was over-medicating and it had a lot to do with these drugs. Your quote was that the Anna Nicole Smith case was nothing compared to what happened with Michael Jackson. Do you know what kind of medication he was on?

Brian Oxman: I have not discussed what medications he's on, because I think that's a matter for Michael's privacy, which should not be discussed. My main point has been that I talked to this family about it. I warned them. I said that Michael is over-medicating and that I did not want to see this kind of a case develop. And in particular, in the Anna Nicole case, I said if that's what's going to happen to Michael, it's all going to break our hearts.

And my worst fears are here. I do not know what the cause of Michael’s death was. I don't know if it’s cardiac arrest. I don't know if it's an infarct. I don’t know if it’s a congenital abnormality. We have to await the coroner's results and the toxicological screening to make sure we know before we can say any kind of allegation to anyone.

Holmes: You say he was over-medicating. He was getting this stuff from somewhere. Was he surrounded by people who were doing everything they had to do in making sure they kept this medication close by when he wanted it?

Oxman: He had over-medication and it was a serious problem. And the exact people who were doing this – I'm not going to point any fingers. All I know is that I had warned that this was a problem and this is my worst fear. It is a nightmare.

Holmes: Was Michael Jackson incapable of making these decisions on his own? Was he incapable of realizing the damage he was doing to himself?

Oxman: Well, I think that anyone who uses medications doesn't really understand what the impact of those medications are to their health or to their body. So Michael was no different than most people, we just do not know what the medications do. He was in pain. He had broken his leg. He had a fractured vertebra. He definitely was in pain and that pain was chronic and he used medications to eliminate that pain. And I don't think anyone who is in that position or condition really knows what the full impact is of those medications.

Holmes: I know you're not naming names or anything, but just curious as to who he was surrounded by in his latter days and months and years in his life. What type of people were around him?

Oxman: I'm going to reserve that until I see the toxicology reports. I do not want to make allegations against any specific person.

Holmes: Oh, no, not making a suggestion about that.

Oxman: I made the warning. I warned against the situation. And that's all I did. I thought it was severe. And my reference to Anna Nicole Smith – I thought it was as severe and exceeded that severity.

Holmes: But was he surrounded by friends and family, business colleagues, just people mooching off him? Who was he surrounded by in his later days?

Oxman: I don’t want to make finger-pointing of any kind with respect to the folks. I want to see what the toxicology reports and the autopsy report have to say before we get into any of that. I only know that I was afraid that this would happen. And lo and behold, here we are… He was my friend and I am going to miss him dearly.

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