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July 8th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 7/8/09

Editor's Note: Wednesday’s American Morning audience voiced frustration at the state of the economy, believing that neither political party had the right answers.  Some blamed the Bush Administration for the poor economy, and others suggested giving money to the people, wondering “how can I stimulate the economy without money.”

  • William:  It seems the two political parties have no answer for the economy.   I think it is time to turn to the third party moderates. I think the typical CNN pitting of the left and the right in a standoff over the issues is no longer worthwhile.   It is time to get away from the extremes of the two party system.
  • Linda:  It took 8 years of Republican rule to put the "finishing" touches in our economy. Yet, the MSM will keep pounding the right wing talking points of "where are the jobs"!! How idiotic do they think we are?? President Obama is expected to "fix" all our massive problems in 6 months. Also, speaking of idiotic, despite Sarah Palin’s demonstration of incoherence and incompetence, she is still being touted as a viable candidate!! Mark Sanford is merely "censured" for dereliction of duty, (in addition to his disastrous press conferences explaining his sexual and spiritual infidelity), when they voted to impeach Bill Clinton for much less. At least Clinton didn't disappear for a week, and call Monica his "soul-mate"!! All this stuff is merely another demonstration of how the media is still being controlled by the Republican party. Hopefully, the next important elections will show that the electorate has finally wised up to this nonsense, and give Obama and our Democratic congress a fair chance to fix the mess these people have gotten us into.  By the way, we notice that "Gonzo" finally got a job. With a little "help from his friends" in Texas.
  • Carl:  I'm sorry, what was the Republican response to the recession they initiated? Was it let the free market correct the problem. Every time they criticize the Obama Administration by mincing words from top officials within the administration they show that they still have no plan to help the American public. Except Chuck Grassle who thinks his health insurance is above the American publics, and if we want the same insurance we should get a government job. You guys need to call these do-nothing, philosophical elitists on there plans for the problems our country faces when they step in front of your microphones and complain instead of offer ideas of their own.

How do you feel about the state of the economy?  Is the stimulus working for you?  What has President Obama and Congress done well regarding the economy?  What would you like to see them do differently?

Some shared their thoughts on the Michael Jackson memorial and were touched by his daughter’s comment at the service.

  • Jaime:  It's impossible to articulate the profound impact that Michael Jackson had on not only the world as a whole, but it's people as individuals. The joy he brought and the unity he inspired through his incredible music, his selfless generosity, his kind heart, his brilliant mind and his gentle soul were his gifts to us. And for  those of us who's lives he touched, he will always be loved, cherished, appreciated, respected, remembered and revered. My heart, like the heats of so many, aches with the loss and smiles with the love of Michael Jackson
  • Dawnita:  His daughter brought us all to reality of who the man was from her eyes and that is all that really  matters- what your children say about you.

If you viewed the memorial yesterday, how did you do so – on TV or online?  What were your thoughts on the coverage? Share your feelings about what Michael Jackson meant to you.

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was suggested to be the “new face of the GOP,” as he would “fit right in.”  Others remarked that the “most Italians don't subscribe to Americans' puritanical morality nor do they think it appropriate or necessary to apply such to their politicians.”

  • Al:  I suggest the Italian PM should be the new face of the GOP. He fits right in!!
  • Stephen:  I watched in amusement your "shocked, shocked I say" feature on Berlusconi and his encounter with a prostitute.  It may come as a shock to you that most Italians don't subscribe to Americans' puritanical morality nor do they think it appropriate or necessary to apply such to their politicians.

How do you feel about politicians who stray from ‘”family values”?  Is the United States too “puritanical” in its morality?  Do we hold our politicians to a higher standard than other countries?  Does a politician’s personal life matter to his or her governing?

With so many U.S. jobs going to India, most were unsympathetic to India’s concerns that Wal-Mart would hurt  the country.

  • Troy:  Indians complaining because an American company is hurting them?  How laughable.  And how ridiculous you were able to keep a straight face during that report

How do you feel about the idea that India is concerned Wal-Mart will hurt their country?  Should India receive sympathy?  Do you believe that Wal-Mart’s low prices will allow India’s residents to enjoy a better level of consumption?

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  1. ispeak

    I am confused... Why does CNN state that it will be the first time President Obama will be visiting Africa for the first time when you covered him on his first visit to Africa when he came to Egypt.

    Is Egypt not in Africa? I still think it is ... Ghana is located in Western Africa ... Yes its one of the Countries that make up the Continent of Africa like Egypt ...

    Get it right ... Alot of folks watch your Network ... You only promote more ignorance and CNN should be on top of its game as it usually is ..

    You don't make the same mistake when covering events in Europe ..

    Perhaps you need to re-educate your Producers...

    Get with the Program.


    July 10, 2009 at 8:00 am |
  2. Floyd

    We the people have to control the actions of our politicians. As long as a large part of the people condon the actions of the present republican party they will continue their present do nothing actions. At least the Obama's administration is trying to do something to save this country. But when you have people pulling in negative directions only to beef up their party platform, this slows down any positive agenda. I see the republican party as a group of do nothing people who prosper on the hard work of good citizens. They remind me of the slave owners who sat around and forced the slaves to do all the work and then rack in the money and wealth. Then they complain to the public about the laziness of the slaves.....give me a break.

    The republican party has run its course and its continued present actions will be its eventual demise. They have to change their platform to show they are a party for all people for them to survive.

    July 10, 2009 at 7:08 am |
  3. Amanda

    How can people expect for the economy to be stabilized within a few months? Mr. Obama is doing his endeavor best. But like they say you can’t please everyone and it’s obvious some people just don’t have the patience. He has 8 years worth of damage that he is trying to repair. Give the man a break the republicans screwed our system up plain and simple. Now give it time for everything to bounce back. There are jobs out there people just are to picky and refuse to work for minimum wage until better comes along. You do what you can to put food on your table. Mr. Obama is doing a GREAT job for someone who hasn’t been in office for so long.

    July 9, 2009 at 3:49 pm |
  4. Diane

    Can we quit talking about poor MJ long enough to hear what the first lady and the girls are doing in Europe. I think I heard they went with the Prez.

    July 9, 2009 at 9:28 am |
  5. M

    CORRECTION on the Turkish oil wrestling piece.

    "Yagli gures means literally oiled wrestling. The wrestlers wear tight short leather trousers called "Kispet", made of water buffalo leather weighing approximately 13 kilograms, and they cover themselves with olive oil"

    July 9, 2009 at 8:45 am |
  6. caryn

    where getting led down to the one world government want truth need to read the holy bible asap for god is slow to anger and after 200 years man still hasn't learned how to have a better world. satan works thru the mind for distruction, that is why the love of money is evil not money itself,drugs lead you to satans world,alchol leads you to satans world perversion in anyway and immorality is satans lies the only way to know truth is to read the holy bible king james version the one and only true bible. to be saved only need to believe that god sent his only begotton son jesus to die on the cross and shed his blood so we can be saved he was beaten and nailed to the cross and he never did anything wrong this is what you call love and not one of us deserve this but god loved us enough so we had a chance for eternity in heaven no lies,no deception,no wars,never age, never die, free housing free food,free water,animals in heaven god has a greater plan for all that are coming to repentance ask for forgiveness and accept god's free gift of salvation. the rapture of the church is coming soon be ready or be left behind for far worse is coming to unbelievers.

    July 9, 2009 at 8:03 am |
  7. Heather

    Your report this morning on states receiving stimulus funding and their voting histories is based on a simply deceptive hit piece in USA Today.

    As for general government assistance, the states that receive the most government money PER TAX DOLLAR PAID in are overwhelmingly Republican. Yes, larger states that pay more taxes do receive more money in total - they pay in more money in total! Look at the money flowing from the federal government vs the money it receives from the states, here (can you say red state socialism?): In addition, you said that states which went for Obama receive more stimulus on average than states that voted for McCain, but you are not mentioning that governors Sarah Palin (R-AK), Mark Sanford (R-SC), Rick Perry (R-TX), Mississippi's Haley Barbour and Louisiana's Bobby Jindal all announced they would reject some of the federal stimulus funds allocated to their states, I repeat, they REFUSED some of the stimulus money. So that's going to lower the average, isn't it. Please be more explicit when you give inflammatory stats like that, at least contact an economist or two to research such claims.

    July 9, 2009 at 7:24 am |
  8. Dave M

    Absolutely, when WalMart moves in to India with it's low prices; the Indians will demand even lower prices and Walmart will then start buying from countries with even lower wages than China.
    Does that sound familiar... it should. It happened here... What ever happened to Wal Marts " BUY in the USA" policy from a few years ago. The politicians were so afraid of inflation that they let WalMart and others slowly outsource our jobs in order to keep prices down but at the same time their profits skyrocketed. Our wages went down because we we're in higher income manufacturing jobs anymore, they sourced even lower cost products from China and we lost even more jobs. It is a vicious circle. Wal Mart is NOT a company that is TOO BIG TO FAIL it is a company that is TOO BIG TO EXIST. Come on Osama Bin Laden doesn't have to destroy America, we are doing it ourselves, all OBL has to do is wait .

    July 9, 2009 at 7:15 am |
  9. Milton Smith

    Congress has a weak ass philosophy. Fools take a path without checking first right and any enlightenment really does seem like a mountain that 90% of people will never climb. If a model used an abusive philosophy they would be ugly and weak, if family's used an abusive philosophy the only people who would smile is the opponent. Congress has a weak philosophy they may never see the light and that's why problems arise. The unwise choices used to balance an economy looks like a soldier abusing his weapons and expecting them operate properly. The opponent smiles when unwise choices are taken. It is not wise CNN calls congress efforts unwise because it is and unwise choices makes the opponent smile and congress looks like a communist an enemy a two faced incognito double agent devil. Weak! Obama isn't a leader he's a fool.

    July 9, 2009 at 7:10 am |
  10. Dave M

    Simple fact of the matter is... there no answer that everyone will or should agree to. If John McCain had won the election, the Dem's would be complaining about everything he did no matter what it was. We as the public have to realize that we are in this by OURSELVES! The politicians say they want to help but they can't because they are all owned by the exact same companies that they are trying to regulate. The USA has more enemies than it can handle right now , there is a boogey man behind every door that Obama opens and we are terrified. We have defended ourselves into bankrupcy, we have fought wars that were not needed, we subsidize firms that ship jobs overseas, we buy oil from many countries that hate us but by gosh we've got the best health care system in the world...Unless you are sick and need help or unemployed. Obama is our last best hope, lets at least give him a chance before we all pile on and destroy him also.

    July 9, 2009 at 7:02 am |
  11. Michael Posey

    I'm hearing you talk about Michael Jackson's drug problem, and a possible "intervention"? First off, I am a recovering drug addict. I used heroin regularly from 1966 to 1985. I did much prison time, used in prison even. I got clean in 1985, while in Prison in Mexico, on a drug-related gun crime. I have never used heroin again, EVER. I just celebrated my 24th year "clean and sober" May 5, (Cinco De Mayo) of this year. I have not drank alcohol in that time either.

    Intervention is the new "buzz". It doesn't work, at least not for many. You have to WANT and NEED to quit using or drinking, deep inside yourself. An alcoholic or addict only needs to honestly answer 2 questions: When I use, or drink can I GUARANTEE I can stop anytime I want to. 2. If a loved one asks me to stop using or drinking WILL i? If you can answer NO to both questions, honestly, you are probably an addict or an alcoholic. Few stop for long after interventions. Fewer still recover for long in "rehab", what we call "spin dry" facilities. The rate of success of either approach is nearly negligible, as far as LONG TERM sobriety goes. I was nearly 40 before I quit using drugs and drinking. I had to spend 18 years of "hard" time, commit too many felonies to count, be convicted of 7 of them, before it became clear to me that I needed to quit my behaviors. I did both, in prison in Mexico. Being in that "third world" prison showed me clearly that my continuing as an active hype (IV drug user) was NOT in my best interest. I quit on Cinco De Mayo, the biggest holiday in Mexico, in prison outside Tiajuana. I got out on January 5, 1986, went to my first meeting of the 12-step program Narcotics Anonymous, in San Diego, and have NEVER used or drank EVER again. I am not an uncommom success. Many people in NA have as much "clean" time as me, and in Alcoholics Anonymous, my time is about average, at most meetings I go to. I have gone to over 10,000 meetings of NA, and 15,000 AA meetings in the last nearly quarter century. This approach has worked for me, and thousands of others. I never went to a "spin dry", was never intervened. I simply NEEDED to quit, and WANTED to quit, and could answer those two questions with a resounding "NO". Michael Jackson was using drugs without a doubt. He was "doctor shopping" much like Rush Limbaugh did. "Stars" have the luxury of affording any doctor, having their own "personal physicians", guys like me can't do that. I've taken various pain-killing opiate drugs over the years of my clean time, under close monitoring by doctors specializing in treating people with addiction problems. I still go to those doctors to this day. My primary care doctor carefully monitors my medications, I have diabetes, kidney disease, a colostomy, and a bad heart, all caused by my abuse of drugs in my younger days. I'm nearly 63 now. A real, "survivor", and commonly called "old school" at NA meetings I got to. I've been "clean" longer then many NA members these days have been ALIVE. This is a stark commentary on our society. I see kids as young as 14 at NA meetings, and as young as 16 at AA meetings these days. I see housewives, physicians, judges, police officers, firemen and women, tow truck drivers, and about anyone else at meetings. This thing, addiction, goes throughout the whole gamut of our society. I see it everyday. I went to a meeting for years with a Superior Court Judge, who was a recovering alcoholic, sitting on the bench. He died of old age some time ago. I go to NA with any number of addicted nurses, and doctors. This is a HUGE problem. Prescription "pillheads" have a program, Pills Anonymous. They meet in this town a few times a week, for people who are addicted to prescription pills, like Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin. I've sat in a couple of their meetings. There is where you see the whole range of society. It's incredible. Very little is really known about the dynamics of addiction, I certainly don't know many of them. But I found a way to ARREST the disease, and have recovered for a long time. Too bad Michael Jackson never found it. He'd probably be alive right now, as opposed to taking a "dirt nap" at age 50. What an unnecessary loss this was....Mike Posey, Lakeside California

    July 9, 2009 at 6:47 am |
  12. Dennis

    Michael Jackson funeral? Really? The Free Press is dead. No major news network was the venue for this story–other than the reporting of the pop stars' demise. All three major networks covered this story ad nauseum because they wanted the ratings/market share. With broadcast news and internet slowly erroding newspapers into oblivion, this is what we have to look forward to? I might change over to Fox News because the commentators are way hotter–I mean, if you are all (networks) going to throw in with ratings over substance, I may as well have someone decent to look at.

    July 8, 2009 at 5:02 pm |
  13. crobj

    The next stimulus should go directly to the people not to any industry. The banks got a lot of money from us and they don't plan on lending it out any time soon. I will spend the money and stimulate the economy and hopefully help create jobs.

    July 8, 2009 at 4:16 pm |