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July 10th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 7/10/09

Editor's Note: As the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People prepares to celebrate its Centennial in New York, the city of its birth, I’m confident that we as a nation have turned an important corner on the long road toward racial and economic equality for all Americans. Now, insistent questions have arisen about the relevancy of our mission: Haven’t we entered a “post-racial” era in America, with the election of President Obama?

  • Nigel: I think that when the president comes back from his trip he should go for a swim and you know where he should go, WHAT A STATEMENT THAT WOULD MAKE! MAKE IT HAPPEN GUYS
  • Warren: I understand the outcry over the situation with the black kids trying to go to the swim club in Pennsylvania and think that it’s wrong. But, if the black community, NAACP and others truly want to help the overall situation then they should stop stoking the division by allowing things such as Indiana’s “Black Expo” to continue! Is it any wonder that whites don’t want to listen to the black outcry about discrimination when the black community turns right around and holds such a racist festival? Fair is fair. We’re all supposed to be Americans here, not white Americans or African Americans, just Americans!
  • Michael : Discrimination started declining along time before president Obama took office but people need to realize that different races have different ways of expressing themselves this can be seen in church choirs for instance put a white church choir in a black church and a black choir in a white church the surroundings would be discontent the joining of two different races in social events is a total different environment then a work place because the agenda is coordinated with mutual feelings my point is that its going to take time to join two totally different souls .

House Minority Leader John Boehner is a fierce critic of the stimulus.  He recently posted a web video featuring a bloodhound named “Ellie Mae” on the hunt for stimulus jobs.  The video asks, “Where are the jobs?” As it turns out, he should have released the hounds on his own home turf.  We visited Boehner’s Ohio district where we found the Butler County Sheriff got almost a million dollars in stimulus dollars. He’s using the money to hold on to correctional officers he had planned to layoff.  If he had lain off those officers, the Sheriff says, he would have been forced to release inmates. It’s his department’s policy to have to maintain a safe ratio of officers to prisoners.

  • Larry: Boehner has been bending over backwards lately to get his mug in the paper. He’s such a critic of the current administration and as typical has no solutions of his own to get the economy going. If the Republicans cared about their constituents over the past 8 years the economy wouldn’t be in this condition. Can you see where the stimulus is working yet idiot? Right in your own districts. I’m from Ohio. Pack your bags Boehner. You’re outta here!
  • Carolyn: That’s just great! 1 million $ spent out of 787 billion$ I just love it! Mean while just that many people lost their jobs. The dogs do bark Joe! And by the way those were not new JOBS. So far the only ones to get stimulus dollars are a few Execs from AIG. About 30-40 got 165-185 million$. Oh yeah and AIG is asking to payout more millions today. The rich get richer that’s the dog that bark Joe. You cannot tell the people that they don’t see what they see Mr. Biden! I don’t know one single person that the stimulus has helped. I don’t see any evidence around me in my state or city Bridgeport, Ct of any stimulus. I see signs in front of homes bank owned. I see more people at home because they are not working. I see hunger. No food in the food banks. People picking up bottles and cans for a nickel deposit! I see commercials from Jim Himes bragging about enrolling 23,000 children in Medicaid. What about the unemployed uninsured? If you get unemployment you can’t get Medicaid and you can’t afford cobra! Can’t get food stamps! Can’t pay rent or mortgage on $350 a week! The dog does bark! As a matter of fact it’s howling! Where is the STIMULUS?

A Philadelphia-area day care center said Thursday that members of a private swim club made racist comments about the center’s children, and the club then canceled their swimming privileges. The Creative Steps Day Care children — ages kindergarten through seventh grade — went to the Valley Swim Club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, on June 29. The day center’s director, Alethea Wright, had contracted to use the club once a week. During their first visit, some children said they heard club members asking why African-American children were there. One of the boys told the Philadelphia Inquirer that a woman at the club said she feared the children “might do something” to her child.

  • Amanda: You would think people would look at each other equally. We all have the same blood just different features and color. When will this world be a better place? The Lord needs to come back and claim what is HIS. There are too many ignorant people in this world. The children are innocent they should be able to swim in the facility but they decided to come up with some crap story about not enough space PLEASE YOUR NOT FOOLING ANYONE.
  • Tricia: I was appalled at what happened to those kids from the Creative Steps Day Care. It breaks my heart that instead of swimming in the open air they are now stuck swimming in an indoor pool. It was incomprehensible for me that they were exposed to such racism in this day and age. This must not stop here. Something should be done about that swim club.
  • Bev: I hope these adults have an opportunity to reflect on their small actions and the affect on these children. Where was the concern, for the complexion of the pool when the green check was accepted? Simply disgusting!!!!

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  1. Bernice

    Wioth what was voted into office at this time, S. Palin has ALOT of peoples votes coming! All she has to do is ASK us to stand with her and MANY AMERICANS WILL! When they asked for change, they did not expect to be LIED TO in such a non-stop repeated manner! She has much more sence than this whole administration does and has the love for her country! She is thinking of the people, and how to save our constitution rights! (not to mention ...our pocketbooks)!!!

    July 20, 2009 at 2:56 pm |
  2. Joseph Beran

    Nixon in 1974 ,Johnson in 1968,John Edwards in 2008, Sarah Palin in 2009.
    Politicians have always proven they are corrupt, afraid or stupid and lust for power, sex, or money, so this latest Sarah Palin fiasco does not surprise anyone, but the set of circumstances surrounding this hastily called news conference, her resignation, and her disterious carreer up to this point, so she can project herself as some goody goody, polictician, is a joke, much the way they portoryed her on Saturday Night live.
    It is about the money. She is a self serving, autocratic, centralized, politician and John Mc Cain showed he has decision making deficiencies when he decieded to make her his Vice President. and insured the democratic victory.
    Good Luck to Sarah Palin. No hard feelings you are just not worth the time and energy to concern ourselves with you. Go make your money, your book deal, or your reality show. You are a quitter and you refused to handle the job the people elected you to, but you still manage to feel justified in your own mind.
    This lady lacks intelligence, leadership skills, geography skills, and good common sence to the people who elected her and she now deciedes that she is ready to be a force in the world. Sarah do not make a mockery out of our system of government.. Oh hell yea, Sarah wants to be a quitter. She said so herself..
    My old Italian grandmother said "If you can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen". Palin is now unelectable.She can not take the heat.

    July 14, 2009 at 4:23 am |
  3. Bill New York

    Is Jeff Sessions really stupid or just dumb?
    He said that he did not what to vote for Sonia Sotomayor because of her ideas, but want someone who believes in HIS ideas and follows his ideals, Which I personally find to be stupid and offensive. Everyone has ideas the trick is to NOT impose them on everyone else, I Feel from all I have seen and read and heard that Sotomayor will make a fine and just Supreme court judge.
    How does a guy with such prejudicial ideas get elected. but then again his is only a republican trying to impose his will on the rest of the country. I am glad that the rest of the senators are around to keep him in check.

    Bill Upstate New York

    July 13, 2009 at 10:47 am |
  4. Ronald Scurry

    Question: Is there anyone in this great country that both political parties could agree would make a good Supreme Court Justice. I think not and I do believe that best qualified jurist will probably not allow themselves to be considered for appointment to the Court because of the petty politics involved in the confirmation process. Senator Sessions of Alabama, who himself was rejected by the very committee he is now the Ranking Member, is the last person I believe should question anyone regarding matters of race.

    July 13, 2009 at 8:50 am |
  5. Sarah Campbell

    John, Glad you are back. Great shirt and tie. Did you pass muster out west? If so is "Get me to the church on time " going through mind.
    I am a so so supporter of sotomajor.

    If I was the CIA Iwouldn' tell congress any thing. They can 't keep their mouths shut. I am not even so sure some of congress's loyality. A lot of congress is to conerned for their own wll fare and pocketbook.Sarah

    July 13, 2009 at 7:45 am |
  6. Bernice

    Racist whites?? Now that is utterly funny there Michael! I have really not seen very much racism until Obama took office! THEN, with all of the racist remarks that WE had to put up with from the blacks, I can see why racism is on the rise! Slavery took place hundreds of years ago, but all the blacks do is whine about it! It is NOT OUR FAULT! We were not even born as of yet!! The thruth is ...the Europeans started the slave trade for Columbus many years ago! The slave trade brought the Queen more money, so Columbus stole and transported slaves! He also beat them and starved them, but you were not taught the truth in schools! Instead, we celebrate Columbus day! I am not racist, I do not recognize it at all as a holiday. Columbus was given WAY TOO MUCH credit for doing good things, that he really never did! Histroy has been change in the books to make the murderer look good! He and the queen is who the blacks should be blaming! America never took one black man from his country, kinapp him, nor did we bring him across the ocean for sale! The EUROPEANS DID! SO.... give it a rest! I think it is the other way around Michael! The blacks keep blaming the white man for what happened to them many years ago! Blame the right people here! It was America that finally gave you your freedom! Look how far you have come?? You now have a president in office! What is there to keep complaining about??

    July 13, 2009 at 7:32 am |
  7. Ron Sherin

    The US should not give up any bargining chips to free the Lings. They knew, or at least should have know) the danagers associated with their actions... They attempted to make a big splash in the news world about human rights in North Korea and wanted to be come famous... They violated Northern Korea law & regulations were tried and convicted under the laws and customs of that contry.. The US should focus on more important topics associated with North Korea. Let organizations such as the church, deal with the Lings situation.


    July 11, 2009 at 2:59 pm |
  8. Mitchel

    Hello friends and family,

    Here's a comical thought. When you see how irresponsible and careless in his thinking and his life choices ( We all know how men can be domineering in the "moment" of having sex without a condom or any kind of birth control. ) that Levi has been in his lack of marrying Bristol, supporting her and their baby, and embracing their baby, and being a real dad, then you have to think that the Palin family should re-think their opposition to the idea of abortion. Loll. He back-stabbed the Palin's in a great way. He made Bristol's baby by his thinking with the wrong "head". Loll. Would you REALLY want half, or maybe more of such stupid genes, continuing to promote stupidity ? Levi makes abortion seem like a good idea. Just a comical thought. Loll.

    July 11, 2009 at 6:56 am |
  9. Michael

    Whites are very good at defending their actions of racist ways. They will do racism and have the perfect explanation of why they are not racist. But action speaks louder that words. It is really funny of how many racist whites voted for the 44th president of our country but still practice, preach, teach and provide separatism among races. There should be a law against racism. Unfortunately, there are not enough prison's that will hold the 90% of racist white's and corporations living in America.

    July 10, 2009 at 10:31 pm |
  10. marcia

    Who cares?
    The guy was a bonehead!
    good ridance!

    July 10, 2009 at 8:43 pm |
  11. N/A

    URGENT, Please Read!

    FBI – Needs to have an investigation
    on all the Cubans Citizens that created
    the HEALTH CARE (Medicaid) FRAUD SYSTEM here in USA.

    Cubans stole 21 Millions of Dollars this year
    on Health Care Fraud.

    FBI needs to check on this issue ASAP – Because if USA do not fix this issue, our grand Parents will not have access to the services they will need in the future!

    When Cubans come to USA, they automatically become USA CITIZENS, why?

    Why don't USA give the citizenship to all the other countries that come here to try to work hard and live normally?

    Why is USA giving Citizenship to all the Cubans that are the one creating a Fraud to mess up the American system?

    Unfair ah?...

    Please feel free to leave comments about this issue.

    July 10, 2009 at 4:35 pm |
  12. Dennis

    On the Boehner thing–Ohio–I blame you all. As far as the racism in Philadelphia thing–only enough details were reported to make it look like a patently discriminatory case because that's sensational, trendy, and always raises eyebrows. Had the reporter done a complete investigation and reported the facts from all sides, it may have been more convincing. Although crying children on camera seems to be the only evidence we need these days, the courts are required to ask for more proof of allegations so disparaging. On the other hand, Sotomeier will probably side with the complainant–no proof necessary.

    July 10, 2009 at 4:29 pm |