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July 23rd, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 7/23/2009

The morning after President Obama’s speech about his health care reform plan, Thursday’s American Morning audience enthusiastically responded with mixed reviews. Many had additional questions about the plan and believed his explanation was too vague, while those who strongly supported reform offered alternate options.

For the plan

  • Suzeq: I am 100% behind health care reform. I would prefer a single-payer system; however, I understand (but do not accept) that insurance companies and pharmaceuticals will not allow that to happen. I would like someone to explain to me how people with 100% fully paid coverage (Congress) can debate whether or not we need health insurance reform. I would also like to understand how Congress people can be bought off so easily by insurance and pharmaceuticals. Are they that insulated and desperate to be re-elected that they give up their souls?
  • Sandy: The ones who are against the Pres.; what are they doing about health care. They are just criticizing him. At least he is trying to do something. I was denied ins. and I was doing a $8000. Deductible. I have to wait another 4 yrs. to go on Medicare and then it may not be there. My husband has be laid of work and can't get a job. He' 61 and they won't hire him. He is a veteran and gets his care through them, But I' m screwed. I need help now before I have to go to the hospital and then lose every thing we work so hard for.
  • Susan: I wish people would quit playing politics. Obama is no fool. I go along with Obama health care plan. Most of these people are playing politics with other people's lives. I don't appreciate it. People keep lying about Obama's health care plan. We can spend millions and millions of dollars on other things, but when it comes to human beings we don't want to spend money on health care. I trust Obama. Most people don't read or even listen to what Obama is saying. it's pitiful. There shouldn't be anyone wanting to put this off. We need it done, NOW. Obama is right we have to have a dead line to get this done or it won't get done. People are suffering and no one cares but Obama. Obama really cares about people. You can tell this. Let Obama do his job and get things done.

Against the plan

  • Stephanie: Obama is being dishonest with the American are we going to keep our private insurance plans, when they will be driven out of business by the government plan...I have officially joined the ranks of Americans who regret voting for Obama...he is a such a disappointment to us all.
  • Joe: Why can't Obama wait on a vote to implementing his government health care till all Democrat Congressman have a chance to read the whole Bill in Congress? Are the American People being served when Congress isn't allowed to represent the People?

What do you think of President Obama’s heath care plan? How do you think reform will affect your life? What alternative options would you prefer? What questions do you have about the plan that you want answered before any reform takes place?

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  1. Tom

    If the Congress is able to develop a Health Care Reform Plan they believe to represent the best solution conceivable, then they must be the first to adopt it personally! It is becoming increasingly apparent, that they presume themselves to be governed by a different set of standards than those they would impose on their constituents!

    It seems we have digressed to medieval times with members of Congress presuming themselves to be Nobles, while those they were elected to serve are relegated to the status of Serfs! Please don’t expect citizens swallow a plan they are unwilling to accept themselves!

    Additionally, we must address health care costs associated with illegal aliens. If we continue to provide care, we will continue to find aliens rushing to drink from the well!!

    August 3, 2009 at 9:29 am |
  2. JANE

    Well government "take over" is not the incentive of the Obama's health care system, it is mostly regulation of insurance companies, that only want you as long as they can sponge money from you, and equalization of care, and affordable care. The system has shown itself that the AMA is a shroud of deciet and cover-up. Bad to worse doctors keep right on practicing. More than 60% of the banks problems in trouble is due health care. Cost us big bucks in order to bail them out. I have watched for over 40 years, where people pay into some policy, then, get sick and, lose their job and get "DUMPED". And, by the time they qualify for State Health care or Medicare, they are dead.
    And, please? The Masons predicted this? What has this to do with these psychic Ring knockers that infiltrate the court systems into preferential treatment, and bias control of big business?
    This senator, that just is filled with shock and awe of over 1,300 pages, that he must not be able to read or refuses to read, like the MY PET GOAT IDIOT THAT AS THE TOWERS FELL, HE CONTINUED TO READ TO CHILDREN, his excuse, that he stated that he reads nothing. No wonder 8 years of tragedy ensued. This senator who is so full of corruption, just should get someone to read and another to expleain. They should put the bill online and let the public go over each and every detail.
    The perfect health bill, would be to eliminate all insurance companies from the bill. I would love to be the black magic marker CZAR that blackened out anything having to do with insurance companies. Affordable health care has to go hand in hand with higher education. This country costs way too much for education. My son with 190 IQ had to go to another countrry in order to complete 10 years of study. He enjoys now not only free educations for he and his wife, but free medical, free dental, free eye exam, free foot care. Twice he had surgery that was excellent care and saved his life. Taxes are high, but, the educated society, they require everyone to be educated, they pay high school students to stay in school. But, they get what they pay for. They are not effected by any depression as here in the states. It works for them. I want health care here, just like they have for my family and friends here, I can only dream that the insurance creeps are put into oblivian. No insurance company is ever on your side. Such propagada.

    July 30, 2009 at 9:22 am |
  3. Bernice

    Eliz...Blue Dogs need to get a grip?Think here! They are the democrats and even THEY have serious problems with this bill. Maybe you should take your time, and you, along with myself and my MSANY BLACK FRIENDS, READ IT! Study it and you may just find out that YOU, WE the people, WILL also lose our insurance as we see it, AND our sooooo many ways! I am just a person who loves my country, and besides, I have thought you to be a serious WINGNUT for a VERY long time now, but was going to be respectful and not say anything. Maybe you should just take some time and become a tad educated on the things that you talk of.

    I, btw, am a full supporter and have attended MANY times ...the southern Babtist church. The most loving group of people on the planet, So, spare me on the racism CRAP! Everyone here knows better that that garbage, and they knew better in Cambrige. It is really not racism that we have.

    and, Jane. No. Maybe you should go back in history a ways....back to when the masons tried to tell us ALL...this was coming. It is already here, but as they thought, the Americans would just be to preoccupied to even be able to see it coming. Boy, aren't we just so grateful to have voters who don't see the whole picture. I know what you speak of, but it is much deeper than that dear. 1.5 Trillion at cost. You think you will get much better care? LOL You must not be very good at math, is all I can say. I also do not like what was SNUCK into this bill, regarding preferences and races, not to mention, the Mentally retarded? How irresponsible! The Republicans are just being wise... Read it first!! The prolem is ....they are! That is exactly WHY ...they DO NOT HAVE THIER SUPPORT! They are there for our best interest! Both sides should be there at the table so the other side could show them the REAL PROBLEMS that need fixed! Do you just wish to lose your freedom?? That must be it!

    But, once again, I am not racist. I have friends and associates of all races and colors....even sizes (which they are just about to be discriminated against). Instead of just seeing things from your one single vision glasses in life...thy bi focals...or even start looking at this in 3D. That is really how it is.. It is coming at the American People just WAY TOOOO FAST! Not a good bill for this country! I know we need reform, BUT NOT A GOVT TAKEOVER! Get real, you are supposed to be an American here! It really should NOT matter whether you are BLACK< WHITE< TAN<YELLOW, but the worse yet ...RED! None the less, it should NOT MATTER! If this bill passes, IT WILL MATTER!!!! Why should it matter what color that you are?? YOU ARE AMERICAN!! And, if it makes us RACIST, just because we want JUST to be be it then. But, what does that really make you? Interesting thought..

    July 29, 2009 at 9:19 am |
  4. JANE


    But, ole Congress that only works 90 days a year, and has superb health care could care less. We need term limits, no old foggies on either the Supreme Court or State Reprosenatives, and Congress. Experience? YOU say? They need people who can make decisions. and, that are not influenced by drug companies and, these dang lobbiests.
    I am so tired of hearing how much money was spent on a war in a country that had no threat against us. I am so tired of seeing or hearing of the creep Cheney and Bush on how their family values and discord led us to the towers falling, mind you in 30 minutes.
    I am tired of earmarks, to include soccer stadiums, wood arrows, bridges to nowhere, tequila from Mexico, stupid stuff, that is totally absurd.
    First, these drug companies, we should put a ban on all advertiesements that in 1998 the cost was over 800 BBBillion dollars. I have not looked at current expenses. People are taking way too many drugs. Over-drugged citizens, that begin craving more drugs absolutely scares the hoodies out of me. These people so drugged need more drugs from the drugs they are taking. I listen to some of these side effects. DANG. No wonder people are sick.
    Then when you go into hospital, nothing for these hospitals to charge 18.00 for an aspirin. Last child, I had back in 1980, this hospital charge me 24.00 for kotex. I brougtht my own, and they still charged me. It's a wonder why they have not devised a drive thru baby delivery.
    Another moment, I see is this therapy crap. My mother on medicare, went to nursing home, I got her out, barely. The doctor fought me tooth and nail. When I found out the doctor was part of the nursing home owners, I was ticked, when I found out why he did not want me to take her home. One night, (my mother was paying over $6,000 for what they called critical care), it took me an hour and a half to find her. For over 250 patients, there was only one nurse at the door that I could find. Mother was eating candy in some other person's room, she being diabetic and having alzhiemers, was ravaging through the whole box. When I finallly got her home. Then, they sent out some therapist, that for 1/2 hour she wrote crap, next half hour she told my mother to stand up and sit down 10 times, walk to the refigerator 10 times. Upon these useless 6 visits of nonsense. I recieved a copy of the bill of $16,000 paid for by medicare for 6 hours of nonsense. Mother became violent, but, the doctor would not prescribe any drugs to calm her, He used the reason that too bad I could not handle her, I should have left her in the nursing home. I took care of her for over a year.. She was pounding on the windows and going a bit crazy, when she did return to a nursing home. 5 times I was called to the emergency room where they had given her insulin without checking her blood, because they had so many that they never knew she was not eating. The sixth time she went into a coma, and later died. She had insurance, but even meds were charged exhorbitantly even through her insurance covered meds under her health plan, but, they charged this to the bill. They killed my mother.
    I knew one person who made $5.60 an hour to take care of 20 people at a nursing home, when the other person did not show up, she was in charge of 40 people. All owned by these materialististic doctors, who now own all the nursing homes here. I had to give this gril credit, I doulbt if I could give 40 people water, let alone dress feed and change them.
    We need reform. This is deploratble. I complained, all I got was deaf ears. For 40 years in business, all I have seen is people die due the terrible health care system, some had insurance, and others did not, they died due ill care. I got stories that would curl your toes. I wrote on behalf of other people and these Congress and Senators are all zoned out. They have to plug the holes in all health care.

    July 27, 2009 at 12:35 pm |
  5. Jack

    When I hear pundits, including those from CNN, and politicians discuss health care I am reminded of George Bush's famous phrase as quoted by CNN: "You are either with us or against us". Mr. Bush was wrong then, and the pundits and politicians are wrong now. The phrase missed the point about the war in Iraq, and it misses the point when referencing health care.

    This is not an either/or question. Opinions on the ills of the health care system abound. There are endless possible solutions and as many things that can go wrong. There are questions about who should be covered and who should pay for the coverage. All these and more are legitimate concerns, and we as a nation have not discussed any of them. Moreover, Congress has not discussed the issues as a body. Surely, there have been committees and meetings, but everyone is talking "at" everyone else and no one is talking "with" anyone.

    Our leaders in Congress should take the entire August recess to hold meetings in their respective districts. Ask your constituents what they need from health care reform. Learn about their fears and concerns. Talk to the leaders in your community, including business and medical professionals, and determine what could work and would work. Only then can you have any hope of passing serious health care reform.

    The only assistance President Obama has offered is his advice that we should "trust" him and that we should get it done "NOW". If President Obama really has faith in his health care reform, he should explain all of it thoroughly, including why it costs so much to save so little, and how he is going to pay for it.

    Many of us are not opposed to health care reform. In fact, if there is any consensus on the subject, it is that that the current system is out of control and needs to be fixed. Even mostRepublican leaders have said so. Still, we are opposed to having an issue of this magnitude driven down our throats without a thorough national debate on the subject. We did not get into this mess overnight and we will not successfully get out of it at the stroke of a pen. We need to approach health care reform in a paced and deliberate manner. We trusted one President and we got the war in Iraq. To quote that president, "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

    Mr. Obama, we will not be fooled again.

    July 25, 2009 at 3:49 pm |
  6. Bernice

    Hey guys and dolls ...I wanted to share something with you! I jjust heard this on the news and thought that this room should share this with EVERYONE!!!

    The only reason that you all even have a clue what is really going on with the extreme amounts of deception going on in the Whitehouse currently, is NOT because of the news and thier honest reporting!! CNN and Fox is trying to share the truths with you, but the rest are desperately trying to devert your attention to "happy thoughts", and leave you truely uninformed! The actual reason that all of you know now that you are being decieved is due to the BLOGS! Keep up the good work! Keep this information coming so ALL...WE THE PEOPLE, can find the REAL TRUTH about what this administration is up to! We need reform, but NOT govt. reform! DO NOT allow them to do this or you may have to watch while your loved ones die, because this administration will decide if they are worth the money to save! After all that they did to put thier hard earned $$$ into this program for years!
    Besides....Let us, the Americans, have the GREAT medical coverage that Congress gets, and let them have this medical program! After all, WE ARE THE ONES PAYING FOR IT!! We pay for it and they get the good care?? No way! SAY NO! Worst medical plan in the world! Worst thing that could even happen against the American People! Please stay educated!! Get the word out so every American knows the truth, and NOT the lies that we are being told!!! Don't give them ANYTHING! We are being financially ruined as a country! Think about our kids, loved ones and our families! All they do is think of how we can pay for thiers, so...... THINK! Stop them before it is much too late!!

    I only hope that something can be done about it IF....this administration decides to pull yet one more SHADY move and try to pass this bill thru while everyone is on recess in August! I do not trust this admin. one ounce! When you lie to the American People sooooo many times, then I lost all of my trust and faith in you to lead honorably!

    July 25, 2009 at 3:28 pm |
  7. Terrie

    As I sit here and read these stories I am troubled deeply at the way things are being handled from the Government to the News reports and all across America. First our leaders were rushed into a stimulus that instead of adding jobs seems to have caused a greater loss. And yes I know that the stimulus isnt suppose to start working until the end of this year, however howmany people can wait that long now that there jobs are gone? Indeed, pollution and alternative energy needs to be addressed but have things in place before you put a cap and trade on companies and raise energy costs to Americans whom are already suffering greatly. Next this country has waited so long for health care reform what would a few more months be so that this 1100 page bill can be read completely by ALL. After all I do not want to be paying for abortions just because someone decides that they change their mind and dont want a child. American people it is time that we come together and stop fighting amongst ourselves and find a vision worth fighting for. As for Obama and the rest of our leaders this "Joe the Plumber" has been lied to enough. All I can say is may God have mercy

    July 25, 2009 at 1:25 pm |
  8. Ruby Fletcher

    The Health Care bill will past. Most of the politician that want to wait or trying to put it off because they are afraid of not being reelected, SAD, right? It true, Our President talked about Health Care now for about two years, so is this something New? NO. Everyone knows the truth. I am so tired of the Repulican saying Gov. Health Care, Please!! I don't think many of them are Smart enough to know whats best for the country. They don't want to continue with the process because the think they will be supporting the President, sick people. I watch the new daily, and mostly all day since I am retired. I see the news people over play situations so it can be news, this is why the President speaks for himself, that way he can't be misquoted, He is smart enough to know this. Our President is doing a GOOD JOB, I am proud of him. I feel sorry for the Hater, but the President stands tall, he doesn't let the Negative bother him. I was taught to ignore the Negativ e, eventually he was taught that WELL.

    July 25, 2009 at 2:24 am |
  9. JANE

    Sorry Bernice, you really are off key on this stuff.
    Who is in control here, are banks and insurance companies. When Gen Wesley Clark was running for office, whom 4 star general who did not believe in war. During his campaign, I remember very well, how his platform was for universal heath care. Among his statements he found that for only 11% of what people pay in insurance premiums, that we could achieve in this country health care for all. Health care has become a challenge for so many people. A couple minutes of time by some doctors and a person without insurance can run up an $800 bill. Then, testing begins and that can range another 1,000 to 2,000 dollars, depending on the ailments. All doctors care about any more is how much they can charge, wether or not care is needed or not. We have for most of us become a nation of the working poor. National health care is available for poor, that struggle, for aliens coming into this country, higher class that can afford insurance, gets care but is also totally overcharged to make up for the ones not paying. The middle class gets crapped upon altogether. Everytime I have had insurance as small business owner, when I went to use Blue Cross Blue Shield, suddenly my hospital was not taking that insurance. I had to pay out of pocket for my daughter's illness along with paying the premiums. Go figrue. Another tine I had insurance, I was paying in premiums and the set up was that each year I did not use it, the deductable went down. 5 years later, when I no longer had to pay any deductable. this dang insurance company raised the rates 4 times the rate of premium. dumping me on the corner of no insurance. Each day, now, with no insurance I depend on walk-in clinics, which are fair, but hardly any doctor found my last problem.. It took an e-mail to figure out that I among many others were allergic to aspartame and splenda. Crap from China.

    July 24, 2009 at 9:44 pm |
  10. KHouston

    Why does the government have to own Healthcare?! Why doesnt Obama tell the insurance companies that they are only allowed to charge "X" amount for insurance & just make it AFFORDABLE – instead of owning healthcare...heck – tax Exxon...they make plenty to pay for everyones healthcare. No one realizes that this healthcare reform would take AWAY from our seniors...they already cant afford their medication!! heck – make Congress & Obama start paying for something around here!! They have free everything & dont have to pay taxes... THROW US A DARN BONE!!!!!

    July 24, 2009 at 5:04 pm |
  11. jfraundo

    I have a thought....why not let the professor have his day in court?? He was arrested for disorderly conduct...not burglery, so let a judge decide was it racism or was the officer doing his job?

    July 24, 2009 at 2:18 pm |
  12. eliz wolfgang

    cantor is full of crap. Is he the mouthpiece for the lawmakers who can't or won't step up to the plate? Go on your vacations everyone. The American People is waiting for all of you to make a command decision regarding health care reform. Tell the People you have nothing to place on the table. In the meatime, people are sick; some are dying.

    You all need to RESIGN if you can't do your job.

    July 24, 2009 at 11:25 am |
  13. Eddie soto

    Something has to be done about health care. In less than a decade Medicaid and Medicare will go broke. In the next three decades 40% to 60% of our personal income will go to health care costs if rates keep rising at their current rate and 80 of our nations GDP will go to health care cost by 2050, this does not include the our cost for Social Security.

    I am independent voter and I see the democrats trying to do something but all the republicans do is criticize they have not shown an alternative plan. I watched this morning the flow chart the republicans are using, perhaps the democrats should bring a flow chart that is blank showing the ideas the republican party has in regards to overhauling our health care system.

    By the way we already have a government run health care system it is called the emergency room and it cost each person who pay health care premiums about $1,000.00 a year in an additonal cost for i health care and it forces many small hospitals and clinics to close.

    The politicians are not thinking of the people they are thinking of the upcoming elections and what is best for them.

    As long as our health care system is running on the idea of profits for the insurance company Americans will never get the best healhcare. They will get the healthcare services that is most profitable for the insurance company and ever increasing premiums.

    We should heavily regulate the insurance companies. The government and the private insurance companies should both provide funding to modernize our method of tracking patient care and record keeping which is the biggest expenditure in our health care system. Also it does not help that over 15 billion dollars of fraud and waste happens every year in Medicaid and Medicare.

    Congressional budget office is the place to go and educate yourself.

    Investigate this!!!!! do not let either party or political commentators think for you. What is being said by political commentators and politicians are half truths. are inaccurate and are downright lies.

    P.S. I sell capital equipment to hospitals and doctors so I am fully aware of what is going on.

    July 24, 2009 at 11:08 am |
  14. Susan

    The flow chart shown this morning with the question marks as the reps. plan is just not fair. Why do you continue to perpetuate the idea that they are not offering alternatives. Not true. One of them can be seen at heathtransformation,net. Look for yourselves, there ARE alternatives to a government controlled system.

    July 24, 2009 at 9:45 am |
  15. eliz wolfgang are a wingnut and a die hard racist. Look around you. What do you see? Other than, white and black (the only color you see), we have a rainbow of colors residing here in the USA. You me to tell me that you do not see any good in any one except WHITE. Bernie...with you the Devil is truly walking this Earth. Are you holding his hand? I hope so. You are in for a rude awakening.

    God do not like UGLY and you are one of the Ugliest people in the world.

    July 24, 2009 at 8:49 am |
  16. JEZEBEL58

    This is for Joy,Black Planet and everything black is being paid for by mostly blacks,maybe you should come up with something for "whites" as I am sure there are things out there for whites and you are right God is our only hope,after all we were created in his own image and likeness.Bernice get with the program,it's true that blacks are singled out more than whites.If they are in a nice car or has a lot of jewelry they are into illegal stuff.Why don't you do the impeaching yourself and throw the former president back in there.I once met a caucasian woman and after conversing with her about moving to Europe,she told me that the two countries I mentioned is very racist(I won't name them)This was a white woman with blue eyes who told me her dad was Srilankan and a white mother from one of the nameless countries.She told me her sister had blonde hair,blue eyes and white where as she was born with dark skin like her father.I looked at her and she saw the surprised look on my face,she said " I know what you are thinking",she told me she took pills to colour her skin and straighten her hair and she wears contact lens.I felt sorry for her because she said she had a difficult childhood and I told her I knew what she went through.I do believe if "we"all work together the world would be a better place instead of acting like two year olds.Change has come and it will continue to change for each and every one of us,maybe not the way we would love to have it but the way we like it,personally and professionally.Life is short,look around you and see what's happening in the world-remember the twin towers and the soldiers who are dying every day for us.We don't have too many soldiers' death on this side but it's still too much.

    July 24, 2009 at 8:48 am |
  17. nigel

    about the professor and the police arrest.
    i hope the tape is released and we can clearly hear how this went down and im sure the police officer will hold his head high.
    this is clearly another case of discrimination but not on the officer on the professor, using race to try get his way as all of black poeple in america do ,well not all ,but most who come in contact with police.
    they try to use race to push the officer away as a threat,clearly what happened hear ,using the dirty word,as i watch more and more ,programms like black in america and learn i am coming to the conclusion that it is black people who keep the racism going they are the ones taslking about it not white poeple,why is this.
    as soon as something goes wrong ,racism ,cant get a job ,racism etc etc etc ,i agree some racism excisits and it is horrible in society.
    but please we cant move on from this time in history called slavery,until we let go and stop blaming it for todays issues.
    im sorry but black ministers and politicians thumping the desks etc ,just keep this going on and on ,martin luther king this martin luther king that ,sure his values where strong and needed,but stop ,just stop.
    ministry of racism is not making people aware it make people angry .

    July 24, 2009 at 8:16 am |
  18. JANE


    We have known for decades that the health care in this country is totally deplorable. All insurance companies know is how much to charge and over charge people for premiums. Then, such what happens when you finally use the insurance, They dump you.
    THIS IS WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE DOING, DELAY, DELAY, AND DUMP THE CASE of reformation of Americans due health care..
    it what hospitals do, delay, delay and dump cases. If a non insured person does go to the emergency room who is not on medicaid or medicare, or has insurance. They say they "stablize" the person. I listen to this Republican woman speaking for how this bill will not attrack good doctors because they will not be rewarded by the millions of dollars they make. Our health care is all about money. These doctors or so called, sit on boards where they have to play golf, drive fancy cars, and make millions of dollars. They get kickbacks for how many drugs they feed people, kickbacks on how many MRI's they prescribe. They denounce their hypocrital oath by only taking people who can pay them big bucks and DUMP the rest of the cases.
    Part of the new health reform should be that anyone that wants to become a doctor should have free education with a payback of 10 15 years due a federal program of new health care. After the pay back, then, they can go into private practice. This could take care of keeping Americans healthy and early diagnosis.
    Simple things could keep children healthy, as far as obesity. Just park the buses for schools one mile away. Have them walk a bit further to lunch rooms. Have them eat couple apples before lunch, this works for me. We have farmers in this country dumping tons of apples every day.
    Big health care problem. Lawsuits. Cap all lawyer fees.

    July 24, 2009 at 7:41 am |
  19. eliz wolfgang

    Health Reform has "slowed down" now for over 10 years. If we get any slower, China will be here dictating on what we should do? Blue Dogs Demos need to get a grip. People need health care and the lawmakers keeps saying how much; it's complex; etc. My God, people, life is hard enough to understand, but every man, woman, and child needs health care right now.

    The insurance and drug companies are getting their "pound of flesh", on the backs of the poor and middle class, it is time for the People to get what they Deserve, as American Citizens. You were voted in to Represent us, the American Citizen. Do your job and REPRESENT or resign. Because apparently, YOU lawmakers can't step up to the plate without worrying about your own agenda.

    July 24, 2009 at 7:27 am |
  20. BAI

    Stephanie, are you listenning? If you have your plan and you like, thenn you kepp it. That is as simple. The president wants us to have the best options as any memeber of Congress. You are caught by the stupid republican fear-mongering.
    For those who said, why the Rush? For 70 years, the US is trying to reform its healthcare system. If any member of Congress does not understand all aspects of the issues at this point of time, then he or she should NOT be part of the solution. All of those involved have completed knowledge of the reform. The request for Delay is just politics. Senator Beaucus is going on vacation, inviting insurers in order to raise money. That is dishonest. No work, no pay.

    July 24, 2009 at 7:25 am |
  21. nance

    There MUST be healthcare reform; people don't understand rates are going to keep skyrocketing unregulated & pretty soon no one will be able to afford it. And they MUST take away the power from the healthcare industry & pharmaceutical conglomerates that have driven costs so high. How outrageous that Americans are forced to go untreated and suffer because of lack of money, all to increase the profits of these companies.

    July 24, 2009 at 6:58 am |
  22. Bernice

    Again ...I watched the LONG program on television last night about all of the " surprises that were included in this horrible bill that is now being called healthcare reform! This has nothing to do with healthcare reform! This is a takeover! I have said this for months now, and looking closely into what was all "slipped" into this bill by a president that was surely hoping that noone read it! Thank goodness they were forced to read it, so now you can see how badly that our predident was going out of his way to "hurt" the general public! This is just another racially motivated bill. Mr. Obama is trying to get support by making this a racial issue! I have not heard sooo many racially motivated comments before this man took office! I think he is seriously promoting racial tentions across the nation and is trying to take the jobs off of the whites and give them to the blacks in the USA! How are you going to like having a doctor, who just is not qualified to be a doctor, but can practice medicine on you, because of his color!! Scarry isn't it? A President actually is doing this is America? This is supposed to be EQUAL territory, regardless of race or color. Maybe someone should bring Obama up to speed with the issue, and do what he was actually voted into office for! Look closely at this bill!! This is to take off of the white man and give it (unearned) to the black man or latino. We just need this guy voted out where we can all live as Americans ...not black or white. We're AMERICANS! Also, I do not wish to ever pay for anothers sins! It is bad enough that I have to pay for my own!! I DO NOT want to be forced to have to pay for abortions! This is a complete outrage! If Obama wishes to pay for this, send him the bill. Just say NO to this bill! Scrap it and have BOTH parties, who is elected to look out for the best interests of the American People, to finally be called around the table for disscussion! There are very good reasons why the republicans stopped this and ask for a better plan! This is not healthcare reform here. This is a takeover. This man is trying to take this country off of the Americans and deliver it to the blacks and latinos! Now, after figuring this all out, STOP the vote on the judicial seat! STOP IT! He should be impeached! He is the most anti-American president I have ever seen and we as a people deserve so much better that someone who is a good actor in front of a camera. Figured it out yet people? He has been lying to you. He has been lying to all of us! Vote him OUT!

    July 24, 2009 at 5:47 am |
  23. Dianne

    When is the channel 26 gonna let Mickeal Jackson rest? they have had him on 26 for a month and it is getting real boring.. Is this all they have to talk about ?.. Nancy Grace is real rediculas on this subject. Please find something new to rant about please... Dianne

    July 24, 2009 at 4:08 am |
  24. Joy

    The Black (most of them) make everything racist and talk of color, including Obama. The only blacks that don't make the country racist are the ones with class. I know White people, my son, that have been followed, pulled over, car searched and found nothing, all cause the didn't like his car. I know a white lady that was strip search at the airport found nothing. Everyone is profiled, not just the black people. Black people also have a Black entertainment Channel, The Black Woman Expo Event, TV specials Black in America, Black History Month, Black Enterprise magazine, Ebony Magazine, Black Planet web sites, and I'm sure there are alot more. If any White person did that Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton or some Civil rights activist would be at our doorstep and it would never be allowed to take place. Chicago also has program Mission to save black men Men's Health Clinic on Chicago's south side.

    Everything is about the Black. People treat Obama like he is Christ....Jesus is our only Hope not Obama. The world better look again and see what they are doing. I am so sick of this, get over it, all blacks and OBAMA need to STOP...............

    July 23, 2009 at 7:30 pm |
  25. Larry

    Health care reform has to happen. It's the main reason we've been running such high deficits over the past 30 years.

    July 23, 2009 at 7:08 pm |
  26. Nancy

    I am 100% FOR healthcare reform. There are no programs government managed or private that are flawless. It is tragic that we are allowing insurance and pharmaceutical companies to hold us hostage to allow them to realize huge profits while we have a complex and outrageously exspensive healthcare system. The american public is being taken advantage of while receiving mediocre at best services. We need to take action to fix this now. I favor a single payer system. Let's expand the very good healthcare we provide our civil servants...............are we all not worthy of this kind of care when we contribute to society..............please get this accomplished!!!

    July 23, 2009 at 6:05 pm |
  27. Katherine jones

    Obama is right about the cost of health care affecting our country. However, the only thing complicated, about fixing it, is the inability or the lack of courage needed to go up against the lobbyists who are representing the interests of the Insurance, Pharmacutical, Chemical, Medical, etc..., Industries. As long as there is a for profit entity between a patient and their health care, nothing will ever change. Why not make all Health Insurance Companies non profit? Instead of spending money to provide coverage for those who cann't afford to purchase it ,why not spend money on creating clinics in every city that charge according to income and are supplemented by the government? Then work out a system where Interm Drs. can work on a rotational basis. The other major obstacle of cource is the ability to sue for just about anything. Another major hurdle, considering most of the people responsible for making the changes in Health Care are themselves Attorneys.

    July 23, 2009 at 5:13 pm |
  28. john f. conte

    it's politics all around. obama gets a feather if it goes through even though he doesn't really know if it is going to work out for everyone. his interest is more in the feather than in the nest of u.s. citizens. the anti obama right wing doesn't really care if the plan works or not-they just don't want obama to get that feather if in fact the plan does work. neither side has the interest of the american people at heart-it's politics all around.

    July 23, 2009 at 4:57 pm |