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August 6th, 2009
08:44 AM ET
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  1. john yule

    With regard to the president's Health Reform. Reform connotes the system is terrribly wrong but while there could be changes that would be helpful, the proposed plan suggests a universal system that puts the governent in charge of my health, not me. This adds to the pattern of governent take over. I work hard, drive a newer used vehicle and do not qualify for any cash for clunkers although I wouldn't want to anyway. It upsets me that I drive a used car and will be paying for others to drive a new car with this muliple billion assistance program. In conclusion, this cash for clunker's program is another example of near sighteness as it will run out, the debt will remain for decades and I will be paying for services or products such as cars and health that I will never use. I hope the people stand strong and recongnize the free market system will determinge what products and services we need and want. Only then will we stabilize and have an economy that truly reflects our needs and wants. As painful as it is, it is probably a necessary and evolutionary process that moves us from jobs that produce products that we don't need such as RV's and gadgets or toys.

    August 7, 2009 at 11:30 am |