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August 25th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your Comments 8/25/2009

Editor's Note: The former AARP member arguing against the Obama administration’s health care proposal garnered the most attention on Tuesday’s American Morning, with the majority angered that only one side of the argument was presented.

  • Linda R.: It is unbelievable how many elderly "conservatives" are misinformed about the president's healthcare proposals. They are against it, simply because they perceive it to be a "liberal" plan. They don't like Obama, they don't know the facts, and worst of all, they are not aware that social security and Medicare are government programs, from which they benefit because of......"liberals"!!
  • Shawn: These seniors turning in their AARP cards says nothing. When they start turning in their Medicare cards and start buying private insurance for there principles then they are saying something. Did they ever think that by bringing in younger healthier people it will sure up the system and save it.
  • Joan: Why didn't someone tell Bonnie the anti-AARP person who opposes a single-payer system that what she has is a single-payer system. Obviously, admittedly she is a Republican therefore no health care reform passed by Democrats would be OK with her. Why do you continue to put these ill-informed people the opportunity to spread misinformation?
  • Jane: I watched the AARP interview this morning with interest. An AARP recording was left on my answering machine on Friday, July 17th. It asked members (we are not members) to call their House representative at no change, 800-211-0907. to support the health care bill. The recording said that the bill would make a huge difference to AARP members and their families. The recording sounds to me like they support the bill; however, on TV this morning, AARP gave a different impression.

As one of the largest senior lobbying group in the United States, do you believe that AARP will play an important role in the acceptance or rejection of President Obama’s proposed health care plan? Should the organization be neutral, or choose a specific stance on this issue?

Bloggers were equally divided about the libel issue and blogger, with those opposed to anonymity arguing that “libel is against the law,” and those in favor of privacy suggesting that “controversial” opinion should have protections.

  • Sharon: I fully support the prosecution of a blogger who posts lies. Libel is against the law and citizens should not be able to get away with this. When there is evidence of libel, they should not be able to remain anonymous. Lying on blogs and through email campaigns is rampant and hurts many people. There needs to be some recourse. If the wealthy and/or famous can make examples of a few who do this, I am all for that. Now, what can we do about those who write or forward untrue emails with no source for the information just to defeat political candidates or malign a movement such as the health care reform? So many people just read these things and take them for truth, passing the poison pen things along! And, what can we do about TV commercials that spew untrue "information" about the health care reform.
  • Thom: Re: Blogger v. Google, I operate a small community web forum, with the same world wide web access Google has, but with a lot fewer readers (1900+ members). The ability to anonymously opinion, even controversial and angry speech, has long been a cornerstone of our society. On our small, insignificant forum alone, we have messages that one could consider hateful speech about a number of public celebrities, from Al
  • Sharpton to Michael Vick, from President Obama to Mel Gibson. If we, as US citizens, lose the right to publicly and anonymously express our most intense and controversial thoughts, our system of government and our society will suffer. When the President of the United States can unmask an anonymous critic, because he/she thinks the speech is mean spirited, we have lost something very special that most other countries don't have.

With blogging a largely unregulated forum of discussion, are greater restrictions necessary to prevent libel? Tell us your thoughts.

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  1. Dawn Bauer

    Hey Guys, why dont the powers that be tax the food industry for putting H.F.C.S. High fructose corn syrup in most of our food, plus too much suger. That in itself leads to obesity and Diabetes. H.F.C.S. is in pastries,colas,condiments, candies, look at the ingredients .Were taxing the wrong thing here. Does any one have the courage to address the food industry? I myself get rebuffed when lve called a few.. You dont find this garbage in the food in Europe, why is it tolerated here? Food for thought huh? Thanks D.B.

    August 27, 2009 at 10:28 am |
  2. Kathleen Leonard

    I think it's an absolutely mockery that the State of Massachusetts is even considering changing their own law at this time to get a Democrat into Senator Kennedy's seat on a "temporary" basis because of the upcoming vote on healthcare. Per the state Gov. this individual would not be eliglble to run – which assures the person isn't held accountable to the voters. Remember that this was put before the legislature in Mass several years ago but was defeated because the Republican gov at the time would have put a Republican into the vacancy. (Gee, I wonder what the majority party was at the time it was defeated before) Why waste all the time and energy to change the law? Why not just put Senator Kennedy's vote into the count when the time comes! I am ashamed of our politicians.

    August 27, 2009 at 9:20 am |
  3. Linda McCall

    Hey Nancy,

    Why can't we have a comprehensive Health Care Bill that includes everyone, excludes noone, and actually benefits the United States know the ones that you are suppose to be working for.
    We need a bill where there is no "tACK-ONS", WHERE WE ARE TREATED WITH SELF-RESPECT AND DIGNITY.Where there is no penaty for becoming a senior citizen, ande where all citizens are treated as if they really matter.
    Have the labels, the tv and radio stations so gotten in the way, that you have forgotten what's important, think about it!

    August 27, 2009 at 12:14 am |