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September 7th, 2009
09:28 AM ET

Lawmakers putting partisan politics aside

After a summer of town halls, the time for talk is about over. Congress gets back to work this week and we're focusing on the "independent voices" – leaders that could reshape the debate in Washington and help unite, rather than divide the nation.

John Avlon, independent analyst and columnist at the, joined us to highlight two lawmakers who are putting partisan politics aside.

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  1. CBecky

    I was happy to hear from one group that the whole discussion of health care reform has gotten bogged down by the public plan for health care. We need to tell our legislators how we feel but it is not necessary to yell and scream and use name-calling as a way to get one's point across.

    The diatribes against the President of the United States, whether we voted for him or not is not helpful. He is the President and we need to understand that we can make ourselves heard without enmity. As Americans we should be allowing all to speak and be heard. That is indeed part of the Constitution.

    My last comment would be that the Health Care bill is not finalized. We should stop taking phrases and sentences out of context and wait until the two houses of congress have decided on a bill. Use the internet, phone, or letters to let your representative how you feel. Right now very few of us are being allowed to speak in public without being shouted down.

    All Americans should be willing to tell their representatives and the president their thoughts and ideas. We should also be willing to allow the President and Congress the chance to be heard. President Obama deserves our support as he was elected by a majority of the voters of the United States. Most of us did for President Bush and every other President we have had. Our younger generations need to see us being respectful to one another.

    September 8, 2009 at 2:54 pm |