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September 7th, 2009
06:00 AM ET

Rob's Road Show – Send in your ideas

Rob's Roadshow

CNN's Rob Marciano is hitting the road this summer.

Surf's up! Today he's at the 24th Annual NKF Pro-Am Surf Festival in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

So far he's been to:

  • Dog Days – Mystic Seaport, Connecticut
  • National Tractor Pulling Championships – Bowling Green, Ohio
  • World Yo-Yo Contest – Orlando, Florida
  • World's largest yard sale – Dunlap, Tennessee

Where he goes, nobody knows...

But you can decide his next stop – send us your ideas!

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  1. Victor Rojas

    Arkansas - Arkansas "The Natural State" is a land of mountains and valleys, thick forests and fertile plains. Arkansas generally has a humid subtropical climate, which borders on humid continental in some northern highland areas. Ranked 29th in the U.S. in Area.

    November 18, 2009 at 9:32 pm |
  2. Ron

    You should really come to an event for the VCSims race car simulator. It's the next generation in simulation. The world's one and only, unique patent 180 degree screen race car simulator. Very cool stuff and we can have you race in simulation plus with real drivers. So you compare!

    Visit our web site at:

    September 18, 2009 at 6:40 pm |
  3. Trav

    Rob......Come on down to Austin, Tx for the Austin City Limits Music Festival next month. Hot music, hotter food & cold beer....Hope to see ya there.

    September 9, 2009 at 10:07 am |
  4. Steven

    Hey Rob,
    Whoa, dude, just saw you shredding those gnarly Florida waves man, FAR OUT!!!! I think you should return to your old hood out in Cali man and do a segment from the Mighty Mavericks bro. I can see you hangin' with Flea, Skindog and the rest of the Mav crew just rippin' those 25 foot slabs rollin' into Mavericks. So, what do think your style will be, old school paddle in, or new school tow in/strap on?
    Aloha, Mahalo Bro!

    September 7, 2009 at 10:04 am |
  5. Linda in Lake Placid, FL

    Our physicians rely on the medical reports in our charts to guide them in making desicions about our course of care. Ever even question the validity of those reports on which your physicians bases his decisions? Most people assume that the doctor dictates it, the transcriptionist types it, and whatever it says in the chart is correct . Most people accept that as a given. But what if there's a mistake? Worse, what if the report is full of mistakes? Go to India and interview all the medical transcriptionists who have little or no command of the English language, but are transcribing our medical reports for less than a living wage, and sending reports full of errors. Someone should look into this!

    September 7, 2009 at 9:51 am |
  6. laquetta

    i am glad to see that someone on your show is truly geniunely, passionately concerned about the job losses. it seems that she must know a few people out of work as well. she made a comment about the green jobs mostly starting at about $12 an hour and try feeding your family with that type of salary. well, the average American that i know works for about that and are still expected to pay childcare of about $125 – $150 per week for toddlers and perhaps even $45 – $75 a week for after school care all of this along with having to PAY for healthcare expense because (nobody wants a handout) but the way the laws are, they cannot get food stamps, daycare expense nor Medicaid because the system feels that they are making too much money. Not to mention all of their housing and commuting expense to and from work and daycare...... How can anyone live on such a salary???? voices are heard when you all have people that you know in a predicament, however nobody cares when the little people who are trying their best to provide for their family, can't make ends meet and wont even try to give them a break on Health Care...... nobody wants a handout but it is impossible to afford health care for the family although u are working.... We need a Public Option, pls display this or part of it.

    September 7, 2009 at 8:30 am |
  7. Lorene Green

    Hey Rob.. I'm from Wild and Wonderful West Virgina, and every year we have "Bridge Day" which is Held in Fayetteville, Wv, this year it will be on October 17th, this is a big day here where people come from all over the world to jump from the bridge, I think it would be a good thing if you would come and join in the fun, we would love to have you.. never done it myself, but am sure you are the man that can fill in the gap for me!!
    link (

    September 7, 2009 at 7:05 am |
  8. Alev Wieland

    Dear Rob,

    I live in McKinney, TX, population about 120,000 people and one of the fastest growing towns in America. This historic cozy town is very unique by nature and home to multi cultural residents. My husband and I started an Oktoberfest tradition about 8 years ago. This event grew with each year and finally we hit the maximum number of people we could fit at hour home which was around 137. That is when we approached the city about hosting Oktoberfest on the Square. McKinney has a very unique historical square where there are many antique stores and restaurants around the old court house which is used as the art center today. Since event would bring many of the residents to the newly remodeled city center, it would generate more business to the small business owners, which is the back bone of this nation’s economy. City council voted unanimously positive and the event was approved. First McKinney Oktoberfest was held last year and the crowd of over 20,000 far exceeded our expectations.

    McKinney meets Bavaria again in September 26th, 2009! We will continue to mark a milestone in a long line of successful events showcasing the versatility of Historic Downtown McKinney, as we present our second annual OKTOBERFEST 2009. Drawing on the colorful tradition that began in Munich, Germany in 1810, the McKinney Oktoberfest represents many things to many people. We will celebrate our diversity with a cultural event that reflects the many contributions of German immigrants who settled in Texas. We will enjoy a fun, family-friendly event that will offer authentic German music, food & drink, traditional costumes, dancing, children’s activities, and much more.

    Germans have a special word – Gemütlichkeit – suggesting a warm atmosphere of open and generous hospitality. That’s how we will welcome residents and friends of McKinney, as well as thousands of guests from our sister cities including many who have not yet come to know the great things to be offered by our dynamic community. As they wander our 161-year-old downtown streets enjoying the attractions during the fest, they will experience our diverse array of vibrant specialty shops and restaurants for them to experience on return visits throughout the year.

    On behalf of McKinney Main Street, I would like to invite you to be part of this exiting event. We look forward to showcasing our wonderful town square by taking on a new dimension with OKTOBERFEST. This family oriented charming town reflection of many good and hard working people who are kind, generous and fund loving. Please join us at McKinney Oktoberfest on September 26th and help us show the nation that there are still good things happening in our great country regardless to the many bad circumstances we are living in and dealing with. Hope to hear from you very soon.


    Alev Wieland, 214-395-0537

    September 5, 2009 at 12:04 am |
  9. Stephanie

    Surf's up at the 24th Annual NKF Pro Am Surf Festival this weekend at Shepard Park, Cocoa Beach, Florida! Thousands of spectators will enjoy world class surfing including skim board, tandem and paddle board competitions. Beach goers will have lots to do as well with beach massages, martial arts demonstrations, beach reality football and surf instruction.
    Founded by brothers Rich (kidney transplant recipient and former pro surfer) and Phil, this event benefits the National Kidney Foundation, bringing awareness to importance of organ transplantation. More details can be found on

    September 4, 2009 at 9:49 am |
  10. Ryan B.

    Annual "Live Green" Festaval in Manchester, Vermont at the Riley Rink in Manchester. It is on saturday so I dont know if you will be there but I hope U can put it on the big list of events you show every saturday in the mornig newsroom

    September 4, 2009 at 6:53 am |
  11. Janis Gates

    Harvest Arts Gallery 2nd Annual “Fall Roundup” October 2 & 3, 2009.
    Benefit: Large Animal Rescue
    Forty plus Local Artisans, Fine Craftsmen, “Frankie” and volunteers from the MERS Team will be present at the Harvest Arts Gallery Art “Fall Round-Up” Benefit and Art Sale.
    Participating Artists donate “one of a kind” works of art for a benefit raffle. Proceeds go to the Missouri Emergency Response Service. The MERS Team is an all volunteer Large Animal Rescue service that is free to the animal owner.
    Meet with the Artists on Friday and Saturday October 2nd & 3rd as they demonstrate their talents both indoors and out. Live demonstrations featuring Horse Hair Pottery by Sandy Schulz, Equestrian Memories by Leslie Faust, Local Landscapes by Steve Gryzb and Lannie Frick just to mention a few. Many more Artists will be available to discuss jewelry, ceramics, woodworking techniques and demonstrations.
    Book signing with Chris Stuckenschneider – author of children’s book “Twist of Fate” – A life story of Twister – born of a rescued mare during the I-44 tragedy involving 40 horses.
    Also present will be “Frankie” a three year survivor of the same tragedy !!
    The MERS Team will be demonstrating the procedures to right an overturned horse trailer utilizing man power and ropes only !!
    Visit for more information, schedule of events, directions and pictures of Fall Round Up 2008.
    Friday evening “Pikn-Likn” Concert begins at 7 PM.
    Spend time with the volunteer members of the Missouri Emergency Response Service –
    The Fall Round Up is open to the public beginning Friday October 2nd at noon. Harvest Arts Gallery is located in Old Towne Eureka, Missouri in a beautifully restored 120 year old Colonial Victorian Home featuring affordable art by local Artisans and Fine Craftsman. All products sold at Harvest Arts are “Made in America” featuring local Missouri Artisans and "the Best of Missouri Hands" Artists.
    Janis Gates Harvest Arts Gallery 104 West Frisco Street Eureka, MO 63025 636-938-7667

    September 3, 2009 at 4:30 pm |
  12. Sinda

    Glenwood Springs COlorado....I swim in the world's largest hot springs pool everyday and the Glenwood Tramway to the largest cave system in Colorado. Redstone Colorado the town that was built by a baron for his employees at the mine...he built a castle and the Redstone Castle is a gorgeous stop in the autumn or anytime of the year. Did you know Glenwood Springs, Colorado had electricity before the Rockefeller Center was built in NYC? I could go on and on....come to the colorado rockies! we'll rock your world!

    September 3, 2009 at 8:40 am |
  13. Jeff Redington

    He should go to the Wilhelm Tell Festival in New Glarus, WI.
    Sept. 4,5, and 6.

    September 3, 2009 at 7:26 am |
  14. Stephanie Warning

    Come to lovely Scranton, Pennsylvania!!!!! The home of VP Joe Biden!

    September 2, 2009 at 10:46 am |
  15. Vonda Monts

    I just thought I would comment again about Terre Haute and the many other interesting events around the area including the Covered Bridge Festival in October. It is also close to the Legend of Stiffy Green and Heinl's Flower Shop, which we have earlier posts on this site for you to read. You could kill 2 birds with one stone, so to say, and hit the Covered Bridge Festival and also Heinl's Flower Shop, established in 1863 with quite a history behind it. There is also great food in the neighborhood!! Thanks

    September 1, 2009 at 7:18 pm |
  16. ed hench

    When Johns Roberts said the other day, during the segment they were removing payphones, that he told Karin there was no superman,
    I cannot disagree more with him. The brave men and women who fight fires, and those who saved people from the Sept 11 2001 bombings are supermen and superwomen to me. To those who serve in the military fighting for our freedom and others. So you see John supermen and superwomen really do exist. They do not need telephone booths to change, they are already heros in my eyes and many others eyes.

    Thank you
    Ed Hench

    September 1, 2009 at 3:09 pm |
  17. Nancy Jordan Blackmore

    Jane's Saddlebag Big Bone Lick Kentucky a heritage tourism destination, Mom and Pop operation in a worlkd famous fossil location. Historic outbuildings and a friendly petting zoo, with Michelle and Obama Llama, Zoe the Watusi Cow who eats hot dogs rolls like crazy. Tokey the talking horse and a herd of goats, Dominic the donkey, and Miss Pggy the fattest little pig you ever saw, and Zena the princess warrior who protects them all.

    Eat home cooked meals like a Grilled Woolly Mammoth Burgers or frozen Ice Age and biker hangout. You can see more at
    thank you
    Nancy Jordan Blackmore

    September 1, 2009 at 10:29 am |
  18. denise abbott

    Rob needs to join the girls on Venice Beach in Southern California for the 3rd Annual Supergirl Jam on Sunday, September 6. It's the action sports industry's only large-scale, all-girls action sports event featuring more than 100 female pros in snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and inline skating. The Supergirl Jam was created to support the empowerment, strength, independence and leadership of today's young women. More details can be found at We'd love to have him. Let's see him challenge the ladies in skateboarding, inline skating and snowboarding ON THE BEACH!

    August 31, 2009 at 12:09 pm |
  19. Michael B

    The real objetive should be to fund all schools eqally, so all children have access to a quality education

    August 31, 2009 at 9:07 am |
  20. George J.

    Of course the SAT test in invalualble for college entrants.. I had studied hard in high school and found out the kwonlege that I had acquired ,not only helped me on the SAT, but I excelled in the jobs that I had afterwords. Remember the old "3 rs". I couldn't afford to go to college because my parents were very poor, so I entered an optical technolgy class and became the top in my fieild.

    August 31, 2009 at 8:45 am |
  21. Bill Jones

    Let's not just lower the bar let's get rid of it altogether. The SAT have been a valuable resource for determining college aptitude. I went to college before hand held calculators and computers, and the SAT certainly gave all an idea of past performance. This is the last step in dumbing down America

    August 31, 2009 at 8:39 am |
  22. dautry

    For the best time of your life join us in Northwest Arkansas for Bikes, Blue and BBQ Sept. 23-26, 2009.

    This is the 9th year for our one of a kind rally! Last year had over 100,000 bikes and over 400,000 people in attendance!

    This is the place to be! Fayetteville, NW Arkansas
    Google it and see what I mean!

    August 30, 2009 at 9:16 pm |
  23. Ed Jacobson

    I recommend the Decatur – Atlanta Journal/Constitution Book Festival this coming weekend, in Decatur, GA. It is purported to be the largest independent book festival in the country. In addition, it is held in a compact, easy-to-negotiate town square with readings, booths, performances in the bandstand, and activities, all easily accessible.
    In addition, the Anne Frank and the World exhibit in the Old Courthouse will be open for tours.

    August 30, 2009 at 12:45 pm |
  24. Doug Harris

    Come to "Barbecue on the River" in Paducah, Ky. It is held each Fall the entire downtown area is closed down and barbecue stands are set up to sell their best. The very best of all varieties of barbecue are judged and awarded best of show. This starts on Sept. 24 and will run through the 26th. I will hyperlink to the site.


    August 30, 2009 at 10:48 am |
  25. Jenimy Williams

    Yo Rob,
    I got one for ya...the 2009 Hot Springs Bike Rally, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to be held September 10-13. I understand that this might be a little short fuzed to make happen, but it is a really cool event in a very beautiful little city, which by the way has a history as a retreat for some of the most famous gangsters from the 20's and 30's. Come on down and see us Rob.

    August 29, 2009 at 8:37 am |
  26. Ardie G

    Rob's next Friday destination :

    Its not very far from NewYork even !
    There is a very historic Vintage Race Car event in Watkins Glen, NY (upstate about 2 hours from Buffalo) in the Wine Country every Fall.
    This year its Sept 10-13. On Friday morning (starts @ 9am) they have an Endurance Race for all types of cars – its truly AMAZING what collection of old, rare, historically significant cars are there – and racing on the track !
    The caliber of people (drivers & fans) is extremely high – these people have PASSION beyond explaination....a rare thing these days.

    The Director of the SVRA is Carl Jenson, or you may speak to Kim (Registrar) for more details (see links below).... or feel free to reply to this email for more information.

    August 29, 2009 at 8:30 am |
  27. Mary

    I think its great that CNN is keeping up with New Orleans progress after Katrina, but you all have not covered bayou country. Some areas were hit pretty hard for Katrina, then again for Gustav and Ike. A tornado hit my street, we couldn't come home for over a month and lived in various hotels/motels until we could.. So far FEMA has denied my claim 3 trimes for reiumbursment just for our rooms! We barely survive on SS Disability, and I maxed out my credit cards. Next time we will be forced to stay home. I know I'm not the only one having problems with FEMA. I believe their goal is to deny until you give up trying.

    Now onto health care. Other countries that do have universal health care have an avg. tax rate of about 45%, some as high as 60%! They all seem to have long waiting lists for tests, elective surgeries...i.e., anything that is not an emergency life saving surgery, shortage of personel, lack of medicines and lack of funding. Their standard and quality of care does not measure up to ours. Yes we need reform, but my God, lets be very careful about what reform we put into place before its too late to change it.

    We can open borders to insurance companies, we can make it illegal for them to deny coverage due to pre-existing diseases or conditions. We can doctors, heck the medical community a tax break for treating the uninsured instead of penalizing them like we do now...the individual doctor in his own practice...think about it. We can set up more clinics in the neighborhoods with the greatest needs. But right now, American Indians living on reservations all have health insurance by the Federal gov. and the running joke is if you are going to get sick then you better get sick before June...before the funds run out. The one Veterans hospital I worked in ... in New Orleans was in very bad shape. And you want us to trust the gov. with our health care? Some one has sold you a pile of you know what and you're drinking their Kool-Aid. You've lost the ability to think independtly....just how would insuraning everyyone bring costs down? Remember the goal is universal health care and they are on video saying they would have to introduce it to us as a public option....telling us we would be able to keep our own health insurance if we want...but that the bill would be written so that it would eventually drive private health insurance out of business...there is video of this...I've seen it!

    Now we also have a Czar of Diversity, Mark Lloyd, who spoke at some function and it seemed like he approved of and was proud of the Rowanda gov. taking control of the radio station and targeting the Tutsi's that lead to the genocide! He also seems to admire Chavez. He is one of the co-founders of STORM. And he is actively pursuing ways to shut down radio stations of his choice, i.e., Rush, etc. One of the ways is to fine/tax them by an entire years operating budget! This is CENSORSHIP!!!! What ever happened to our 1st Amendment?

    Another Czar, Van Jones, an ex-con, a proud Communist, and an advisor to our President. I don't understand why the media has not covered these Czars? Has not investigated their back grounds? They are after all advising the President. They were not elected, they did not go through a vetting process, or a security clearance as far as I know. These two have rather radical back grounds. Why has our President felt the need to appoint so many Czars? Just what is he trying to change our gov. into? Will the Senate and Congress become obsolete?

    August 28, 2009 at 1:34 pm |
  28. Jenn

    On Labor Day Weekend the Cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho host the historic Wagon Days Celebration. The Big Hitch Parade is the highlight. One of the largest non-motorized parades in the West, it features museum-quality buggies, carriages, carts, buckboards, and wagons. The Wagon Days Big Hitch, a historic wagon used to haul ore from the area, is powered by an authentic 20-draft mule jerkline.

    Or ......the Trailing of the Sheep Festival October 9-11: parade, fair, food, storytelling and sheep dog championships.

    August 28, 2009 at 1:29 pm |
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