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September 11th, 2009
08:56 AM ET
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  1. Polk

    Maybe it's just coincidental, but why is it the same player continues to get bad calls against her during semifinals and championship games. Remember Hawk-eye/player challenge was started because of one of several bad calls against Serena. Appears now technology to challenge foot faults may be born because of a bad call against, you guessed right, Serena.

    September 14, 2009 at 6:53 pm |
  2. JEZEBEL58

    Mr.Fox why would you want permission to carry a gun especially on board a plane?What if a passenger upsets you while on board a flight,would you take out your gun and threaten that person with it to get your way,in this age of road and air rage it should not be permissible.If the gun is to protect your home then that is understandable,these terrorists had bombs and knives and "you" would have put those passengers lives on board that plane in more jeopardy.From what I've seen with the tapes from the airport where the alarm sounded many times with one of the terrorist,someone goofed.I agree with mostly everything but carrying a gun on board a plane is a NO-NO,we have to be aware of our surroundings and lives are being lost everyday with the men abroad,pray that one day all this would end and they can come home but from what I've heard this morning they are sending three thousand more overseas.The twin towers and the Pentagon going down should not have happened,someone decided to finish something that another had started.

    September 13, 2009 at 8:52 am |
  3. Steve Fox

    On 9/11/01 there were only 34 U.S. Air Marshall assigned to provide security for over thirty thousand commercial airline flights over U.S airspace daily or one marshal for every 1000+ flights.

    Yet every pilot, flight crew member and attendent, as well as all American Citizens who were passengers on 9/11 were, by Federal law, disarmed and denied their constitutionally quaranteed right to own and carry a handgun aboard a domestic airline flight.

    In the years since, I have yet to hear a single television news network mention the obvious fact that the tragedy of 9/11 was the direct result of the failure of so-called "gun control" as a public policy. We have had seven anniversary occaisions to make sense of this tragedy and NOT ONE television pundit has mentioned that the highjackers could easily have been stopped if the flight crew or the attendents or a few of the passengers had been allowed to carry a licensed handgun via a very rigorous and hard to get Federal Concealed Carry Permit for airline travel.

    Such permits were never even discussed under the antigun Clinton administration nor have any legislative proposals been put forth to create a Federal Concealed Carry Permit especially for law abiding Americans only, on domestic flights, who might be willing to go through the rigorous training and meeting the discriminating background check standards that such a permit must necessarily entail.

    The issuance of such aviation CWPs would include limiting the type of handgun allowed for airline travel (snub nosed revolvers only), their caliber (no larger than .32), bullet type (frangible only, to eliminate over penetration), and mandatory use of laser dot sights (to insure precise shot placement).

    Training for such a Federal airline permit would have to be specifically tailored to the use of such revolvers in an highjacking situation within the confines of a crowded commercial airline. Similar training is already being done for pilots and for federal air marshalls, but not in nearly sufficient numbers to provide real security on all domestic flights.

    If even one trained civilian, armed with a five shot, snub-nosed, .32 calibre revolver loaded with frangible bulltets and fitted with laser-dot sights had been on each of the four flights hijacked by terrorists on 9/11 then the outcome would have been entirely different. It is plausibly that not a single plane could have been succesful commandered by the terrorists and the loss of life would have been mostly among the terrorists themselves. Certainly no plane would have reached its intended target.

    Yet do we hear a call from any elected official today for the issuance of such permits to sane, law abiding Americans willing to undergo such training and pay the expensive fee that such a permit would entail?

    No. Instead we hear another thoughtless antigun rant from Mayor Bloomberg on national television calling for more gun control nationwide! He wants to inflict the same failed public policy that literally destroyed the heart of Manhattan on the rest of us!

    If the dictionary definition of a bigot is someone who is close minded to contrary points of view and self righteous about the correctness of their own opinions, to the point of intolerance, then Bloomberg is the poster boy for antigun bigotry.

    It is all very disheartening to say the least. Is there something about the media-saturated political culture of New York that makes its elected officials incapable of learning from even the most searing experiece?

    Americans used to be a practical people, with common sense, self reliance and self respect, and a willingness to try what might work and learn from their trying.

    What are we now? A nation of passive, brain-dead, PC conformists whose idea of "thinking" is to reiterate the latest fashinable left wing soundbites dished out on the Bloomberg television news? Have we become so divorced from reality that we think a "solution" to a problem is defined by majority approval in the latest CNN political poll?

    What have we really learned from 9/11?

    September 11, 2009 at 4:17 pm |