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September 15th, 2009
09:30 AM ET
September 15th, 2009
08:40 AM ET

Spitzer: SEC is 'incompetent'

It's been one year since the crash of Lehman Brothers started a domino effect that nearly brought down the global financial system. Today we're seeing some stability on Wall Street but the nation's unemployment rate still hovers near double digits.

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was once known as the "Sheriff of Wall Street." He joined John Roberts on CNN's "American Morning" Tuesday to talk about the current state of the financial system.

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September 15th, 2009
08:20 AM ET
September 15th, 2009
07:16 AM ET

Actor Patrick Swayze dies after cancer fight

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) - Patrick Swayze, whose hunky good looks and sympathetic performances in such films as "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" made him a romantic idol to millions, died Monday. He was 57.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Patrick Swayze's doctor said in March 2008 that Swayze was suffering from pancreatic cancer."]

Swayze died of pancreatic cancer, his publicist, Annett Wolf, told CNN.

"Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months," Wolf said in a statement Monday.

Swayze's doctor, Dr. George Fisher, revealed in early March 2008 that Swayze was fighting the disease.

Most recently, Swayze starred in A&E network's "The Beast," which debuted in January. He agreed to take the starring role of an undercover FBI agent before his diagnosis. The network agreed to shoot an entire season of the show after Swayze responded well to cancer treatment.

In an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters in January, Swayze said his work on that show was exhausting, requiring 12-hour workdays in Chicago, Illinois, doing his own stunts. But he said the show's character "just felt right for my soul." Share your memories of Swayze

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September 15th, 2009
06:48 AM ET

Rep. Wilson faces resolution of disapproval

From Deirdre Walsh
CNN Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The House will vote Tuesday on a resolution of disapproval of Rep. Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Republican who yelled "you lie" during President Barack Obama's health-care speech to a joint session of Congress last week.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, shouts "You lie!" during President Obama's speech Wednesday night."]

The House Democratic leadership met Monday evening and agreed to move forward with a resolution of disapproval, according to two Democratic leadership aides.

The resolution "goes directly to the issue of his conduct on the House floor," said Kristie Greco, spokeswoman for House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina.

Discussion at Monday evening's leadership meeting was about "how this speaks to the breach of decorum alone, and not addressing the issue sets a precedent for bad behavior," Greco said.

"We're not the British Parliament for a reason," she added.

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September 15th, 2009
05:41 AM ET

What’s on Tap – Tuesday September 15th 2009

Here are the big stories on the agenda today:

  • A campus in shock.  A case unsolved.  Yale University holds a candlelight vigil for murdered grad student Annie Le.  Hear what her roommate had to say and the latest on the police investigation.  Why some on the campus are saying, "there could be a murderer among us."
  • A tragic loss in Hollywood.  Stars, fans and family all celebrating the life and mourning the death of Patrick Swayze this morning.  The 57-year-old actor battled pancreatic cancer for nearly two years.  He became a silver screen idol in the 80's and 90's for his roles in "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing." We’ll have a look back at his career.
  • One year after the Lehman Brothers collapse kick-started a financial crisis, we're talking to the man who was known as "the sheriff of Wall Street,” before he became infamously known as “client 9,” Eliot Spitzer.  What should we really be doing to fix the economy and bring back all the jobs lost in the past year?  The former governor will join us live.
  • Celebs, pro athletes and politicians all behaving badly.  From on court tirades, to on stage outbursts, to heckling the president in the chambers of Congress, where are our manners?  We’ll ask an expert on etiquette.

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