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September 17th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 9/17/2009

Editor's Note: Former President Carter’s remarks on racism continued to resonate with Thursday’s American Morning audience. The majority were in agreement with Mr. Carter’s assessment. Others objected, believing President Obama’s policies were at fault; and blacks, not whites, were using the “race card,” rather than concentrating on the issues.


  • Dorothy: The sad state of America is the fact of the disbelief and the realization that RACISM is a fact in the US. RACISM is alive and when you do your jobs and investigate RACISM. President Carter is correct.
  • Douglas: I am a white male baby boomer that grew up in the deep south (Mobile), and presently live in North Carolina. I heard someone mention that former President Jimmy Carter was irrelevant. Not so! He hit the nail square on the head and for those to deny what he said as true are living in a world that is far removed from reality. I was a 'freedom fighter' and crossed race lines during the sixties to fight for civil rights, knowing that not only was I fighting against Jim Crowe, but also for future generations against bigotry, hatred and oppression and for equal rights for all. The vitriol that has continued no matter how subtle it may seem to have been is there in the back roads of minds of small minded, undereducated people. The fight continues against such issues; anyone who spouts a belief in GOD and continues to do such does not understand GOD's love for all and thank GOD for persons like Jimmy Carter for taking a stand and telling it in the bully pulpit that he has access to, as we out here who do fight daily against those attitudes know exactly what he means. He is not our black president (Obama); he is our president!! Take out references to color!! +thank you.
  • Bahe: My comment is for the question regarding Pres Jimmy Carters statement RE racism. I think the president is right. Racism is "bubbling" to the top in politics and in the news media, i.e., Lou Dobbs, RushBo, etc. I am Native American. I have lived through racism. I know what it's like. President Carter also has lived in an environment of racism. When you are a part of it either as it's victim or live along side it, I think you can tell what it is. Pres Obama tries to deny it because I don't think he has lived in a racist area. Or has never been affected by it up till now. Maybe his upbringing by white mom and white grandparents shielded him from much hate. But now he's in the real world. And Joe Wilson just showed him up front and personal about racism. I don't care much for either party, but I can admit to what I see. It's Racism!


  • Yvonne: It is NOT racism, it's the issues of Government control and the background and associations this President has! For Pete's Sake, just look at the issues and his background!!!
  • Sharon: The only "racists" that I know are "black". THEY are the ones that keep playing the "race card". Many "whites" supported and voted for Obama. I even sang his praises in the beginning and made the statement that he could be the best president we have ever had. Then came the "czars" with their radical beliefs and agendas. Pelosi is brain dead. Obama is anti-American with his actions and agendas. Race has nothing to do with it. Government corruption, lies, deceit, and agendas has everything to do with Obama's falling popularity. We no longer trust or can believe that the White House has America's best interest at heart. I have never seen so much betrayal by an American administration nor "mainstream" media.
  • Theresa: Mr. Carter and the rest who are promoting the racism card are off base, & are making fools of themselves & are creating division. Assuming the worst because of a few idiots makes a fool out of those who say this. I am insulted by such statements and views. I disagree with Pres. Obama's policies: abortion, immigration, health care take over, Medicare reduction of services. He is the most liberal person ever elected and his Senate record is more liberal (progressive) than Kennedy. I felt the same way with the previous Dem that ran for President if these were their policies. I would not vote for Ted Kennedy for the same reason. Does that make me prejudiced against Catholics? Oh, I am one. My daughter is the same race as Obama what difference does that make. It isn’t just Carter it is the media who keep raising this "possibility" to see if it has legs. YOU are supposed to be critical of the powers that be.. You had no problem with Bush why can't you investigate, check out and "pretend" that you are objective! Is there anyone there that can be an Edward R Morrow????

Who’s right in this debate? Is there a possibility that BOTH sides could be correct in their assessments on race?

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  1. JEZEBEL58

    Matt Washington DC,tell me who is dealing the cards like ObamaBucks,Obamacare,WhiteFaced Poker Photos,Welfare Thug Comments,Barack The Magic Negro Songs,Obama Monkey T-Shirts with chicken watermelon lawns.It's not here we go again 'blacks are playing the race card",it is racism,are the blacks the ones with the cards that is out there.Rush was the one who was playing the negro song on his radio show but I guess he has to have a job just like Beck and there are a lot of people are on welfare now with this economy the way it is and it wasn't this administartion who bailed out the banks and wall street,it happened sometime last year long before this leader of your country took office,you said absolutely not about racism,how can you say that when there's a negro song about Mr.Obama playing on the radio.The 43rd president did have his time with the people but most of the things he did was covered up and upon leaving office he said he did nothing wrong.Just imagine Beck saying the president is a racist having a white mother and being raised by his white grandparents.

    September 20, 2009 at 10:00 am |
  2. Lee

    You people are so sad. "O" was elected as a centrist that would have "the most open administration in history" and would repair the mess that big spending and corruption had caused. And who was he elected by? Yes a white America! But now that it's becoming obvious that they were conned by a leftist who is spending the country into the ground, nationalizing the countries industries, preparing to raise middle class taxes, prosecuting the CIA officials that helped keep us safe for years, surrounded himself with tax cheats, surrounded himself with the leftist likes of people like Van Jones, had acorn his flagship organization that he said would help him reshape America be outed as a thug infested ongoing criminal conspiracy, bowing to kings, Aaaahh I could go on and on. But the opposition is not because of his lies and corruption. It's because he's black! You people have no honor, no soul!

    September 19, 2009 at 12:13 pm |
  3. Lisa

    Why do I not see my comment submitted 2 days ago, but others were included? Since this was my first attempt, I just wanted to know how you decide which ones get published or if it was published and just in another cache. Thank you.

    September 19, 2009 at 9:45 am |
  4. Shag

    I am a black male who believes that my folks too often have a knee-jerk reactions to race, and often see it when it's not an issue. However, there are times when it's there, and it needs to be acknowledged.
    Pres. Carter was dead-on. When you have prominent repulicans like, Beck and Limbaugh playing with race as if it's a game, then it's problem. Beck organized the recently rally, and recently called the president a racist. The many signs demeaning the president in such a foul manner, is race pure and simple,
    Republican pundits try to dismiss Limbaughf stranglehold on republican officeholders, but when one of them says something he doesn't like, they wind up genuflecting before him a matter of a few days.
    Thank you Pres. Carter.

    September 18, 2009 at 7:11 pm |
  5. Matt, Washington DC

    Absolutely Not.

    "Here we go again. Blacks are playing the 'race' card?" Please!

    Every time someone disagrees with conservatives they’re ostracized. Look at what they did to Colin Powell and Meg Whitman, and they are Republicans. Now they’re attacking former President Carter. Is he black? They believe the rest of us including Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world, are under some sort of mass delusion simply because we disagree – as if we all enjoyed being screwed by Wall Street then assuming trillions in debt to bail them out. Look idiots, NO ONE EVER said you’re racist SIMPLY because you disagree with the policies of the current administration. So, stop trying to twist and spin what’s not being said. If you stop dealing cards like, ObamaBucks, ObamaCare, WhiteFaced Joker Photos, Welfare Thug Comments, Barack The Magic Negro Songs, Obama Monkey T-Shirts with chicken and watermelon lawns at the White House maybe people will stop playing them.

    September 18, 2009 at 8:24 am |
  6. Tina

    To say racism is not playing a part in the health care debate, shows not only naivety but denial. Some say the opposition is playing the race card. Sorry, but race became an issue, brought about by Tea Party Extremists, certain politicians, and Right Wingnuts, i.e. Limbaugh and Beck. Not to mention, the uninformed radicals, who actually believe, Limbaugh and Beck, at the town hall meetings. Here are a few examples:

    1. Sarah Palin's campaign rallys, where she compares President Obama to a terrorist and the crowd spouts hateful comments. She seems to relish it and does nothing to discourage it. We saw it there, did we really think it was going to end there? And then, there are the lies about "Death Panels". Enough said.

    2. The "Birthers". These people are like a gift that keeps giving. It is a sad day when they don't believe in actual documentation. Not to mention, a freshman representative (Posey) waisting time with a useless bill. It is with embarrassment, that I call him my representative. Ask yourself, what was the underlying agenda there?

    3. Beck and Limbaugh. Need I say more. They play upon inciting fear and lies. Oh, I realize that is considered only "entertainment" , but I could well do without their well documented hateful, racist remarks. Trouble is, there are actually people out there that believe them.
    People should start to realize, that Beck and Limbaugh want the attention and ratings, which ='s $$$. They don't care about the consequences.

    4. Republican politicians. Have you heard one of them call Beck and Limbaugh out on their inaccuracies and racist rants? Nope. Anything to reach their agenda, kill Heath Reform. And then there is Mr. Wilson and his paper waiving colleagues. If anyone believes that Mr. Wilson simply "lost control", with his rant "you lie", I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you. I can guarantee, he would not have said that to the prior administration or a white man. He was simply trying to carry over the mood from the town halls, since that did so well because, except for Mr. Frank, we had weeny Democrats who could not articulate and take charge of the issue. Mr. Wilson's actions and interviews on FOX showed a lack of conviction of just how sorry he was.

    4. President Obama's speech to students on their first day of school. The negative crap that this generated was politically motivated with just the right amount of racism thrown in for good measure. Did we question prior Presidents? "Indoctrinate" What did they mean exactly?
    To use school chldren in this manner is outragious. What are we teaching them?

    5. Last , but not least, is September 12 Tea Party March. It would have been acceptable for a group to debate this issue of health care without the racial posters and hate filled comments by some at this event. For the organizers to allow this behavior and excuse this in the name of "free speech", crys foul! Was this not the excuse of the KKK at one time? Not one right wing-nut decried this behavior, but excused it. We can all agree to disagree without this crap

    To ignore the presence of racism in this is irresponsible, both for the, supposed, legitimate media and the current administration. We need to be pro-active instead of reactive. Something we have never learned. I do not want to read about or see a homegrown terriost looney do something horrible. We have a past, remember?

    September 18, 2009 at 7:38 am |
  7. lisa

    I dont know how to do this but I just found out that the kid that passed away on the field took Adual. Pls exuse my spelling. I know that ADHD or ADD meds are handed out as if they were candy. Look up the side effects if you do not truely have ADHD or ADD. On the bottle it says amphetamine. Not much differant from meth- amphetamines. Im an ex- user believe me when I say your hart beats faster, your wired & u swet more than some one that is not on meds. Ya'll should look more into his med history before you blame a man that obviously was just doing one the same as others not knowing of his medications. I'd go after the Doc.

    September 18, 2009 at 7:05 am |
  8. Davis

    Once again! There is a opportunity too remove the 600 lb gorilla. We should start having dialogue on true Racism. The truth about racism is it makes money. Everyone knows counties all over the world,have benefitted by using it as a crutch. The truth, is economies have an vested interest in not disscussiing it. When america uses it's resources or let some else use it;s resources,they receive restitution. They do not want this dialogue because, then they would have to admit, all the fallings and profits of slavery.. They would have to say, had they been the slaves. They were the victims of the America;s Holocuast. Bergered as collateral. Leveraged as a commidity. In many cases destoried as waste. The history taught in schools is a LIE. Those americans that oppose President Obama, WANT THEIR LIE ALIVE and back in place. As for as they are concern this is not open for discussion! Remember this is not perjudice. National health coverage would only help everybody. The nevere of Obama being a president for all the people. Damit we want our country back.

    September 17, 2009 at 10:28 pm |
  9. Steve

    If the issues were about Government Control, then the Critics are either As ignorant of the facts as anyone could be, or they are Lying or both.
    If its not issues about government, then its about race and political power.

    Obama has approved Bush's Last years budget that covered this year.
    And this years budget that covers till next year.
    Thats all.
    The Tarp fund was Bush/Congress/Obama
    Obama has only passed a 780 Billion dollar stimulus that hasnt been all spent yet, and is only there to help the economy recover.

    Bush Controlled White house from 2001 through 2008
    GOP controlled Congress from 1994 Through 2006.

    Bush/GOP took our National Debt (See China) from $5Trillion in Jan 2001
    to $10Trillion in Jan 2009.
    Bush & GOP Spent $1.3 Trillion dollars on the Medicare prescription drug program that no one asked for but the Pharma companies.
    Thats because those companies got $1.3Trillion dollars and Seniors got a complex, confusing, fraud bill and got virtually Nothing in discounts when factoring in the millions that got their costs Hiked.

    BUSH and the GOP spent all our money on themselves and their Crony businesses that donated to them and asked for favors.

    Together the Republicans pushed our national Deficit to 11x what Obama is proposing to spend.....Without him making it revenue neutral, which i think we should give him a chance to fail instead of LYing Your Butts off to stop him from helping America.

    September 17, 2009 at 4:16 pm |