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October 2nd, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your Comments 10/2/2009

With the 2016 Olympic decision just hours away, Friday’s American Morning audience was more interested in domestic politics.  Carol Costello’s “Just Sayin’” Third Parties segment had some suggesting new parties, such as Federalist; others argued that no third party would ever exist until independents had a “viable” voice in government.  Another contingent blamed corporate donations to politicians, believing that “outlawing” this would put an end their influence.

  • Molly:  A  third party that would truly balance the thrust of the Democrats in a positive way would be a Federalist Party; one that champions the idea of States that carve their own image in today's clay, so to speak. In the case of Health Care for instance, States could be challenged in the coming year to create their own in the spirit and image of the current demands: no exclusions, affordability. Like auto insurance. A conference could determine if a national model had been achieved or if the state's could each keep their own, with a massive national fund backing them all, managed by the present industry, which in all fairness supports tons of people who don't make the odious rules that created this debacle. Small is often the way to go; States should determine more of what goes on in their interior, and confer in Washington to improve all of their decisions but maintain their individuality. We all imagine with enlightened leaders at the helm, how great an Ideal Universal Health System; but in some twisted future hands the whole country could have to give up Health when we decide to invade some other trumped up enemy. Think twice, Stay Small; Vote Federalist.
  • JD:  Third Party?  Until this country has a viable independent party, the American people will never have a true, effectual voice.  Only a massive third party vote will sway the platform of the Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum two-party system, run by the rich and powerful.  "We the People" want our voices back!
  • Robert:  To Carol Costello, Hi Carol, Just Sayin’ ~ The Republican Party has morphed into George Wallace’s Ultra-Conservative American Party of the 1960s. Eventually, the moderate Republicans and the conservative Democrats will become independent. The Democratic Party will remain Liberal. What we really need is to outlaw ALL CORPORATE DONATIONS to Congress! It is impossible to not be influenced by Millions of dollars in campaign contributions. On a different note, I do not understand why people have such a fear of Big Government, yet welcome the All Encompassing power and abuse of large Corporate America? […]
  • SK:  Why doesn't  the media (CNN)  give more airtime to  political parties other than the Dems. and Repubs? Stop being lazy!

What do you think about the creation of a third party in the United States?  Have the fringe groups already generated so much division that such a party could be viable?  What would that new party look like to you?  How would you like to see the traditional Democrats and Republicans change?  Does a third party vote cause the two main parties to splinter?

As the health care debate continues in Congress, some saw Florida Representative Alan Grayson as the new Democratic hero. 

  • Linda R:  The Democratic party has finally found a hero. Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida has the guts and courage to tell the truth about the real Republican agenda, and what they stand for.  The man should be canonized. His fellow congressmen would be well advised to take an example from this brave man, and continue to fight the capitol hill bullies, who put their own selfish interests ahead of their constituents.  Bravo, Alan Grayson.

Representative Alan Grayson has been hailed as a new hero for the Democrats.  Republicans say his agenda was simply to raise funds for his political campaign, as happened in Rep. Joe Wilson spoke out during President Obama’s address to Congress.  Some are also calling for Rep. Grayson’s apology for what they deem as “inappropriate” comments.  What do you think?  Is Rep. Grayson a new hero?  How do you feel about his address during the debate regarding health care?  Should he be required to apologize for his comments, or are the Republicans retaliating for the strong Democratic reaction to Rep. Wilson?

The upcoming IOC decision has some praising First Lady Michelle Obama for her address in Copenhagen, while others wondered if Chicago’s vast crime made it an appropriate choice for the event.

  • Frankie:  Michelle Obama! wow!  her speech was SUPERB!  Her speech was one of the best she ever gave!
  • Darryl:  Chicago can't even keep their own children safe so how can they keep the worlds best athletes safe.

What do you think about Chicago as the next Olympic city?  Is the city too dangerous for such an event, or will the event require city officials and police to provide additional presence in order to control the crime?  Is such additional enforcement good or bad for the city?  Do you believe that cities who host the games are better off as a result of having the games on their home turf?

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