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October 15th, 2009
07:28 AM ET

Militants target Pakistani security; dozens killed

By Reza Sayah

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) - Militants launched a string of bold strikes against Pakistani law enforcement Thursday, leaving at least 36 police officers and civilians dead, authorities said.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="A bomb disposal squad member removes a suicide jacket from a body at the FIA in Lahore on Thursday. "]

At least 11 militants also died in the fighting, while others were missing.

Three nearly simultaneous assaults were carried out mid-morning in the eastern city of Lahore, said police spokesman Rai Nazar Hayat.

Militants stormed Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency, along with two police training centers. The attackers gained entrance to each facility, setting set off explosives and taking hostages in some cases. At least 25 people died in the Lahore attacks.

In northwestern Pakistan, a suicide car bomber hit a police station in the Kohat district, killing at least 11 people - eight civilians and three police, said Kohat Police Chief Dilawr Bangish. A dozen people were injured in the attack.

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October 15th, 2009
07:11 AM ET

American dad in Japan custody case set free

From Kyung Lah

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) - An American man who had been accused of trying to take his children from his ex-wife was released from jail on Thursday and charges against him were dropped.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Christopher Savoie was jailed in Japan after trying to get kids back from their mother."]

Police in the rural southern town of Yanagawa said Christopher Savoie was let go, under the condition that he not try to snatch the children again.

Savoie, 38, a Tennessee native and naturalized Japanese citizen, allegedly abducted his children - 8-year-old Isaac and 6-year-old Rebecca - as his ex-wife walked them to school on September 28 in Yanagawa.

With the children, Savoie headed for the nearest U.S. consulate, in the city of Fukuoka, to try to obtain passports for them. Screaming at guards to let him in the compound, Savoie was steps from the front gate but still standing on Japanese soil when he was arrested.

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