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October 29th, 2009
05:47 AM ET

amFIX – Morning Rundown

Editor’s Note: Below is a rundown of the stories and guests you can see today on the “most news in the morning.” Tune in to “American Morning,” weekdays from 6-9 a.m. ET on CNN.

Obama attends return of fallen soldiers

It was a solemn scene early Thursday morning as President Obama saluted the flag-draped cases of at least 18 soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

The president flew to Dover Air Force Base along with Attorney General Eric Holder acting DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart to witness to soldiers’ return home.

The trip comes as Obama reportedly gets closers to making a decision on whether to send more troops to the war in Afghanistan.

Will troop levels be too little? Will they be too late? Dan Lothian is live at the White House with the report.

Gang rape outrage – Why didn't anyone help?

The story is almost too horrific to comprehend. A 15-year-old girl in California goes to a dance at her high school, and police say, she is gang raped outside.

Five people are now under arrest. Four of them charged.

What's even more shocking is police say up to twenty people were involved in this brutal attack for two hours and no one tried to stop it or report it.

How could this happen? And can the onlookers be prosecuted?

Defense attorney and former New York prosecutor Paul Callen will join us for the legal perspective.

Nickel & Dimed: Hands in your 401k

It's hard to do without a credit card or banking account, but what you pay in fees may be more than you bargained for.

Today: Who's got their hands in your 401k?

People could be dipping into your retirement and you may not know it, until you retire … thousands of dollars lighter.

Gerri Willis shows us how we're being nickel and dimed with hidden 401k fees

Don't miss part two of our special series Nickel & Dimed.

House Dems set to roll out health care plan

House Democratic leaders will unveil their version of a health care reform bill today.

It contains many of the things President Obama wanted, including a government-run public insurance option.

As many as 36-million uninsured Americans would be covered under the House plan.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to get the measure to the House floor next week, with a final vote by Veterans Day.

Do you support the so-called "public option"? Sound off below. We'll read some of your comments on-air.

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