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November 11th, 2009
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 11/11/2009

Editor's Note: On Veterans’ Day 2009, American Morning’s Wednesday audience praised troops and veterans for their service to our country. Some also offered alternatives to the current health care many veterans receive today through Veterans Affairs.

  • Darryl: From one vet to all vets. Happy Veterans day!
  • Jim; We all love our veterans. My father traveled 70 miles to a clinic for some care and my father in law traveled over 100 miles. My question is why? Why do we spend money on a mobile clinic in West VA? Why don't we just give them a Medicare or Tri Care like health program so they can get care near their home?
  • Abe: Poem for Veterans Day 2009 – Another Veterans' Day upon us / And as usual, it's the same / We have thousands in harm's way / In wartime's, deadly, game. / More than five thousand killed / And there seems, no end in sight / As we spend more lives and dollars / More and more ask, "Is it right?" / But, there's one thing is for certain / And, no matter how you may feel / We must Honor those who Serve us / Because, they are, "the real deal!" / They are those Men and Women / From, every corner of our Land / Who will Serve and fight and die / Although, not the life they'd planned. / But like, those millions before them / Who all Swore an Oath to Protect / The Constitution and our Freedoms / All of them deserve, our Respect. / Whether you do/don't support the wars / Or what, your political persuasion / We must stand by these Men and Women / Who will stand tall and Serve our Nation. / So, if you should know a Veteran / Shake their hand and tell them. "Thanks!" / Along with all those wearing Uniforms / In all our Country's, Military Ranks. / And, let's not forget the Families / With all those Stars of Blue and Gold / With recollections of those Heroes / And, all those stories, yet to be told.

Share your thoughts with us about Veterans’ Day.

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  1. Richard

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  2. Charles A Mills

    For 65years the World War II Merchant Marine Combat Veterans have waited for our government to pass a compensation bill that would
    give us full recognition and equal treatment that we missed by not
    being included in the GI Bill. Out of the 250.000 who maned the
    ships delivered the troops and supplies without a hitch there are only
    about 10,000 of us left. when it was all over we returned 160.000.000
    troops home.The House passed the bill HR23 but S663 is still
    stalled in the Senate. We are looking for and need help to get this
    bill passed out of the Senate and on to the Presidents desk

    God Bless America

    November 11, 2009 at 11:07 pm |