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December 15th, 2009
06:00 AM ET

Walk in My Shoes: Why teens fight

Editor's Note: This week American Morning is examining the causes of youth-on-youth violence across the country. Yesterday, in part one of the series, "Walk in My Shoes," we talked to one of the teens who participated in the brawl that left a 16-year-old boy dead. Tomorrow, we walk to school with two students and witness the dangers they face every day.

Across the country, teen violence is ripping apart families and entire communities. The CDC says 16 teens and young adults are murdered in America every single day, and many are killed by someone their own age.

We wanted to understand why so many are turning to violence. Our T.J. Holmes talked with some high school students on Chicago's South Side to get inside their heads.

T.J.: How many in this group – you can give me a show of hands if you want to – how many of you in the past year have been in a fight? A physical altercation of some kind?

[All students raise hands]

T.J.: All five of you in the past year have been in a fight of some kind?

Kevin: Last September for me.

T.J.: More than one? Anybody in this group?

Gregory: A couple of weeks ago for me.

For these Chicago teens, fighting is a way of life.


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