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January 8th, 2010
02:00 PM ET

Counting Down Cady: What an astronaut does over the holidays

Editor's Note: Cady Coleman, Ph.D. is a NASA astronaut – a veteran of two space missions, who has logged over 500 hours in space. She is assigned to the Expedition 26 crew and is scheduled to fly to the International Space Station aboard the Russian Soyuz 25 in late 2010. Below is a blog written by Cady exclusively for CNN via NASA's Astronaut Office.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Cady and family – Mark Hopkins, Conor, Garrett and Jamey Murray-Coleman, Josh Simpson, Kieran Murray-Coleman, Jamey Simpson, Ann Doty, Cady Coleman."]

By Cady Coleman, Special to CNN

Every couple of weeks, Josh and I go through our calendars to understand who has to be where and when. The Christmas holiday gave us a good chance to do that, but this time it was different: Our Expedition 26 launch (E 26) is less than a year away!

Usually when I make my entries on Josh’s calendar, I write things like “Cady to Houston – Cady to Massachusetts – Cady training in Russia or Japan or Europe, but on Dec 10th 2010 – I wrote in “Launch Day: Cady to Space.”

Then I wrote “Cady in Space” on all the subsequent weeks until June of 2011. Wow! Now THAT is cool. Now that the flight is less than a year away, I find myself thinking of what life might be like this time next year.

Let’s start with the holiday. As the mom, I wonder who will wrap the presents next year, and pack the car with the one million things that I think are necessary to bring to Grandma’s house on Christmas Day. It is not something I worry about though.

I know that Josh has all those things in hand and it isn’t as if the 9-year-old is really going to say: “Hey – how come I don’t have a very wide selection of clothes to wear at Grandma’s house?” I’m sure they will even figure out how to make Grasshopper Pie together – a Coleman family favorite. I’d like to think I’m indispensable, but Jamey and Josh are on their own a lot of the time while I’m training, and they seem to do just fine!

What does an astronaut in training do over Christmas vacation? The good and bad news is that we can’t do any of our formal training during those holiday weeks, so I get to spend time in Massachusetts with Jamey and Josh. I plan, of course, to get a lot of work done in addition to that family time, but, well, I’ll just say that I got some things done, and others not.

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January 8th, 2010
01:00 PM ET

Explorer reaches South Pole

Editor’s note: Arctic explorer Eric Larsen is trying to make it to the North and South Poles and the summit of Mount Everest in 365 days as part of an effort to raise awareness about climate change. Larsen joined us on American Morning before he set out on his Save the Poles expedition. Below is an excerpt from his online journal.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Larsen and his team reach the South Pole. Courtesy: Eric Larsen"]

By Eric Larsen

Day 47: The Pole

We did it!

Remember, it's cool to be cold. Save the Poles. Save the planet.

Read the full story »

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January 8th, 2010
12:00 PM ET

From sex abuse victim to legal advocate

By Allie Brown, CNN

Vershire, Vermont (CNN) - Armed with a law degree, an SUV that serves as a mobile office and her own harrowing personal history, 58-year-old trucker-turned-lawyer Wynona Ward navigates the back roads of rural Vermont.

Her mission: to aid victims of domestic violence.

Ward is the founder of Have Justice Will Travel, a group that works to end the generational cycle of abuse by giving free legal representation and support services to isolated - and often desperate - low-income people and their children.

"For domestic violence victims in rural areas, it can be very devastating," Ward said. "They're out there on these back roads, with no access to in-town services. Many do not have telephones; some do not have a driver's license or automobile. So we go to them." Read the full story »

Do you know a hero? Nominations are open for 2010 CNN Heroes

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January 8th, 2010
11:00 AM ET

The 'new Thomas Edison'

Dean Kamen has been called the new Thomas Edison. He's invented more than four-hundred medical devices.

Our Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently traveled to Kamen's idea factory – his home in New England – to check out his latest innovations and to hear some interesting ideas about health care reform.

Program Note: Watch Sanjay Gupta MD, Saturday & Sunday at 7:30 a.m. ET on CNN.

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January 8th, 2010
10:00 AM ET

Muslim-American says she's victim of religious profiling

Editor's Note: Anyone who took to the skies over the holidays will tell you that security has been tighter since a Nigerian man was arrested for allegedly trying to blow up a commercial airliner. But Muslims in the United States and Canada say they are being targeted. Is it racial profiling? American Morning's Alina Cho has the story of two women who say it happened to them.

By Alina Cho, CNN

Nadia Hassan is a frequent flier. Imagine her surprise when she arrived at the security checkpoint at Washington's Dulles International Airport Tuesday and encountered what she calls, "racial, religious profiling."

The 40-year-old Michigan-born Muslim-American, headed to Los Angeles, says she was singled out for what she calls a "humiliating" full-body search.

When she asked why this was happening "the gentleman who was working there specifically told me that the reason I'm being put through this type of search is because I'm wearing a head scarf. … He actually came out and told me that that's the reason why you are being targeted."

She's not alone.

On Monday, a Muslim-Canadian woman says she was made to feel like a terrorist because she was wearing a headscarf. She says she was berated and banned from boarding a flight to the United States – all because of her faith.


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January 8th, 2010
09:00 AM ET

Are airport body scanners a health hazard?

300 full-body scanners will soon be inside airports around the country, but should passengers be concerned about dangerous radiation exposure?

Our Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined us on Friday's American Morning to answer your questions about the new security measures affecting your health.

Airport tests new scanners Video

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