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January 20th, 2010
04:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your Comments 1/20/10

Editor's Note: Results from the Massachusetts senate election enthralled viewers on Wednesday’s American Morning, as many deconstructed the ill-fated loss for the Democrats. Some examined the election from a purely statistical angle, noting that almost 30% fewer votes were cast than in 2008, suggesting the “right was more motivated and showed it.” Others believed independents played the larger role in the election outcome, as the Republican candidate heavily courted the group. Democrats, though, remained steadfast in their support of the president, rebuking claims that the special election was a “referendum for the Republicans,” and against President Obama’s agenda.

  • Fred: There has been NO mention of voter turnout. Look at the numbers!! Compared to the 2008 election, 750K fewer votes were cast (almost 30%). Brown won with the same total McCain did in 2008. Obviously the right was more motivated and it showed.
  • Chris: The so called Independents that voted Republican are actually recent Republicans that became Independent because they were mad at Republicans. True Independents are socially liberal and conservative on defense, however prefer an intellectual association with the world and cordial relations with the EU.
  • Allan: Scott Brown won because the 'Geraldine Ferraro' look alike was weak. She didn't have a 30% lead because of own doing, but was getting the overflow of teddy's office. Massachusetts has their own health care. People everywhere are upset at the crap in the bill and at the end of the bill to appease a few votes. Although Democrats are the only ones pushing the health care bill, they screwed the pooch on it. The Republicans can't claim a win with this, since the Independents voted him in (choice between two opponents -lesser of two evils). But, with Scott Brown in the mix for health care, the Republicans 'might' be able to channel their voice regarding health care through Scott Brown. Right now, if he chooses to ride the fence between the two parties, and follow through with his pledge about the people's seat, then he will have to represent the independents that got him in there. this will make him the most powerful man in politics.....even more so than Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc. People are pissed. Everyone is voting the incumbents out, no matter who they are. the shenanigans that go on down in DC and their own states, is horrid. Vote all the dip wads out until we get the right mix. People are not going to take it anymore. People realize they don't have representation down there, and too much lobbying, and back room deals have to stop. These politicians have the destiny of America in their hands, and they need to be upright people, not sharks. The recent independent support in Massachusetts should net the Independents a voice in the primaries. Why hasn't this been made a matter of fact.

  • Darryl: I remember ten years ago people were telling me that I was wasting my vote as an independent. Who's laughing now.
  • Ernest: Now president is losing independent voters, The next is latinos and immigrant voters if he dont pass immigration reform now. he relly relly needs immigration reform now or else it gonna be terrible for him in the mid-term election
  • Michael: As a conservative Republican, I plead for and urge all Democrats to stay the course and continue forcing the Healthcare reform bill! This president, his policies, and the unparallel arrogance of the Democratic party, may very well be the BEST thing to EVER happen to the conservative cause! Bravo Obama!! Response to you and your party IS change I BELIEVE in!
  • Joshua: I am amazed that the same people who re-elected Bush after he lied to get us into an alternate conflict and spent lots and lots of money on that lie, not to mention the lives lost are the same people upset at President Obama for spending money to try to improve things in our country. I wonder do these folks have short term memory loss or are they really just that shallow?
  • Dan: As usual, Republican nonsense goes unchallenged on CNN. If MA voters were "sending a message to Washington", why did it take until the last two weeks of the campaign for them decide to do that? If they were so anti health care reform, weren't they that way a few weeks ago? Come on. Brown ran a good campaign, Coakley ran a terrible campaign. As always, the media jumped on every tiny gaffe instead of examining the candidates' records. Every newscast for the last week talked about Curt Schilling, as if that were relevant to governing the country. The media decided which story they wanted, and they got it.
  • Paul: The election of Scott Brown is not a referendum for The Republicans, but rather a statement that the political system itself has strayed from a "government of the people, by the people and for the people". Both parties have extremist agendas that do not reflect the peoples agenda. What happened to the concept of the best candidate for the job and the best thing for the people as seen and decided by the people. Middle class American is and has not been represented by either party.

Why do you think Republican Scott Brown won the special election, when only a few weeks ago Democrat Martha Coakley was a front runner? What do you think this means for the president’s agenda? Is this a “referendum” against the Democrats, against President Obama, or both?

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  1. Jim Knoetgen

    Big Government?
    Seems to me when there is a problem/situation you the media report it. Some sensationalise it some report it.
    We listen and react. You and I say whats Obama going to do about it? Jobs, let Obama fix it.
    Aren't we making or wanting the government to get even bigger?
    And is that really a bad thing?
    Perhaps if the republicans worked for the people and NOT their party, we might be able to fix most problems/situations.

    January 21, 2010 at 7:33 am |
  2. jim vicalvi

    I love to read all of the poor losers. When are they going to start using male chauvenism as a reason? They can't use race like they usually do when they don't have any kind of an intelligent answer. Which, is ALL of the time!!

    January 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm |
  3. LadysHoodJournal

    I want to know is there no end to the GOP thirst for our blood. All we want is healthcare and all they want; is for us not to have it? Right when we thought we had slayed that dragon – they grew another head?> (ScottBrown) Now the saga continues? Why didnt they take that last breath? Because thats how close the organization came to being a rap. Fortunate for us, Ted Kennedy's chair gave Scott Brown a fist full of power – 1 day too late.
    LadysHoodJournal Reports from Twitter.

    January 20, 2010 at 5:36 pm |