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February 5th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your Comments 2/5/2010

Editor's Note: With the first ever Tea Party Convention happening in Nashville, Friday’s American Morning audience grew weary of the discussion. A majority questioned why this “fringe” movement warranted so much attention, while a minority admonished CNN for “diminishing” the Tea Party by focusing on the extreme elements in the group.

  • Dave: Seems to me CNN is making a big deal out of the tea party Klan. The fact that they're supposed news is beyond comprehension. They're like Palin, way over the top and extremely right winged. Enough already. In addition, The Democrats are the majority, could CNN interview them instead of parading out those really negative republicans.
  • David: "Massive political movement"? You're wasting valuable air time on 600 people at a Tea Party convention? Or 100 people on a Virgin Island cruise? Why don't you back up that camera and show that those meeting rooms are small and mostly empty? There are so many important things going on in the world. There are protests where thousands of people march on Washington and state capitals and it doesn't get mentioned on CNN? You just wasted 10 minutes that could be used to report something newsworthy! Stop. Report the news. And stop this ridiculous catty anchor commentary that dominates the AM news on CNN. That N in CNN used to stand for "news'.
  • Maj: CNN is devoting an enormous amount of air time to the Tea Party but they are still a small movement and the airtime makes them appear large...there are Muslim movements in the US larger than the Tea Party...there are gay and lesbian movements larger than the Tea Party etc...let's put this all into perspective please...
  • Jan: Our options for morning news is either Morning Joe, MSNBC or CNN....both programs cater to giving air time to NON NEWS segments about the bottom 10% of the un-educated (Tea-Party) or clips of Republican SOUND BITES. Why not actually HELP the people who are truly trying to clean up the mess left by Bush and Co. and MOVE FORWARD? I don't care what the likes of Sara Palin has to say...she has no place on the "news". I'm so disgusted!
  • Charlie: I'm curious under which national flag the tea party cruise ships fly under? Many of these cruise companies fly under foreign flags to avoid paying U.S. wages and taxes. Is it right to organize a cruise to "save the USA," while supporting sub standard wages on the very people floating them across the Caribbean waters?
  • Ed: Your coverage of the Teaparty convention could not have been more biased. Was very critical without the slightest bit of perception of their stance. Your position is one reason for this new movement.
  • Rebecca: I think you're trying to diminish the message of the Tea Party movement by highlighting the more extreme fringe of the group. Even while questioning Rand Paul you seemed more interested in the controversy than the message. Also, in reference to the Pam Tebow ad, why not focus on how the "women's rights" advocates went crazy when word of the ad got out. Why are they so afraid? Instead you showed a more positive comment from a "rights" advocate after she realized the going crazy approach wasn't working. By the way, where were these women’s rights groups when Sarah Palin and her daughter were being destroyed by the media? They're not for women's rights, their for their own left agenda.

How do you feel about the Tea Party movement? Continue the conversation here.

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February 5th, 2010
01:00 PM ET

Welcome to the Tea Party: Rand Paul follows in father's footsteps

The first-ever national Tea Party Convention is under way in Nashville. Here at CNN, we're shining a spotlight on the grass-roots political movement that wants its voice heard in Washington.

One person in particular not only embraces tea partiers' anger – he was born from it.

For the final part of our series "Welcome to the Tea Party," we spoke to Kentucky Dr. Rand Paul, son of former presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

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February 5th, 2010
12:00 PM ET

'Til football do us part

We've heard many stories about how sports rivalries test family loyalties. But never one quite like this.

He is a chef from New Orleans, but a Colts fan at heart. And she is a die-hard Saints fan, from Indianapolis. It's gotten so bad that the couple has divided their restaurant – "War of the Roses" style – right down the middle.

Deb and Carter Hutchinson joined us on Friday's American Morning, live from Mooresville, Indiana.

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February 5th, 2010
11:00 AM ET

Jobless rate falls more than expected

There is a little bit of good news today. The Labor Department released its January jobs report, saying the unemployment rate dropped to 9.7%.

To break down the numbers, we were joined on Friday's American Morning by Lackshman Achuthan, economic analyst and managing director of the Economic Cycle Research Institute; and Jill Schlesinger, editor at large at CBS

CNNMoney: Job losses continue but rate falls

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February 5th, 2010
10:00 AM ET

New Orleans backing its Saints

There is no dampening spirits of New Orleans fans. They are gearing up for their first-ever Super Bowl Sunday.

Everyone is in a festive mood, even in some of the neighborhoods that were so depressed after Hurricane Katrina. Our John Zarrella brings us the sights and sounds from The Big Easy.

Read more: Saints inspire revived New Orleans

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February 5th, 2010
09:00 AM ET

Welcome to the Tea Party: Cruising for a cause

Editor's Note: The Tea Party is not a political party, but the movement is making efforts to organize. There's this weekend's first ever Tea Party Convention in Nashville, the countless rallies and hundreds of Tea Party Web sites. But there's another venue tea partiers are using to get together that you may not have heard of – cruises.

By Jim Acosta, CNN

On board a cruise ship easing into the U.S. Virgin Islands, among the thousands of passengers ready for some fun in the sun, are members of a rising American political movement having a meeting of the minds.

"People are just not ready for this mad charge to the left," says Kevin Collins, a Staten Island, New York Tea Party member.

Led by former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, more than a hundred conservative and Tea Party activists and their families rented out space on this ship for what was billed as a "cruise for liberty."

Cruise organizer Michael O'Fallon markets this seven day voyage as a chance to talk politics in paradise.

"Right now people are wanting to be with other conservatives. Maybe it's because they feel like they're on an island right now,” says O’Fallon, Sovereign Cruise president.

At the pre-cruise kick-off at a Miami hotel, Keyes explained why he believes the Tea Party is gaining steam.

"I think it is quite obvious that this isn't about Republicans and Democrats. It may be about the failure of both parties and the whole party system," says Keyes.


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